Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I See You Still Haven't Found Your Shirt!

Meet Lazaro...a new character from out of nowhere! $10 bucks says he'll die soon!
In today's show we got an AJ mention. We also got introduced to Lazaro, Heather reappeared and Morgan finally got a clue!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sonny and Shawn find Sonny's coffee warehouse destroyed. Sonny says, "We've been hit again!" Then a new detective named Lazaro arrives and asks Sonny to give him a name to identify the person responsible. Sonny answers, Julian Jerome. Lazaro asks Sonny for proof that Julian is alive, but Sonny tells him that is his job. Later, Carly shows up to talk to Sonny about Morgan. Sonny tells Carly that Morgan is staying with Ava, so she takes off to find Morgan. At the end, Sonny tells Shawn that as soon they get confirmation that Julian's alive they're gonna make him sorry.

Ava leaves a message for Derek/Julian at her apartment wondering if he got the "job" done and a shirtless Morgan overhears. He asks what she's talking about, but before Ava can answer Diane knocks on the door. When Diane sees Morgan she snarks, "I see you still haven't found your shirt!" Diane hands Morgan his annulment papers and Ava gives Diane the signed docs for Franco's art show. Morgan chimes in and says that he knows Ava's silent partner is Derek Wells. When Diane leaves, Ava and Morgan argue over Ava lying about Derek Wells. Morgan wants to be more serious with Ava, but she says they can't be serious and walks out. After Morgan thinks about the various things he's overheard about Ava and the warnings his family gave him about her.

Michael mentions AJ to Kiki at Kelly's. Then Lucy walks in and hands them flyers in support of Scott, who is running for DA. After Lucy goes outside and tries to talk Scott into being more proactive in his campaign, but Scott still has the blues over Laura. Lucy tries to comfort him with her enthusiasm, but Scott thinks she is overcompensating for Kevin's lack of interest in her. Lucy denies having any trouble with Kevin and storms off. Back inside Kelly's Diane arrives to discuss AJ with Michael. She tells him that it would be best for AJ if Scott got elected for DA. She also hands Kiki Morgan's annulment papers. Then Diane sees Scotty walk in and she runs up to him to discuss AJ's case. Scotty tells her that he won't discuss it until he's in office. At the end, Kiki hands her signed annulment papers to Diane. Heather lingers outside of Kelly's and Scotty recognizes her.

Sam and Alexis convene at the hospital to open up Sam's DNA results. The results conclude that Lucas is Sam's half brother, making Julian Jerome her father. Sam asks if it's possible that her father was Ava Jerome's brother. They notice Lucy walk in and Alexis suggests that they ask her about Julian. So Sam and Alexis ask Lucy for details on Julian's father Victor Jerome. Lucy gives them some information and mentions a potential mistress of Victor's. Lucy says that they used to meet at bar named Ryan's. I have a sneaking feeling that Heather is connected to all of this and if that's true all I can say is...puke!

Franco finds multiple striped paintings in his hotel room. Then Heather surprises him and says she wanted to help him. Shortly after Carly knocks on his door, demanding that he open up. Heather gets angry at Carly's presence and threatens to confront her. Then Carly just lets herself in, so Heather hides. Carly tells him his hotel bill is due. Franco asks her to come to his up coming art show, which will help him pay his bills. Carly refuses, teases him about dating Derek Wells and then leaves. After Heather also leaves, but tells Franco she'll see him soon. At the end, Diane arrives at Franco's hotel room and tells him she can't use artwork that he didn't paint himself.

Derek/Julian and Carly talk about Franco at Crimson over breakfast. Carlos interrupts them, so Carly excuses herself, but not before Derek/Julian plants a big wet kiss on her lips. Then Carlos and he discuss messing up Sonny's warehouse. Shortly after Ava walks in and is pleased to see Carlos. They hug, make small talk and then Carlos exits. Once alone, Julian gives Ava an update on the destruction at Sonny's warehouse. Unbeknownst to them, Morgan arrives and hears Ava talking to Julian about "the kid" who she thinks is falling for her. He also hears her call him Julian and say that he's her brother! End of show!

On another note - there has been a lot of gossip this week about Luke, Laura and AJ being fired at GH. I wish I could tell you for certain whether it's true or not, but I don't know yet. Personally I'd be the most upset about AJ getting fired, because I think his character has the most potential with the current story lines  Although I love Luke and my opinion their story has been done to death. Its possible that all of this is just a ruse to get ratings up for November sweeps, but who knows. I guess we should wait until it's confirmed from a reliable source!

In the meantime, enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show!

Have a great night!

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