Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat - Happy Halloween!

In today's show Dr. Obrecht delights as usual, Faison frightens everyone plus Robin makes a bold exit from Windermere!

In this Spooktacular Episode -

Carly dares to be a sexy cat woman and little Jocelyn wants to be an ear of corn again at Carly's house. They get a knock on the door and it's Franco/Todd wearing an Andy Warhol costume. Carly tries to slam the door in his face, but he talks his way in by offering treats. He gives Carly an invitation for his art opening, but Carly says she can't go without her date Derek Wells. He informs her that Derek Wells is Ava's silent partner at the gallery. Franco tries to flirt with Carly and tells her to stay away from Derek. Carly plays hard to get, but he tells her to stop pretending they don't have feelings for each other. Carly lets her guard down and they almost kiss, but Jocelyn calls for her and interrupts. Then Carly tells Franco to leave. He does, but says he's not giving up. After we see a mysterious person in costume lurking outside of Carly's house.

At the hospital Felix and the rest of the nursing staff prepare a haunted house for the kids. Brad interrupts wearing the same dead body costume as Felix. Brad tries to make nice, but Felix isn't interested. He scolds Brad again for being a bad guy. Brad says that he did good by spilling the beans at baby Connie's christening, but Felix says it ruined people lives. Then Felix reminds him about not taking responsibility for his own kid. Brad responds, "What if I told you Britt's son isn't mine?"

Robin argues with Dr. Obrecht about not wearing a costume for Halloween at Windermere. Dr. Obrecht dresses as a Swedish maiden and tells her that she is boring. Nearby in Nik's bedroom, Britt complains to Nikolas about Obrecht trying to dress baby Ben up as Rosemary's baby. Britt is upset about her parents being so over the top and crazy. Nikolas promises he will keep them away from Ben and they hug. They almost kiss, but then they hear a scream.

Over at Patrick's house Sabrina and Emma dress as superheros and Patrick does his best Indiana Jones. Liz comes over with the boys. Liz does her best Snow White, Cam is Woody from Toy Story and I'm honestly not sure what little Aiden was supposed to be. Does anyone know? Patrick tells Liz about his engagement to Sabrina. Emma and Cameron seem to like each other. Then Liz leaves with the boys and after Emma says she is getting married to Cameron. Then Duke knocks on the door. Duke tells Patrick in private that Anna might be in trouble with Faison. Later, Patrick heads to the hospital with Sabrina and Emma for the party. Emma tries to kiss Cameron, but he runs away. Spencer offers to kiss her instead.

At the front door at Windereme, Leslie brings Spencer to surprise Nikolas in their costumes. A wild-eyed Faison opens the door as Beetlejuice to greet them. The sight of him terrifies Leslie, she screams and then passes out. Robin, Dr. Obrecht, Britt and Nik all run out to see what happened. Nikolas tries to revive Leslie, while Faison, Robin and Obrecht hide. When Leslie wakes she starts freaking out about Faison. Nik tells her it was just Alfred in costume, but Spencer asks about the missing ladies who tried to help her. Before Leslie can investigate, Liz knocks on the door with her boys. Leslie takes all the kids off to get some candy and after Liz and Nikolas flirt in front of Britt.

Robin, Obrecht and Faison listen from the living room door. Robin hears Cameron tell Nikolas that Emma Drake is his girlfriend. She also hears Liz talking about Patrick and Sabrina's engagement. Liz invites all of them to come to the hospital Halloween party. Then Liz and Leslie take the kids to the hospital. In private, Leslie tells Liz she thinks she saw Faison. After they all leave, Nik opens the living room door. Faison remarks how fetching Elizabeth is. Nikolas tells Obrecht and Faison to hide upstairs. Britt and Nik get into their costumes as a bad angel and a dark prince. Nikolas and Robin talk about how hard it is for Robin to be without her family. Nikolas reminds her of their plan to get her family back and then heads off the party with Britt and baby Ben. Robin goes back inside the living room and decides to take the costume Dr. Obrecht gave her and sneaks off to the party.

At the end, Liz lists Nik's many attractive qualities to Patrick and Sabrina. Duke sneaks into Windermere and Robin arrives at the hospital in disguise! End of Show!

Very fun show today! Did you enjoy it? 

More Halloween madness continues tomorrow, enjoy the preview below!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday's Show

No recap today; I'm under the weather. I'll try to update tomorrow!

Update 10/31/13:

Ellie and Spinelli decide to stay together and she wants to help raise his child.

Lulu and Maxie come to blows over the baby drama.

Olivia decides not tell Dante about the Derek/Julian mess.

Carly gets the blow off from Morgan in favor of Ava.

Sonny and Julian have an interesting chat.

Morgan plants a bug in Sonny's office.

In case you missed it, enjoy the full episode below!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sit Down & Talk

Baby Blues!
Quick Recap - 

Michael plans a romantic dinner for Kiki at Sonny's restaurant. He tells her about running the place and his plans to make it a legit business. They also talk about the continued tension with Morgan and about who cooked the wonderful food their eating. Michael says he wants to get "Cook 2" from the Q's to work at the restaurant. 

Derek/Julian comes to talk to Morgan at Ava's apartment. He wants assurances that Morgan won't tell Sonny the truth. Morgan passionately expresses his hatred for Sonny and asks Derek/Julian to trust him. He tells Morgan he'll have to prove his loyalty. Later, Ava and Julian talk about Sam and Alexis figuring out Julian is Sam's dad. They also wonder who the family member is that they got DNA from. 

Sonny and Olivia discuss killing Julian Jerome at the warehouse. Olivia thinks it's a bad idea and asks him to rethink that idea. Olivia suggests that Sonny and Julian have a sit down and talk it out. Olivia tells Sonny to ask Dante for police help. Sonny doesn't think that will work and tells Olivia not to worry. At the end, she calls Dante anyway.

