Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Show: Robert's Awake!

By George I've got it!
Update 10/07/13:

I finally got to watch GH this morning and what a good episode!

Dr. Obrecht taunts Robin about Sabrina at the lab on Cassadine Island. At the end, Robin pretends she has the cure for the poisoning. She asks Dr. Obrecht to look through the microscope to see if she's right or not. When Dr. Obrecht does, Robin knocks her out with a beaker and makes a run for it with the baby.

Sabrina tells Carlos to get lost again at Crimson, but he insists Patrick will break her heart sooner or later.

Jerry informs Luke that he will be the guinea pig once "his doctor" developes a cure for the poisoning.

Sam and Patrick have another chat at the hospital about loosing the love of your life. Could a romance be brewing between these two? Later, Patrick has flashbacks of his wedding to Robin.

Duke and Alexis discuss Julian at Kelly's. Duke brings up Lucas and reminds us all that he was technically Julian's child, even though Bobby raised him. Duke suggests that Sam have a DNA test to see if Lucas is her half brother, thus confirming that Julian Jerome is her father.

Robert is awake at the clinic in Switzerland. Mac & Anna try to help him remember what he was doing before Dr. Obrecht drugged him. At the end, he finally remembers seeing Robin and he tells Anna that Robin is alive!

Enjoy Friday's GH below!

Have a great weekend!

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