Tuesday, October 1, 2013

GH October 2013 Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings here's what's coming up for October! As always take with a grain of salt.

The Rumors

Robert and Anna catch up with Dr. Obrecht and Jerry, but Robin is not there. 

Faison evades detection.

How long will it be before Alexis realizes that Derek/Julian Jerome is the Julian she knew in her youth?

Sam may be asked to put her P.I. skills to work.

A wedding...or two?

Alexis, Nikolas and a new girl in town are being watched.

The new doctor in town (most likely Lucas Spencer) has a past acquaintance with Silas.

Look for several flashbacks of Robin's experience while held captive to fill in backstory.

Did Dr. Obrecht harvest sperm at Helena's request?

Does Shawn have a Cassadine connection?

The Spoilers

Julian is aware of the growing dislike Ava has for Sam. Julian sternly warns Ava to stay away from Sam and Danny. If any harm befalls them, she will have to answer for it. Meanwhile, a jealous Ava still wants Silas back, so that may be easier commanded than done.

There could be more than meets the eye with Ellie.

Nikolas becomes more protective of Britt as her deception sends ripples of anger for many in Port Charles. He empathizes with her upbringing and sees her as a female version of himself. Will their relationship remain one of friends/shared trust or turn into something more?

Britt stumbles upon a hidden secret.

Things for ELQ are not going as well as Tracy would hope.

Olivia contacts Brenda and asks her to return to town to lift Sonny's spirits!

Luke is very close to stumbling onto a huge secret.

Dr. Obrecht talks to "dead people". (One of them may be a Cassadine.)

Someone from the past makes a phone call to a PC resident.

Scotty plays dirty but gets caught.

Carlos finds Liz in tears, and later, a very angry Carly.

Robin is remembered on her birthday by Patrick, Anna and Duke.

Michael and Kiki make love?

Julian may decide to weaken Sonny by having Shawn taken out, but the shooter misses his target and someone else is felled (possibly TJ).

Laura returns from Paris.

Here's the promo for Oct 1, 2013


  1. Enjoying most of GH. Want to see more of Prince Nikolas. But don't make him a villain or this fan will be very angry. Fans want to see him reform Britt. She is afraid of her parents and this needs to be shown and understood by everyone. Want to see a better relationship between Anna and Nikolas especially since he and Robin are friends and he saved her life. Anna should try to be a little nicer to Britt and maybe she would get more info out of her and win her trust. More Nikolas!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Want to see Nikolas help Anna in the investigation. Think they would both be great working together, there is a chemistry there when he tries to reason with her.

  3. I really hope Robin is reunited with her daughter Emma. I'm not sure about Patprick since he screwed Britt and now is "in love " with the most boring "girl" who literally sucks the air outta the room everytime in the world.

  4. I am ready for Laura to return from Paris. Lulu sure needs her .

  5. I am also enjoying GH for the first time in many, many years. I like the pace at which the storylines are moving, but I want to see this whole baby thing wrap up soon. Britt needs to be held accountable for her actions.

  6. Liking GH. Want to see the baby thing come to an end but want Britt not to know that she wasn't the biological mother and when she finds out do the right thing. Enjoying everything with Nikolas. Would like to see more characters supportive of him. Don't want any type of rife between Lulu and Nik. He needs at least one sibling who is close with him and supportive. I don't think Britt knows everything her Mother has been up too but I hope she finds out and tells Anna and Nik and Faison and Orbrecht get what's coming to them.

  7. Wanting to see more Laura Lulu needs her mother at this time.

  8. Please tell us has Genie Francis and Sean Kenan been let go

  9. Cindy I'm waiting for confirmation on the potential firings at GH. I hope it's not true, but we'll have to wait for ABC to make an official announcement.


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