Lulu and Dante discuss Maxie's court order to take Connie away. Terrified at the idea of losing her, Lulu suggests they take Connie and run away. She says that Nikolas can help them escape, then says Sonny might be better at getting them out of the country. Dante isn't so sure it's a good idea. Later, Alexis shows up to tell them that the court isn't taking the baby yet. Then Alexis asks Lulu to write down all of Maxie's past transgressions for their smear campaign. 

Sam and Silas try to get Delia talking at Ryan's bar. They mention that Ava has a daughter and that gets Delia to open up. She admits to having an affair with Victor and creating 'baby Ava". She tells them that she gave Ava up for adoption, but Ava eventually found her. Silas tells Delia a bit about Kiki and shows her a picture. Then Silas admits that he's Kiki's dad. Delia is pleased to learn about her granddaughter and warns them to be careful when dealing with the Jerome family.

Maxie and Spinelli prepare for the arrival of their baby at Maxie's place. Maxie is scared that they're not prepared to be parents, but Spinelli assures her it will be okay. Diane shows up to tell them about Alexis's attempt to prove Maxie unfit. Maxie is in shock and can't believe Lulu would do that to her. At the end, Maxie heads over to Lulu's apartment to confront her. End of show!

Personally I'm finding Maxie's outrage toward Lulu ridiculous given all of Maxie's lies. What do you think?

Have a great night!

Monday, October 28, 2013

God Help You

Read about this soap here ---> Ryan's Hope Wiki
In today's show Alexis blabs to Derek/Julian, Patrick and Robin long for each other and we meet Delia, a throwback to the classic soap Ryan's Hope!

Here's What Happened - 

Morgan asks Ava what the next step to taking Sonny down is at her apartment. Ava tells him that he shouldn't be involved in anything Julian does to Sonny. She warns Morgan about how dangerous Julian is and asks if he's sure he wants to do this. Morgan says he's sure. Then they start fooling around and end up having sex on the floor. After, Morgan tells Ava that whatever side she's on, so is he. She replies, "God help you!" Then Morgan says he can't wait until Sonny finds out he turned on him.

Olivia goes to see Sonny at his warehouse. She is annoyed at him for ignoring her for several days and asks who messed up his warehouse. Sonny won't divulge any details, but Olivia insists that he doesn't shut her out. She finds the file on Julian Jerome in Sonny's file cabinet, despite Sonny trying to stop her from reading it. Olivia is shocked to discover Derek's true identity. She gets angry thinking of how Derek/Julian pushed Connie to publish the article about Michael and Kiki. Then she asks Sonny what's he going to do about it. Sonny replies, "The problem needs to be eliminated!"

Alexis brings little Danny to visit Derek/Julian at Crimson. He is pleased to see them and gives Danny a toy car that he bought for him. Alexis starts rattling off about Carly and their date together, but Derek/Julian thinks they should change the subject. He asks where Sam is and Alexis tells him that Sam went to New York to find out information on Ava's brother. Alexis proceeds to confide in him all her and Sam's suspicions regarding Ava. She also blabs to him that she identified Julian Jerome as Sam's father and mentions getting DNA from a family member of Julian's. Before she can tell him who it was, Carlos interrupts them. Alexis excuses herself to let them talk. Once in private, Julian says that Sam will soon find out who he is.

Read about Delia here --> Ilene Kristen Wiki
Sam and Silas arrive at Ryan's bar in New York. They sit down and are greeted by Delia Ryan. She tells them that they have the best burgers around and mentions being married to the previous owner. She takes a closer look and asks Silas if they ever met before. She remarks that Silas's eyes are like her son's Johnny's. Silas asks if she remembers a woman who used to come to the bar with Victor Jerome. The mention of his name, makes Delia drop the coffee pot she was holding. Sam shows her a picture of Victor and Delia asks if they're cops. Sam explains that she is a Private Investigator and says she is looking for information on Ava. Delia skirts their questions and runs to the kitchen to check on their order. Once alone, Silas and Sam wonder what to say to get her to talk. When Delia returns with their food, Sam says she thinks Delia knows who their looking for or maybe she was Victor's mistress.

Sabrina goes to talk with Carlos at Crimson. He sees her ring and she confirms that Patrick and her are engaged. Carlos thinks the timing is suspicious, since Patrick just got a mysterious call from Robin. He thinks Patrick is trying to prove something and reminds her that he would spoil her if she were his girlfriend. She denies having doubts about Patrick, gets defensive with him and leaves.

Robin searches Windermere for a way out. Nikolas sees her and stops her from leaving. She is anxious to stop Patrick from marrying another woman, but Nik warns her of the dangers facing her if she leaves. Robin thinks Sabrina must be an awful person, based on what Obrecht told her. Nikolas corrects her and says Sabrina seems nice. She talks about the DVD she made for Patrick asking him to find love again and notes how ironic it is that he did what she asked, but she's not dead. Robin starts talking about how she went into labor at her first attempt to marry Patrick five years ago today. Then she recounts the happiness she felt on their true wedding day.

Maxie runs into Patrick outside of Kelly's. He tells her that he and Sabrina are engaged and asks for Maxie's blessing. Maxie isn't to thrilled and asks if he is sure about this. They start talking about Robin and both get choked up. Patrick brings up the phone call and wonders if he's crazy. Maxie says no, because she saw Georgie. Maxie brings up taking her baby home and expresses her disappointment over hurting Lulu. Later Patrick starts talking about how Robin went into labor with Emma at their first wedding. At the end, Sabrina finds Patrick outside of Kelly's and tells him she wants to get married asap! Patrick agrees and they kiss. End of show!
Have a great night!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Google It!

The Original Julian Jerome
In today's show Robin learns that Jason is dead, Sonny gets confirmation from Lazaro and Morgan strikes a dangerous bargain to save his life!

