Monday, October 28, 2013

God Help You

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In today's show Alexis blabs to Derek/Julian, Patrick and Robin long for each other and we meet Delia, a throwback to the classic soap Ryan's Hope!

Here's What Happened - 

Morgan asks Ava what the next step to taking Sonny down is at her apartment. Ava tells him that he shouldn't be involved in anything Julian does to Sonny. She warns Morgan about how dangerous Julian is and asks if he's sure he wants to do this. Morgan says he's sure. Then they start fooling around and end up having sex on the floor. After, Morgan tells Ava that whatever side she's on, so is he. She replies, "God help you!" Then Morgan says he can't wait until Sonny finds out he turned on him.

Olivia goes to see Sonny at his warehouse. She is annoyed at him for ignoring her for several days and asks who messed up his warehouse. Sonny won't divulge any details, but Olivia insists that he doesn't shut her out. She finds the file on Julian Jerome in Sonny's file cabinet, despite Sonny trying to stop her from reading it. Olivia is shocked to discover Derek's true identity. She gets angry thinking of how Derek/Julian pushed Connie to publish the article about Michael and Kiki. Then she asks Sonny what's he going to do about it. Sonny replies, "The problem needs to be eliminated!"

Alexis brings little Danny to visit Derek/Julian at Crimson. He is pleased to see them and gives Danny a toy car that he bought for him. Alexis starts rattling off about Carly and their date together, but Derek/Julian thinks they should change the subject. He asks where Sam is and Alexis tells him that Sam went to New York to find out information on Ava's brother. Alexis proceeds to confide in him all her and Sam's suspicions regarding Ava. She also blabs to him that she identified Julian Jerome as Sam's father and mentions getting DNA from a family member of Julian's. Before she can tell him who it was, Carlos interrupts them. Alexis excuses herself to let them talk. Once in private, Julian says that Sam will soon find out who he is.

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Sam and Silas arrive at Ryan's bar in New York. They sit down and are greeted by Delia Ryan. She tells them that they have the best burgers around and mentions being married to the previous owner. She takes a closer look and asks Silas if they ever met before. She remarks that Silas's eyes are like her son's Johnny's. Silas asks if she remembers a woman who used to come to the bar with Victor Jerome. The mention of his name, makes Delia drop the coffee pot she was holding. Sam shows her a picture of Victor and Delia asks if they're cops. Sam explains that she is a Private Investigator and says she is looking for information on Ava. Delia skirts their questions and runs to the kitchen to check on their order. Once alone, Silas and Sam wonder what to say to get her to talk. When Delia returns with their food, Sam says she thinks Delia knows who their looking for or maybe she was Victor's mistress.

Sabrina goes to talk with Carlos at Crimson. He sees her ring and she confirms that Patrick and her are engaged. Carlos thinks the timing is suspicious, since Patrick just got a mysterious call from Robin. He thinks Patrick is trying to prove something and reminds her that he would spoil her if she were his girlfriend. She denies having doubts about Patrick, gets defensive with him and leaves.

Robin searches Windermere for a way out. Nikolas sees her and stops her from leaving. She is anxious to stop Patrick from marrying another woman, but Nik warns her of the dangers facing her if she leaves. Robin thinks Sabrina must be an awful person, based on what Obrecht told her. Nikolas corrects her and says Sabrina seems nice. She talks about the DVD she made for Patrick asking him to find love again and notes how ironic it is that he did what she asked, but she's not dead. Robin starts talking about how she went into labor at her first attempt to marry Patrick five years ago today. Then she recounts the happiness she felt on their true wedding day.

Maxie runs into Patrick outside of Kelly's. He tells her that he and Sabrina are engaged and asks for Maxie's blessing. Maxie isn't to thrilled and asks if he is sure about this. They start talking about Robin and both get choked up. Patrick brings up the phone call and wonders if he's crazy. Maxie says no, because she saw Georgie. Maxie brings up taking her baby home and expresses her disappointment over hurting Lulu. Later Patrick starts talking about how Robin went into labor with Emma at their first wedding. At the end, Sabrina finds Patrick outside of Kelly's and tells him she wants to get married asap! Patrick agrees and they kiss. End of show!
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