Tuesday, October 8, 2013

GH Interrupted!

Unfortunately most of GH was interrupted by Obama discussing the government shutdown today. I'll try to put up the episode later, if I can find it.

Update - see today's show in parts below!
Here's What Aired -


Carly goes to Derek/Julian's hotel room and asks him to help her find Ava. He answers shirtless and asks why Carly thinks he knows where Ava is. Carly sarcastically answers, "Because she's your art dealer!" He suggests that Carly look for Ava in her hotel room, but Carly says Ava checked out. Then she tells him about Ava and Morgan sleeping together. The conversation ends with Carly asking him to dinner.

Franco gets frustrated with Heather's painting in his hotel room at the Metro Court. He can't figure out the purpose of the stripes and is under pressure to produce more from his art dealer. Then he gets a knock on the door and it's Heather in disguise. Heather asks him what he needed from her. Franco answers that he needs more of her artwork. Heather agrees, but only if he'll stay away from Carly.

Morgan asks Ava why Derek/Julian was talking about Sonny with her at Ava's new apartment. Ava admits that yes they were discussing Sonny. Morgan asks why. So Ava lies and claims that Derek Wells is her client and was looking for a hot scoop on Sonny for his newspaper. Morgan replies that he would have told Derek anything he wanted to know about Sonny. Then Sonny knocks on Ava's door. Morgan and Sonny end up having a heated argument and Morgan storms off. After Sonny gives Ava a piece of his mind.

Alexis goes to Dante and Lulu's apartment at their behest to discuss the baby situation. They fill her in on Maxie's lie and hope she can help them keep Connie. They ask Alexis to help them legally adopt Connie. Alexis tells them this will only work if Spinelli and Maxie agree. Then she draws up some paperwork for them. Alexis asks Lulu if she ever speaks with her cousin Lucas and tells them about her desire to find out who Sam's father is. Lulu tells her to ask Carly.

Olivia sees a scathing headline about Sonny in the newspaper and gets angry in the Metro Court restaurant. Maxie and Spinelli walk up to her and she says, "Well, well if it isn't the jackal and his sidekick the backstabber!" Olivia tells Maxie off and scolds her for breaking Dante and Lulu's hearts. Spinelli tries to defend Maxie, but Olivia doesn't want to hear it. Maxie and Spinelli bring up wanting to raise Connie themselves, which doesn't surprise Olivia. Then Lulu calls Maxie and asks her to come over with Spinelli. When they do, Dante and Lulu hand them adoption papers.

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  1. Thanks for putting these up!

  2. Can't take Lulu and Dante. They are self absorbed twits. Alexis asked her about her family, maybe Lucky, Luke and Laura are never around for her but Nikolas is always there for his nitwit sister. He does have his own life but manages to always be there for her. Can't say that about Shrew Lu she is never there for Nik. Enough with this nonsense I only watch GH for Nik, Robin, Anna, Robert, Mac, Maxie, Alexis. Can you please put the Prince back on preferably with Robin?????????


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