Friday, October 25, 2013

Google It!

The Original Julian Jerome
In today's show Robin learns that Jason is dead, Sonny gets confirmation from Lazaro and Morgan strikes a dangerous bargain to save his life!

Here's What Happened - 

Faison and Dr. Obrecht arrive at Windermere with Britt, Nikolas, Robin and baby Ben. Faison notes that Windermere used to be his home. Faison and Obrecht argue about Anna. Robin gets excited to be home and asks Nikolas to let her use the launch in secret once everyone is asleep. Britt says she needs to take Ben to the hospital for tests. Nik says he will take her and Robin wants to go along with them. Obrecht reminds them all that she and Faison are in charge and they don't want Robin going anywhere. Nik and Britt leave and after, Faison reminds Robin about when he met her as a child. She remembers that he pretended to be a writer named PK Sinclair. Robin tells Faison that Jason will get him for what he's done to her, so Faison breaks it to her that he killed Jason. Robin doesn't believe it, so Faison tells her to "Google it" to verify. She does and sees that it's true. She can't believe it, but Faison smugly justifies it by saying Jason was a killer. Robin tries to punch him, but he grabs her arms and says she is spirited like her mother.

Robert and Anna grow frustrated trying to escape at the lab on Cassadine Island. Robert can't believe that Jerry bested them, so Anna tries to assure him that people will be looking for them. She says Duke will definitely be looking for her. Anna mentions that Duke is now working for Derek Wells and Robert's ears perk up. Anna notices something is off and asks what Robert knows. Robert tells her that Derek Wells is Julian Jerome. Robert explains that back in the day he was ordered to lie about Julian's death from the WSB, because apparently Julian had information they needed. Roberts says the WSB is as bad as their revel agency the DVX! He also tells her that as part of the deal Julian wasn't ever supposed to return to Port Charles or else he would go to prison.

Sabrina and Patrick gush to Felix about their engagement at the hospital. Patrick goes to start work and once alone Sabrina tells Felix about the mysterious call Patrick got from Robin. Felix thinks that maybe Britt did it, but Sabrina isn't convinced. Out in the hallway, Nik and Britt arrive at the hospital and run into Patrick. They feel guilty for not being able to tell Patrick that Robin's alive. Britt asks Patrick to run some tests on Ben to make sure he didn't have any ill effects from the kidnapping. They all walk into the exam room and Sabrina and Felix join in after. Britt notices Sabrina's ring and remarks that Patrick can't marry her. Britt realizes that she slipped up and quickly excuses herself. At the end, Britt and Nik return to Windermere. Britt tells Robin that Patrick proposed to Sabrina.

Derek/Julian orders Carlos to kill Morgan at Crimson. Ava lobbies against it and pleads with them not to do this. Julian screams at her that he doesn't have a choice and insists that Carlos take care of things. Ava warns Carlos not to take a step of out the office, because he answers to her. Ava and Julian begin to argue about who's done the most and who is in charge of the family business. Julian wins and sends Carlos off to get the it done. After Ava is disgusted with him, Derek/Julian warns her not to question him again and Ava walks out. She quickly calls Morgan, but he doesn't pick up. Julian walks up behind her and catches her on the phone. He drags her back into the office and warns her not to end up like his other sister Olivia.

Duke and Mac run into each other at Kelly's. Duke tells him that Anna checked Robert out of the clinic in Switzerland. Mac wonders where they might have gone. Duke tells him about Anna going to visit Faison in prison. Mac calls Frisco for WSB help and learns that Faison was broken out of prison by Obrecht. Mac says they will find them and takes off. After, Duke leaves a message for Derek Wells saying he needs some time off to take care of some personal business.

Morgan walks in on Michael and Sonny in a close conversation at the warehouse. Morgan says he needs to tell Sonny something alone. Michael says he needs to check out some things at the restaurant and will leave. When Morgan gets wind that Michael is working for Sonny, he gets mad and starts yelling about how unfair everything is. Michael suggests they run the restaurant together, but Morgan says he will never work with his "bitch" brother. Then Morgan decides that he doesn't have anything to tell Sonny afterall and walks out. After Lazaro shows up with information for Sonny. Sonny asks Michael to give them privacy. Then Lazaro shows Sonny a file that proves Julian Jerome became Derek Wells due to a WSB deal that Robert knew all about it.

Outside, Morgan storms off and runs into Carlos on the docks. Carlos pulls a gun on him and tells him to get moving. Carlos drags Morgan back to Crimson. Morgan pleads for his life and tells Julian he never said anything to Sonny. Ava fights for him, but Derek/Julian orders Carlos to "finish it!" Julian apologizes to Morgan for having to do this. Morgan blurts out that he can help them and that Sonny doesn't deserve his loyalty. Morgan says he wants to work for the Jerome family to help them bring Sonny down! End of show!

Slightly dizzying camera work at the end of today's show, but overall a good episode! Not to be mean, but Robin looks a little chunky don't ya think; is she preggers?

Enjoy this classic GH clip - 1990 Faison as PK Sinclair!
(Frisco, Felicia, Sean Donely, Ruby & Casey the alien!)

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Robin does look thicker for sure. I liked Derek/Julian showing his mean side too!

  2. Have been on soap zone, I'm just a lurcker there so I will set the record straight. Nikolas and Robin have been good friends for many, many, years. They started a friendship when they were teenagers. Nikolas at first was interested in Robin as a girlfriend but she was with I believe Stone and she wasn't interested so they became very good friends. Nikolas saved Robins life at the Metro Court and Robin saved Nik's when Jerry Jax poisoned him. So it was a good scene of Nik finding Robin. The writers are the ones who elongated what should have been a short rescue scene and then more of an information conversation later. I think Tyler and Kim did an excellent job with what they were given to work with. Glad I set the record straight.


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