Here's What Happened - 

Faison and Dr. Obrecht arrive at Windermere with Britt, Nikolas, Robin and baby Ben. Faison notes that Windermere used to be his home. Faison and Obrecht argue about Anna. Robin gets excited to be home and asks Nikolas to let her use the launch in secret once everyone is asleep. Britt says she needs to take Ben to the hospital for tests. Nik says he will take her and Robin wants to go along with them. Obrecht reminds them all that she and Faison are in charge and they don't want Robin going anywhere. Nik and Britt leave and after, Faison reminds Robin about when he met her as a child. She remembers that he pretended to be a writer named PK Sinclair. Robin tells Faison that Jason will get him for what he's done to her, so Faison breaks it to her that he killed Jason. Robin doesn't believe it, so Faison tells her to "Google it" to verify. She does and sees that it's true. She can't believe it, but Faison smugly justifies it by saying Jason was a killer. Robin tries to punch him, but he grabs her arms and says she is spirited like her mother.

Robert and Anna grow frustrated trying to escape at the lab on Cassadine Island. Robert can't believe that Jerry bested them, so Anna tries to assure him that people will be looking for them. She says Duke will definitely be looking for her. Anna mentions that Duke is now working for Derek Wells and Robert's ears perk up. Anna notices something is off and asks what Robert knows. Robert tells her that Derek Wells is Julian Jerome. Robert explains that back in the day he was ordered to lie about Julian's death from the WSB, because apparently Julian had information they needed. Roberts says the WSB is as bad as their revel agency the DVX! He also tells her that as part of the deal Julian wasn't ever supposed to return to Port Charles or else he would go to prison.

Sabrina and Patrick gush to Felix about their engagement at the hospital. Patrick goes to start work and once alone Sabrina tells Felix about the mysterious call Patrick got from Robin. Felix thinks that maybe Britt did it, but Sabrina isn't convinced. Out in the hallway, Nik and Britt arrive at the hospital and run into Patrick. They feel guilty for not being able to tell Patrick that Robin's alive. Britt asks Patrick to run some tests on Ben to make sure he didn't have any ill effects from the kidnapping. They all walk into the exam room and Sabrina and Felix join in after. Britt notices Sabrina's ring and remarks that Patrick can't marry her. Britt realizes that she slipped up and quickly excuses herself. At the end, Britt and Nik return to Windermere. Britt tells Robin that Patrick proposed to Sabrina.

Derek/Julian orders Carlos to kill Morgan at Crimson. Ava lobbies against it and pleads with them not to do this. Julian screams at her that he doesn't have a choice and insists that Carlos take care of things. Ava warns Carlos not to take a step of out the office, because he answers to her. Ava and Julian begin to argue about who's done the most and who is in charge of the family business. Julian wins and sends Carlos off to get the it done. After Ava is disgusted with him, Derek/Julian warns her not to question him again and Ava walks out. She quickly calls Morgan, but he doesn't pick up. Julian walks up behind her and catches her on the phone. He drags her back into the office and warns her not to end up like his other sister Olivia.

Duke and Mac run into each other at Kelly's. Duke tells him that Anna checked Robert out of the clinic in Switzerland. Mac wonders where they might have gone. Duke tells him about Anna going to visit Faison in prison. Mac calls Frisco for WSB help and learns that Faison was broken out of prison by Obrecht. Mac says they will find them and takes off. After, Duke leaves a message for Derek Wells saying he needs some time off to take care of some personal business.

Morgan walks in on Michael and Sonny in a close conversation at the warehouse. Morgan says he needs to tell Sonny something alone. Michael says he needs to check out some things at the restaurant and will leave. When Morgan gets wind that Michael is working for Sonny, he gets mad and starts yelling about how unfair everything is. Michael suggests they run the restaurant together, but Morgan says he will never work with his "bitch" brother. Then Morgan decides that he doesn't have anything to tell Sonny afterall and walks out. After Lazaro shows up with information for Sonny. Sonny asks Michael to give them privacy. Then Lazaro shows Sonny a file that proves Julian Jerome became Derek Wells due to a WSB deal that Robert knew all about it.

Outside, Morgan storms off and runs into Carlos on the docks. Carlos pulls a gun on him and tells him to get moving. Carlos drags Morgan back to Crimson. Morgan pleads for his life and tells Julian he never said anything to Sonny. Ava fights for him, but Derek/Julian orders Carlos to "finish it!" Julian apologizes to Morgan for having to do this. Morgan blurts out that he can help them and that Sonny doesn't deserve his loyalty. Morgan says he wants to work for the Jerome family to help them bring Sonny down! End of show!

Slightly dizzying camera work at the end of today's show, but overall a good episode! Not to be mean, but Robin looks a little chunky don't ya think; is she preggers?

Enjoy this classic GH clip - 1990 Faison as PK Sinclair!
(Frisco, Felicia, Sean Donely, Ruby & Casey the alien!)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Number One Fan

Dirty Birdy!
In this episode Michael gets a job, Julian & Ava are confronted by Morgan and Heather eats another BLT!
Today's Show -

A busty Diane confronts Franco on the false art in his hotel room. She thinks he's lost his artistic instinct since his brain surgery. Franco admits that he appropriated someone's else work. Diane asks who it is. Franco says, "My number one fan!" Diane reminds him of Stephen King's Misery and warns him about the potential dangers of an obsessive fan. Diane tells him about Ava owning the gallery where his work is supposed to be displayed. Franco freaks and refuses to give Ava one penny from his borrowed work. Diane suggests he go through with it for the money. Then she pulls out the paperwork, but tries to conceal Derek Wells name on the contract. However, Franco sees it and refuses to sign. Diane reminds Franco of his debts, her fees and then she storms out.

