Thursday, October 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Robin!

In today's show everyone remembers Robin's birthday, Olivia has another vision and Faison gets a big shock in prison!

Here's What Happened - 

Patrick and Emma enjoy breakfast at Kelly's together when Liz walks in. She shows Patrick a newspaper headline with AJ on it. She sits down and shares with him that she misses AJ. Then Emma reminds them it's Robin's birthday. She shows them a birthday card she made for Robin. It leads into a conversation about Patrick taking his wedding ring off. He confides in Liz that Carlos came to town and brought up the ring, so he felt he should take it off. However, Patrick admits that despite taking the ring off, he feels closer to Robin then ever. Then TJ gives Emma a muffin with a candle on it to celebrate Robin, which makes Patrick think of Robin. Later, Patrick shares regrets with Liz about not whisking Robin away when he had the chance. Liz thinks that Patrick probably realizes it's time to let Robin go. He agrees, but says he's not sure if he can. Liz has to leave and at the end Patrick wishes Robin a happy birthday.

Duke tells Olivia at the Metro Court that Robert woke up from his coma. He also confides in her that he is worried Robert might want Anna back. Olivia tells him not to worry, because Anna loves him despite how hot Robert is. She mentions Robert's sexy accent, so Duke gets insulted and responds, "I have an accent too!" Then they get to talking about Faison. Olivia talks about her vision of Faison which lead to everyone realizing that the faux Duke was really Faison. Then Duke mentions it's Robin's birthday and speaks fondly of her. At the end, Olivia has a vision of Anna kissing Faison and she shares it with Duke.

80's Throwback!
Robert calls Anna from his hospital room in Switzerland and leaves her message about being careful around Faison. Mac walks in and asks him where Anna went. Robert tries to blow his question off, but Mac senses something is off and pushes for details. Robert says, "Anner's chasing bad guys." Then Mac tells Robert about Obrecht kidnapping baby Ben and how it's Robin's birthday. Robert confides in Mac that he hates that he wasn't at Robin's funeral. (And so did we!) Mac tells him that he has a recording of Robin's funeral to show him. Robert is eager to watch, so Mac plays it for him. Robert watches all the people that love Robin talk at the church. Listening to the video brings Mac to tears. It makes Robert feel guilty and want to tell Mac the truth about Robin being alive. However, he doesn't want to get Mac's hopes up so instead they wish Robin a happy birthday together.

Jerry brings Robin food and her medication at the lab on Cassadine Island. They discuss Dr. Obrecht and Robin asks where she went. Jerry tells her to forget about it and shows her that he remembered her birthday, by putting a candle on a muffin he brought her. She asks why he wants to celebrate her birthday. Jerry says he wants to keep her motivated and then reminds her again about their arrangement. Jerry leaves and Robin has flashbacks of Patrick giving her plane tickets to go around the world. Then she puts baby Ben down for a nap and goes to work on Jerry's cure, determined to get home. At the end, Robin calls Jerry into the lab and tells him she knows how to cure him.

"Anna" goes to see Faison in prison. Faison looks withdrawn, but the sight of Anna makes his face light up. He asks why she came to visit and apologizes for deceiving her about Duke. Anna says she doesn't have much time, but needs to ask him something of great importance. She asks about Robin and he tells her that Robin is alive. Anna is shocked, but Faison explains how he faked Robin's death. Anna says she wants the names of the people who helped him. Faison says, Jerry and Dr. Obrecht helped him. Anna tells him about how Dr. Obrecht tried to kill in the name of her love for him. Then Anna asks if he has any feelings for Dr. Obrecht in return. Faison answers no and tells Anna she's the only woman in his life. Then he goes to kiss her and Anna let's him. At the end, Faison asks if she loves him and Anna answers yes. Then we flash to the real Anna arriving at the prison. Back in Faison's room, "Anna" pulls her skin off and reveals herself to be Dr. Obrecht! End of show!

Although I saw it coming, I loved Dr. Obrecht as Anna today! Fun show!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Have a great night!

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