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Friday's Show: My Liver is Pink & Fluffy!

Put it on!
In this episode Obrecht gets scorned by Faison, Patrick asks Sabrina a surprising question and Nikolas comes to Robin's rescue!

Friday's Recap - 

Robin tries to the point of frustration to recreate the cure for Jerry at the lab on Cassadine Island. Then Jerry walks in. Robin examines him and he asks where the baby is, so she tells him that Dr. Obrecht took the baby. She brings up Faison and Jerry freaks out. He thinks the cavalry will be coming for her and decides it's time to shoot Robin and go see his mother and Jax before it's too late. Jerry points his gun at her and Robin's pleads for her life. She tells him she can cure him, if he can bring the patient who he gave the cure to back to the lab. Jerry explains that the patient was Luke and how Tracy helped Luke escape. Robin says Luke is Jerry's only chance. Jerry says he will go to Port Charles to get Luke. Robin insists that she needs to come with him. Jerry claims he will think about, locks her back in the lab and then takes off. After, Robin vows to get home.

Patrick comes home to Liz cleaning his house. He thanks her for babysitting and Liz explains that her kids are visiting her sister. They talk about Sabrina and Patrick says that he and Sabrina hit a rough patch. He tells Liz about the mysterious call from Robin. Liz thinks it's improbable. She talks about how grief can make you see things that aren't there and talks about loosing Jake. She takes Patrick's hand and says, "Robin's not coming back." Later, Liz goes to leave and Patrick thanks her setting him straight. After Patrick watches Robin's DVD where she asks him find love again.

Sabrina storms into Crimson and yells at Carlos that she knows what he did. Carlos doesn't understand what her problem is, so Sabrina explains that she thinks Carlos had someone prank call Patrick pretending to be Robin. Carlos denies it, but says that anyone with a pair of eyes can see where Patrick's head is at. Sabrina gets defensive, but Carlos insists that he's right about Patrick. She warns him to stay again. Carlos says he didn't make the call, but won't stop trying to open Sabrina's eyes. She tears up and storms out. Then Sabrina heads to Patrick's house and when she gets there, he asks her to marry him.

Tracy and Luke make their way home on a plane to Port Charles. Luke orders chilled champagne and warmed nuts to celebrate his being alive. Tracy thinks of his promise to devote himself to her completely. He orders a scotch and Tracy reminds him of his previous health issues. Luke responds, "My liver is pink and fluffy!" Tracy continues to think of his promises and snarks at him that he might not be as cured as he thinks. Tracy thinks they should go back and get the doctor who developed the cure. Luke says he doesn't want to go back, so Tracy insists that he needs to hit the hospital as soon as they land in Port Charles.

Faison speaks to baby Ben at the Cassadine compound. Dr. Obrecht is pleased to him see bonding with the child. They take the baby into one of the bedrooms and discuss Britt. Dr. Obrecht says that Britt wouldn't make a good mother, so she rescued the baby. Shortly after, Dr. Obrecht unbutton's her pajama top and tries to seduce him; quiet awkwardly if I do say so. Faison says he can't make her happy. She answers that happiness is for dogs and Americans. She says she just needs allegiance. Faison thinks about it and picks up the "Anna" mask. Then he asks Obrecht to put it on for him. Dr. Obrecht gets offended and wonders why the sight of her disgusts him so much. Faison says he thought she would do anything for him. She slaps him and says, "no longer Faison!" They threaten each other, but Dr. Obrecht says his influence has diminished. She yells at him to put on mask on himself. Then she storms out, leaving Faison with the baby.

Nearby, Nikolas and Britt arrive. They find a baby bottle and Nik promises to find Ben and deal with her parents. Then a security sees them and points a gun at them. Nik scolds the guard and once he realizes who Nikolas is he apologizes. The guard explains that Dr. Obrecht has been there, but lead them to believe they were Nik's guests. The guard also mentions Jerry Jax being there and claims they are taking orders from Jerry. He tells Nikolas that Jerry is on the island at the lab right now. Nikolas orders the guard to round up all these people and protect the baby at all costs. Then he tells Britt to stay put, while he goes to get a gun. Nikolas takes off and Britt runs into Dr. Obrecht. Britt knocks her out and runs to get her baby from Faison. Back at the lab, Nikolas opens the door and finds Robin! End of show!

Enjoy the last few minutes of Friday's GH, plus the preview for Monday's show!

Have a great weekend!

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