Lucy confirms that Ryan's bar still exists for Sam at the hospital. Then Kevin has a nurse cancel lunch with Lucy for him again. Lucy gets upset and warns Sam to never fall for a doctor. Silas walks up behind them and Lucy says not only is Silas a doctor, his brother was a serial killer. Then Lucy takes off in a huff and leaves Sam and Silas alone. Sam tells Silas about finding out her father's identity. She also tells him that Ava could be her aunt. Sam explains the information she got from Lucy and the clue about Ryan's bar. Silas says he remembers Ava taking him there once. Silas wants to come with Sam to check it out. Sam agrees and they take off together.

Scotty recognizes Heather outside of Kelly's. He asks what's she doing there, so Heather claims she came for the BLT's. Out of nowhere she pulls a knife and claims he destroyed her relationship with Joe back in the day. They discuss an old affair they had together and Scotty reminds her how crazy they were about each other. Heather impulsively kisses him. Then Lucy walks up and sees them. Lucy is disgusted by Scotty kissing Heather. Lucy tells him to bring Heather to the police station. Heather threatens to tell the police that Scotty is her lover and that he helped her escape if they try to. A bystander walks by, so Scott kisses Heather again to hide her identity. After he suggests they look the other way and let Heather get back to the mental institute. Heather says okay, but insists on having a BLT first.

Morgan overhears Ava confirm that Derek Wells is Julian Jerome and her brother at Crimson. They joke about incest, Victor's mistresses and Ava's plan to lure Morgan in. They also mention going after Sonny. Ava tells Julian that Morgan doesn't have a clue. That angers Morgan so he walks into the room to confront them. Morgan calls them out for trying to take down Sonny. Ava tries to sweet talk Morgan, but he won't listen. Derek/Julian interjects and asks why Morgan would care since Sonny ruined his relationship with Kiki and favors Michael. He advises Morgan to forget everything he heard. Morgan replies, "Or What?" Derek/Julian says that if Morgan lets it go he and Ava can continue as they were. Morgan refuses and walks out saying he's going to tell Sonny. After, Derek/Julian scolds Ava and accuses her of using Morgan to forget Silas. Then he tells Ava that he's going to have Morgan taken out by Carlos.

Michael comes to the coffee warehouse and sees all the damage. Sonny walks up to him and tells Michael about his Julian Jerome theory. Michael realizes that if it's true, it puts Morgan right in the middle. Michael wants to take action to protect Morgan, but Sonny thinks Morgan is beyond reasoning with. Sonny notices that Michael is wearing a suit and asks why. Michael tells him that he was looking for a job, but got turned down because of Sonny's reputation. Michael asks again if Sonny can give him a legit job at the coffee house. Sonny suggests that Michael take over his restaurant and make it a real place. Michael says he likes the idea and agrees. At the end, Morgan arrives in time to see Sonny praising Michael and it makes him insecure. End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

Have a good night!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I See You Still Haven't Found Your Shirt!

Meet Lazaro...a new character from out of nowhere! $10 bucks says he'll die soon!
In today's show we got an AJ mention. We also got introduced to Lazaro, Heather reappeared and Morgan finally got a clue!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sonny and Shawn find Sonny's coffee warehouse destroyed. Sonny says, "We've been hit again!" Then a new detective named Lazaro arrives and asks Sonny to give him a name to identify the person responsible. Sonny answers, Julian Jerome. Lazaro asks Sonny for proof that Julian is alive, but Sonny tells him that is his job. Later, Carly shows up to talk to Sonny about Morgan. Sonny tells Carly that Morgan is staying with Ava, so she takes off to find Morgan. At the end, Sonny tells Shawn that as soon they get confirmation that Julian's alive they're gonna make him sorry.

Ava leaves a message for Derek/Julian at her apartment wondering if he got the "job" done and a shirtless Morgan overhears. He asks what she's talking about, but before Ava can answer Diane knocks on the door. When Diane sees Morgan she snarks, "I see you still haven't found your shirt!" Diane hands Morgan his annulment papers and Ava gives Diane the signed docs for Franco's art show. Morgan chimes in and says that he knows Ava's silent partner is Derek Wells. When Diane leaves, Ava and Morgan argue over Ava lying about Derek Wells. Morgan wants to be more serious with Ava, but she says they can't be serious and walks out. After Morgan thinks about the various things he's overheard about Ava and the warnings his family gave him about her.

Michael mentions AJ to Kiki at Kelly's. Then Lucy walks in and hands them flyers in support of Scott, who is running for DA. After Lucy goes outside and tries to talk Scott into being more proactive in his campaign, but Scott still has the blues over Laura. Lucy tries to comfort him with her enthusiasm, but Scott thinks she is overcompensating for Kevin's lack of interest in her. Lucy denies having any trouble with Kevin and storms off. Back inside Kelly's Diane arrives to discuss AJ with Michael. She tells him that it would be best for AJ if Scott got elected for DA. She also hands Kiki Morgan's annulment papers. Then Diane sees Scotty walk in and she runs up to him to discuss AJ's case. Scotty tells her that he won't discuss it until he's in office. At the end, Kiki hands her signed annulment papers to Diane. Heather lingers outside of Kelly's and Scotty recognizes her.

Sam and Alexis convene at the hospital to open up Sam's DNA results. The results conclude that Lucas is Sam's half brother, making Julian Jerome her father. Sam asks if it's possible that her father was Ava Jerome's brother. They notice Lucy walk in and Alexis suggests that they ask her about Julian. So Sam and Alexis ask Lucy for details on Julian's father Victor Jerome. Lucy gives them some information and mentions a potential mistress of Victor's. Lucy says that they used to meet at bar named Ryan's. I have a sneaking feeling that Heather is connected to all of this and if that's true all I can say is...puke!

Franco finds multiple striped paintings in his hotel room. Then Heather surprises him and says she wanted to help him. Shortly after Carly knocks on his door, demanding that he open up. Heather gets angry at Carly's presence and threatens to confront her. Then Carly just lets herself in, so Heather hides. Carly tells him his hotel bill is due. Franco asks her to come to his up coming art show, which will help him pay his bills. Carly refuses, teases him about dating Derek Wells and then leaves. After Heather also leaves, but tells Franco she'll see him soon. At the end, Diane arrives at Franco's hotel room and tells him she can't use artwork that he didn't paint himself.

