Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm Back, it's Time to Act!

Robin's Alive!
In this episode Robin tries to escape the Cassadine lab, Carly tells Sonny about Ava sleeping with Morgan and Tracy arrives to help Luke!

Today's Show -

Robin knocks Dr. Obrecht out in the lab. Then she grabs the baby and makes a run for it. When she opens to the main door, Jerry is standing there. He asks Robin where she is going. She tells him to get out of her way or she'll freeze the lab, thus destroying all her work to cure him. Jerry dares Robin to do it, thinking she won't be willing to kill Dr. Obrecht who is unconscious inside. However, Robin is determined and pushes the button. Unfortunately, nothing happens and Jerry informs her that the freezing technology was removed to make room for her private lab. Then Dr. Obrecht wakes up and is barking mad at Robin. Jerry manages to defuse the situation and puts Robin back in the lab to keep working with the baby. Outside, Jerry and Dr. Obrecht talk. She tells him that she needs to go see Faison.

Derek/Julian goes to the Metro Court looking for Ava. One of the hotel security guards tells him that Ava left with a young man. He tries to call Ava, but gets her voice mail, so he leaves her a nasty message. Meanwhile over at Ava's new apartment, she tries to cool Morgan's sexual advances. Morgan doesn't understand what the problem is, but Ava is concerned about Carly. Then someone knocks on the door, at first Ava and Morgan think it might be Carly, but it turns out to be her furniture delivery guys. They assume Morgan is her son, which turns Ava off. Morgan encourages her to forget about it and suggests that some sex will make her feel better. At first Ava protests, but then she let's go and they go at it.

After Morgan tells Ava not to feel guilty, because she deserves to be happy. Then he excuses himself to take a shower. Right then Derek/Julian knocks on the door. He storms in wanting to discuss taking Sonny down. Morgan walks out and asks for shampoo. He isn't happy to see Derek/Julian, but takes the shampoo and goes back to the bathroom. Derek/Julian laughs at Ava once Morgan is gone. He assumes that she is sleeping with Morgan as part of their revenge plan against Sonny, but Ava looks unsure. At the end. Morgan comes out and asks Ava if Derek was talking about his father.

Jerry asks one of his guards to keep an eye on Luke in his sick bed on Cassadine Island. Then Jerry leaves. The guard turns out to be Tracy in disguise. Tracy proceeds to give Luke an earful about leaving her behind and then tells him about Olivia's vision of him asking for spanx. Luke tells her about Jerry's plan to test the cure on him. Tracy decides to investigate to see if she can find the cure. She makes her way to the outside of the lab and overhears Jerry and Dr. Obrecht talking. At the end, Tracy returns to Luke's room and tells him she thinks they should wait for Jerry to return with the medicine and then strike!

Sonny tells Shawn, "I'm back, it's time to act," at his office. Carly walks in and wonders if it's too soon for Sonny to be back at work. Sonny insists he's fine and tells Carly that he and Shawn have business to discuss. Carly tells him that she has important family business to tell him. Sonny asks Shawn to give them a minute. Once alone, Carly tells Sonny about Ava sleeping with Morgan. Sonny agrees it's a problem, but suggests they play it cool as not to push Morgan further away. Then Sonny tells her that he needs to get back to business and give Derek Wells a good headline to print in his newspaper. Shortly after, Shawn returns and Carly leaves. Sonny tells Shawn to track down Ava Jerome and Carly knocks on Derek Wells hotel room door asking if he can help her find Ava.

Robert tells Anna about seeing Robin alive at the clinic in Switzerland. Anna thinks he's confused, but Robert tells her he is clear as day about this. Anna still doesn't believe it, but Robert insists that Dr. Obrecht took Robin somewhere. Anna eventually starts to believe and they realize that Faison must have faked Robin's death. Anna gets emotional and doesn't want to let grief cloud her judgement. Robert tells Anna to find Dr. Obrecht, because that's where Robin will be. Anna says she needs proof before she can go down this road. Robert asks where she will find proof. Anna says she needs to see Faison for answers. They agree to keep this to themselves until they know Robin is alive for sure. End of show!

Enjoy Robert & Anna's scenes from today below!

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