Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday's Show: You're a Force of Nature!

Just taking a page from your book!
In Friday's show Dr. Obrecht intrigues Faison with baby Ben, Robin believes she can cure Jerry and Patrick gets a mysterious phone call!

Friday's Recap:

Olivia tells Duke about her vision of Faison kissing Anna at the Metro Court. It concerns Duke, so he calls Anna on her cell phone. He shares Olivia's vision with Anna. Anna tells him that she had to go visit Faison, but definitely won't be kissing him. Later, Duke tells Olivia that Anna is at the prison with Faison afterall.

"Anna" reveals herself to be Dr. Obrecht to Faison in prison. He is disgusted and scolds her for tricking him. Dr. Obrecht tells him she just took a page from his book. Faison screams at her to get out, but then Dr. Obrecht tells him about his grandchild. Faison is interested and wants to see the child. They discuss her plans to bring the baby to him. Later, Dr. Obrecht puts the Anna mask back on and walks out to put her plan into action.

Britt thinks about her missing baby at Windermere. Nikolas walks in and tells her that Anna is out of the country. Britt assumes this means that nobody is looking for Ben, but Nikolas tries to assure her that the best people are on it. Britt rants about her mother's awfulness, then gets an email from Dr. Obrecht. The email contains a video of Dr. Obrecht and Ben together. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt not to worry, because the baby will have a great future. Britt realizes that her mother probably took the baby to see Faison. Nik doesn't understand why she thinks that, so Britt admits that Faison is her father.

The real Anna wants to see Faison, but the prison guard tells her she's already visiting him. Anna says that's impossible and tries to go see who Faison is really with. The guard stops her and says he will go check instead. When the guard returns he tells Anna that the other guard escorted her personally to see Faison. Anna replies, "There is only one Anna Devane!" Then Dr. Obrecht walks with her Anna mask on and they come face to face.
Robin tells Jerry she's found a cure at the lab on Cassadine Island. Robin hands him a vile of yellow liquid and says she wants to go home. Jerry says he is going to test it on someone else first. Robin offers to take it, but Jerry tells her about his test patient. Robin takes blood from Jerry and gives him the cure to go test on his X patient. Jerry leaves and after Robin holds little Ben and wonders if Jerry will really let her go home. Then she finds a cell phone in baby Ben's diaper bag. Robin desperately searches for a cell bar and at the end is finally able to place a call.

Luke struggles with his illness in bed at the Cassadine compound. Tracy sits next to him and tries to comfort him. He is convinced that he is about to die, but Tracy doesn't want to hear it. Luke tells Tracy she is a force of nature and he loves her. He tells her that if he lives, he wants to be her soul mate and give her all she wants. At the end, Jerry arrives and tries to inject Luke, but Tracy puts a gun to Jerry's head before he can.

Patrick sits in his office at GH and thinks of Robin. He looks at the plane tickets he bought for Robin, but then Sabrina walks in. He drops the tickets, she goes to help pick them up and gets the impression that the tickets are for her. Patrick breaks it to her that the tickets were for he and Robin. Sabrina feels embarrassed, but is gracious and understanding as usual. Patrick rips up the tickets up and tells Sabrina he wants to travel with her instead. Sabrina is flattered and then leaves to get back to work. At the end, Patrick's cell phone rings and it's Robin! End of show!


Enjoy Friday's GH below!

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