Derek/Julian and Carly talk about Franco at Crimson over breakfast. Carlos interrupts them, so Carly excuses herself, but not before Derek/Julian plants a big wet kiss on her lips. Then Carlos and he discuss messing up Sonny's warehouse. Shortly after Ava walks in and is pleased to see Carlos. They hug, make small talk and then Carlos exits. Once alone, Julian gives Ava an update on the destruction at Sonny's warehouse. Unbeknownst to them, Morgan arrives and hears Ava talking to Julian about "the kid" who she thinks is falling for her. He also hears her call him Julian and say that he's her brother! End of show!

On another note - there has been a lot of gossip this week about Luke, Laura and AJ being fired at GH. I wish I could tell you for certain whether it's true or not, but I don't know yet. Personally I'd be the most upset about AJ getting fired, because I think his character has the most potential with the current story lines  Although I love Luke and my opinion their story has been done to death. Its possible that all of this is just a ruse to get ratings up for November sweeps, but who knows. I guess we should wait until it's confirmed from a reliable source!

In the meantime, enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Let's Go to Port Charles!

Taking Hostages!
In today's show Spinelli and Lulu come to blows, Mac tries to comfort Maxie and Jerry gains control on Cassadine Island!

Here's What Happened - 

Lulu runs into Spinelli at the hospital with baby Connie in her arms. She tries to brush past him, but Spinelli asks to speak with her. Lulu tells him that she is going to sue them. Spinelli says that Maxie and he will fight for the baby. Lulu reminds him of their friendship and rich history together. She asks him how he can do this to her. Lulu insists that she and Dante are Connie's best option, but Spinelli says it's not right. He says he wants to be the father he knows he can be. Spinelli suggests that Lulu try to have another child, but Lulu doesn't want to let go. At the end, Spinelli says he is sympathetic but Connie is his baby. Lulu snaps, "You can't have her!" Spinelli responds, "See you in court!"

Mac goes to Crimson to talk to Maxie about the baby situation. Maxie tells him about taking Lulu and Dante to court. Mac asks if there is another way. Maxie says she knows it's horrible, but she doesn't see another way. Then she asks Mac why she always loses her best friends. Maxie runs through many of her mistakes, including her guilt over the lab explosion that killed Robin. Mac tells her not to blame herself, because Robin wouldn't want that.

Patrick and Sabrina are ecstatic over their engagement at his house. Sabrina gushes annoyingly about when, where and ring shopping. Then Emma walks in and asks what they're celebrating. Patrick sits her down and tells her they are getting married. Emma asks about her mother and wonders if he's still married to Robin. Patrick tells Emma that Robin wanted him to move on and would be happy for them. Sabrina tells Emma that she loves her and asks if it's okay with her. Emma says it is and kisses them.

Jerry surprises Anna and Robert at the Cassadine lab with a gun. They drawn their guns as well and Anna demands to know where Robin is. Jerry won't back down and fires off a few shots in the corner of the room. Then he locks them in the lab. Anna and Robert try to escape, but can't find a way out. Anna sees the video of the Nurse's Ball on the computer and realizes what Robin was going through this whole time. At the end, Robert finds Robin's recorded notes and they realize that she is definitely alive. Nearby, Robin is determined to get home to Patrick, while she holds a gun on an unconscious Dr. Obrecht. Obrecht wakes up and asks what's going on. Robin tells her that the video she sent tipped Nikolas off. Robin asks who knocked her out, so Dr. Obrecht tells her that it was Robert and Anna. Then Jerry comes in, points his gun at Robin and tells her to drop her weapon. Jerry scolds Obrecht for allowing things to get out of control.

Nikolas interrupts Faison man-handling Britt by pointing a gun on him and screaming for him to let her go. Faison lets go and Britt runs to pick up Ben. Faison asks her why she is so happy to see the baby, since it's not even her biological son. Nik asks Britt what he's talking about. Britt says she just lied so Faison would lose interest in the baby. Nik keeps a gun on Faison and they all leave the bedroom. They run into Obrecht, Jerry and Robin in the foyer. Britt is surprised to see Robin alive. Jerry grabs Robin and holds a gun to her. Jerry shows Anna and Robert on video to Robin to prove they are safe. Then he screams at all of them to do as he says or else. Nikolas puts his gun down, so Jerry let's Robin go. Then Jerry tells them he needs Luke Spencer's blood and wants Faison and Obrecht to help him. Jerry orders them to go to Port Charles with Robin to synthesize Luke's blood. He also says he will allow Nik, Britt and the baby to go as well, but says he'll hold Anna and Robert as hostages. At the end, Jerry orders all of them not to tell anyone in PC that Robin's alive. Everyone agree's and Jerry says, "Let's go to Port Charles!" End of show!

Another fun show today! Faison & Obrecht are hysterical together!

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

Have a great night!

Is Luke Leaving GH?

Should I stay or should I go now?

According to Showbiz Spy ANTHONY Geary is threatening to quit General Hospital — because they want him to take a 50 percent pay cut.

The 66-year-old actor — who plays Luke Spencer on the hit show– is furious at the ultimatum issued by ABC executives, who believe his $1.5 million salary is no longer sustainable given the daytime soap’s sliding ratings.

“Tony feels he’s proven his worth to the show and the network,” a source told Globe magazine.

“Tony helped propel General Hospital into top soap opera status… (his) pride wouldn’t accept getting his pay sliced. Tony’s serious about walking. He’s worked hard and isn’t hurting for money.

“This is heading toward a standoff and the result will depend on who blinks first. Tony believes he’s in the driver’s seat.”

“In the soap business, everyone is expendable and you never take anything for granted,” Geary has said previously.

“If I ever do leave GH, I want Luke to die. I don’t want him coming home for Christmas episodes or the birth of his great-grandchildren.

“Those of us who have been on the soaps forever, we ought to go out in a way that gives the audience real closure. But I know the network has a real resistance to that.

“It’s not my choice, but I’ve had an awfully good run and I wouldn’t mind being a sacrificial lamb to let the audience believe that characters can really, really die.”

Geary joined General Hospital in 1978, left in 1984 and returned nine years later.

What do you think? Is this for real or will ABC cave?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Nikolas to the Rescue!

Cassadine hero!
In this episode Lulu won't give up baby Connie without a fight, Dr. Obrecht helps Anna and Robert plus Britt drops a baby bomb!

Today's Show - 

Robert and Anna arrive with guns drawn on Cassadine Island. They find Dr. Obrecht passed out on the floor. They decide to question her, so Robert pushes her and says, "Wake up bitch!" Dr. Obrecht wakes up and Anna immediately asks where Robin is. Robert quickly reminds Obrecht about him seeing Robin at the clinic and her drugging him, but she insists that Faison lied and Robert imaged it. Then Dr. Obrecht screams about Faison wanting her to wear the "Anna" mask in the bedroom. Anna suggests she tell them where Robin is to get back at Faison. Anna offers to help Dr. Obrecht get off easy if she helps her put Faison away. Anna reminds her that Britt is suffering without her child and says if she helps them it will help Britt too. Obrecht tells them to look in the lab. Then Robert knocks Obrecht out again and they take off to find Robin.

Nikolas finds Robin in the Cassadine Lab. He can't believe she is alive. Robin runs to Nik and hugs him. She gushes, "Thank god you're here!" Robin explains how Jerry was involved and says she was just waiting for someone to realize that she's still alive. Then Robin assumes Nikolas is there because Patrick got the call and sent Nik to investigate. Nik explains that he didn't know she was alive and was really there to find baby Ben. Robin tells him that Dr. Obrecht brought the child and she looked after him for Patrick. Nik explains that Patrick isn't the child's father. Robin tells him that Faison and Obrecht took the baby awhile ago. Nik says she has to go look for the child and asks Robin to stay in the lab and wait for him to return. Robin says she can't stay there any longer and insists on leaving with him. At the end, Anna and Robert arrive at the lab, but Robin is gone. Back at the house, Robin and Nikolas find Dr. Obrecht passed out. Nik asks Robin to hold a gun on her and he takes off to find Britt.

Alexis is anxious to get Lucas's DNA results at the hospital and runs into Lulu. Lulu expresses her displeasure with the baby situation. Alexis tells her it doesn't look good. Lulu doesn't understand how this can be, so Alexis explains that legally Connie isn't their child. Alexis suggests that they sue Maxie for punitive damages, but she doubts any judge will allow Lulu to keep Connie. Lulu starts to get very upset, so Alexis advises her to let go and not to make things worse. Lulu says she'll run away with the baby if she has to. Alexis sees how upset she is, so she tells her the only chance they have to keep Connie is to prove that Maxie is an unfit parent. Lulu says that Maxie is definitely an unfit mother and tells Alexis to go for it. Lulu says she knows all of Maxie's dirty secrets.

Spinelli goes to Crimson to talk to Maxie about their baby. Diane arrives and they all discuss Lulu and Dante's desire to adopt baby Connie. Diane thinks it won't be hard for them to get the baby back, but Diane warns them that custody battles can be very ugly. Diane brings up Maxie keeping the secret from Spinelli and scolds Maxie for her lies. Maxie acknowledges that Diane considers Spinelli a friend and that she's right. Diane suggests they ask the court for an order to force Dante and Lulu to give them their baby. However, Diane tells them that Alexis is an excellent attorney and they're going to have a fight on their hands.

Britt finds Faison holding baby Ben on Cassadine Island. Faison calls her, "Brita" and says it's been a long time. He refers to the baby as Cesar, but Britt says his name is Ben. She asks for her child, but Faison doesn't let go. He tells Britt that her mother gave him the child and that he wants to raise his flesh and blood. Britt tells him that Ben isn't his biological grandchild, because Ben isn't really her biological son. Faison gets very upset and accuses her of lying. He orders Britt to leave, but she refuses to move. She tells him that he'll have to kill her first. Faison grabs her and shakes her around, but Nik runs in, points a gun at Faison and orders him to let go of Britt.

Patrick asks Sabrina to marry him at his house. Sabrina doesn't know what to think and asks where this is coming from. He responds that he wants to marry her, because he loves her. Sabrina asks about the supposed call from Robin, so Patrick explains that Liz stopped over and made him see clearly that Robin is gone and it's time to move on. She wonders if Carlos's arrival had something to do his sudden proposal, but he says no Robin did. Sabrina says maybe he should take the proposal back, but Patrick says no. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him again. Then a teary eyed Sabrina falls into his arms and says yes! End of show!
Do you think Britt is lying?

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's GH below!

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Friday's Show: My Liver is Pink & Fluffy!

Put it on!
In this episode Obrecht gets scorned by Faison, Patrick asks Sabrina a surprising question and Nikolas comes to Robin's rescue!

Friday's Recap - 

Robin tries to the point of frustration to recreate the cure for Jerry at the lab on Cassadine Island. Then Jerry walks in. Robin examines him and he asks where the baby is, so she tells him that Dr. Obrecht took the baby. She brings up Faison and Jerry freaks out. He thinks the cavalry will be coming for her and decides it's time to shoot Robin and go see his mother and Jax before it's too late. Jerry points his gun at her and Robin's pleads for her life. She tells him she can cure him, if he can bring the patient who he gave the cure to back to the lab. Jerry explains that the patient was Luke and how Tracy helped Luke escape. Robin says Luke is Jerry's only chance. Jerry says he will go to Port Charles to get Luke. Robin insists that she needs to come with him. Jerry claims he will think about, locks her back in the lab and then takes off. After, Robin vows to get home.

Patrick comes home to Liz cleaning his house. He thanks her for babysitting and Liz explains that her kids are visiting her sister. They talk about Sabrina and Patrick says that he and Sabrina hit a rough patch. He tells Liz about the mysterious call from Robin. Liz thinks it's improbable. She talks about how grief can make you see things that aren't there and talks about loosing Jake. She takes Patrick's hand and says, "Robin's not coming back." Later, Liz goes to leave and Patrick thanks her setting him straight. After Patrick watches Robin's DVD where she asks him find love again.

Sabrina storms into Crimson and yells at Carlos that she knows what he did. Carlos doesn't understand what her problem is, so Sabrina explains that she thinks Carlos had someone prank call Patrick pretending to be Robin. Carlos denies it, but says that anyone with a pair of eyes can see where Patrick's head is at. Sabrina gets defensive, but Carlos insists that he's right about Patrick. She warns him to stay again. Carlos says he didn't make the call, but won't stop trying to open Sabrina's eyes. She tears up and storms out. Then Sabrina heads to Patrick's house and when she gets there, he asks her to marry him.

Tracy and Luke make their way home on a plane to Port Charles. Luke orders chilled champagne and warmed nuts to celebrate his being alive. Tracy thinks of his promise to devote himself to her completely. He orders a scotch and Tracy reminds him of his previous health issues. Luke responds, "My liver is pink and fluffy!" Tracy continues to think of his promises and snarks at him that he might not be as cured as he thinks. Tracy thinks they should go back and get the doctor who developed the cure. Luke says he doesn't want to go back, so Tracy insists that he needs to hit the hospital as soon as they land in Port Charles.

Faison speaks to baby Ben at the Cassadine compound. Dr. Obrecht is pleased to him see bonding with the child. They take the baby into one of the bedrooms and discuss Britt. Dr. Obrecht says that Britt wouldn't make a good mother, so she rescued the baby. Shortly after, Dr. Obrecht unbutton's her pajama top and tries to seduce him; quiet awkwardly if I do say so. Faison says he can't make her happy. She answers that happiness is for dogs and Americans. She says she just needs allegiance. Faison thinks about it and picks up the "Anna" mask. Then he asks Obrecht to put it on for him. Dr. Obrecht gets offended and wonders why the sight of her disgusts him so much. Faison says he thought she would do anything for him. She slaps him and says, "no longer Faison!" They threaten each other, but Dr. Obrecht says his influence has diminished. She yells at him to put on mask on himself. Then she storms out, leaving Faison with the baby.

Nearby, Nikolas and Britt arrive. They find a baby bottle and Nik promises to find Ben and deal with her parents. Then a security sees them and points a gun at them. Nik scolds the guard and once he realizes who Nikolas is he apologizes. The guard explains that Dr. Obrecht has been there, but lead them to believe they were Nik's guests. The guard also mentions Jerry Jax being there and claims they are taking orders from Jerry. He tells Nikolas that Jerry is on the island at the lab right now. Nikolas orders the guard to round up all these people and protect the baby at all costs. Then he tells Britt to stay put, while he goes to get a gun. Nikolas takes off and Britt runs into Dr. Obrecht. Britt knocks her out and runs to get her baby from Faison. Back at the lab, Nikolas opens the door and finds Robin! End of show!

Enjoy the last few minutes of Friday's GH, plus the preview for Monday's show!

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Such Insolence

Quick Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht cruelly taunts Robin with her "Anna" mask, which briefly makes Robin think it's her mother. Then Dr. Obrecht pulls the mask off and Faison walks in. Faison holds baby Ben and Dr. Obrecht explains to Robin that Faison is Brita's father. Then Faison and Dr. Obrecht tell Robin that Robert woke up and told Anna she is alive. Robin smirks at Anna's resolve so Dr. Obrecht scolds her by saying, "Such insolence!"

Shawn has Duke come to Sonny's office to discuss Julian Jerome. Duke gives Sonny some background on Julian's supposed death and mentions that Robert found the dead body. Sonny tells Duke about the recent mentions of Julian Jerome, but Duke doesn't think it could be true. Duke tells Sonny about Lucas being Julian's son. Then Sonny mentions Derek Wells and asks what Duke knows about him. Despite what Duke tells him, Sonny still believes Derek Wells and Julian Jerome are one in the same.

Britt and Nikolas chat about Faison, the Cassadine's history and baby Ben on the plane ride to Athens. Nikolas is convinced that something is going on at the Cassadine compound.   Britt is determined to get her baby back. When they land Nikolas sees that he missed a call from Anna, so he calls her back.

Anna comes to talk with Mac and Robert at the clinic in Switzerland. Mac wants to know what's going on, but Anna explains she can't tell him. Once in private Anna tells Robert that Faison admitted that Robin is alive. Then Anna gets a call from Nikolas, who tells her about the video message from Dr. Obrecht and shares his suspicions regarding Cassadine Island. Anna tells Nik not to go to the island, but Nikolas politely tells her it's his island and he'll go if he wants to. 

Sabrina hears Patrick talking on the phone with Duke and wonders if he was going to tell Anna about the mysterious call from Robin. Sabrina doesn't think the call was for real, but Patrick isn't so sure. Sabrina suggests that someone might be trying to mess with Patrick's head. Patrick's asks who would do that. Sabrina gets a funny look on her face and quickly makes an excuse to leave.

At the end, Mac overhears Anna and Robert talking and asks what's going on. They tell him that Anna was just worried about Robert taking care of himself. Mac tells them he needs to get back to Port Charles to help Maxie. After, Robert tells Anna he is coming with her to get Robin. Faison and Dr. Obrecht go to take the baby away and a desperate Robin tells them her parents won't stop looking for her. End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow show!

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's Complicated

Doesn't Sam have big EYES?
In today's show Sam and Alexis agree to find her father once and for all, Franco drives Carly further away and Sonny makes the Derek/Julian connection!

Here's What Happened - 

Sam wants to know why Alexis said she had her consent for a test at the hospital. Alexis takes Sam aside and tells her that she is trying to confirm if Julian Jerome is her father. Alexis gives Sam some background on the Jerome family and tells her that Julian is dead. Sam gets a little disappointed and asks why Alexis decided to look into this. Alexis tells her she got curious and tells her about the research she did on Julian. Then Alexis explains the DNA test she wanted to run on Lucas. She explains that Lucas could be her half brother. Sam worries that this means she is related to Carly in some way, but Alexis assures her there is no relation. Sam is comfortable with Alexis's actions and asks what's next. Alexis says she wants closure and wonders if Sam does as well. Sam agrees they should investigate and get confirmation.

Morgan explains to Diane that he is married to Kiki and Kiki is Ava's daughter. Ava says, "It's complicated!" and Diane smirks. Then she gets back to pressuring Ava to get her silent partner to sign off on Franco's art collection deal, so Ava leaves to get that taken care of. After Morgan passionately reveals to Diane about his trouble with Sonny. Despite the bitter end between Sonny and Diane, she defends him to Morgan and suggests that he reconsider. Morgan stays stubborn and asks if she will represent him or not. Diane asks for some details, so Morgan gives her the full story. Diane tells Morgan he committed fraud by not telling Kiki the truth about not be related to Michael, but she agrees to take his case and tells him to write everything down. Before leaving, Diane strongly advises that Morgan reconcile with Michael and Sonny. At the end, Ava comes home. Morgan goes to take a pen from her purse and sees the art contracts with Derek Wells signature on it.

Carly runs to Franco's rescue after Derek/Julian knocks him out at the gym. Carly tells Mr. Wells to back off and asks why they were fighting. Carly is concerned about Franco's recent brain surgery and decides to take him back to his hotel room. After Ava shows up to chat with Julian about Franco's art collection. She wants him to sign the papers Diane drew up, but he thinks it's bad idea because it might link them. Ava assures him that he will remain a silent partner, so he signs. Then Julian mentions going out with Carly, which Ava isn't pleased to hear. He brings up her relationship with Morgan and they agree to trust each other.

Over at the Metro Court Carly and Franco discuss a potential relationship between them, while she ices his head. He tries to kiss her, but she pulls back. Carly asks about him kissing Diane, but he explains that he just wanted to make her jealous. Carly brings up the "groupie" she thought was in his room, but he tells her it's not what she thinks. Franco assures her that nothing is going on with Diane, but then Diane walks in and says, "Franco I need you now!" Carly gets all worked up and storms out. She heads back to the gym and asks Derek if it's too late for them to go to lunch.

Sonny is interested when Kiki says that her mother has a brother no one knew about at his office. Shawn and Michael are also intrigued. Kiki tells them about Silas mentioning it to her and that Silas said the unknown brother was rich with connections. Later, Kiki and Michael take off and Shawn and Sonny analyze the brother angle in private. Sonny is very suspicious that Julian Jerome might be Ava's brother and not dead afterall. Sonny connects Derek Wells and wonders if Derek is really Julian Jerome!

On the docks, Kiki and Michael discuss Ava's many lies. Michael tells her that Morgan and Ava are living together. Kiki is disgusted and wants to go get Morgan away from Ava immediately. Kiki feels guilty for hurting Morgan. Michael also feels bad for Morgan, but says he's not sorry they got together. Then Michael asks Kiki what she thinks Ava wants from Morgan. Kiki replies that she is certain her mother has an agenda. End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's GH!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Someone's Reached the Age of Consent

I'm Old Enough to Get Laid!
In this episode Kiki and Morgan ask their parents for jobs, Derek/Julian and Franco box and Alexis get some of Lucas's DNA.

Today's Show - 

Sonny asks Shawn to get more information on Ava at his office. Shawn tells him that he saw Derek Wells at the docks when their last shipment was blown up. Michael interrupts them to talk to Sonny. Shawn excuses himself so they can chat privately. Once alone, Sonny apologizes to Michael for not telling him about Kiki not being his cousin sooner. Michael accepts his apology and they hug. Michael tells Sonny that he and Kiki are together. Then they discuss Morgan's relationship with Ava. Sonny tells Michael that Morgan said he was done with him and he doesn't understand what Ava is up to. Sonny brings up the Julian Jerome link and tells Michael he thinks Ava is trying to stay close to their family. Later, Michael asks Sonny for a job at the coffee warehouse. Sonny says that he'll see what he can do.

Morgan and Ava make out at her apartment, while each fantasizes about other people. Morgan thinks of Kiki and Ava thinks of Silas. Diane knocks on the door and is surprised to see Morgan there. She makes a joke that, "Someone's reached the age of consent!" Diane says she wants to talk to Ava about Franco's art, because Ava is opening a new gallery in Port Charles. Diane wants Ava to debut Franco's new collection. At first Ava says no, but Diane is ready to close the deal and has paperwork for Ava to sign. Diane mentions Ava needing her partner to sign off. Morgan asks who Ava's partner is. Ava says it's a silent partner, but says she'll have he or she sign. At the end, Morgan asks Diane to help him get divorced.

Kiki and Michael wake up discussing how great their love making is. Kiki realizes that she needs money, decides to get dressed and says she is going to the hospital to ask Silas for a job. Over at the hospital, a busty looking Sam dressed in all black brings Silas a clean shirt. They have a flirty chat and Silas suggests they go on another date. Then Kiki interrupts them. Kiki tells them about the debacle with Morgan and how she is now living with Michael. Silas is shocked that Ava slept with Morgan. Kiki asks Silas how he and Ava got together. Silas gives her some background and mentions Ava having a brother. Kiki is shocked, because she never knew her mother had a brother. Sam says she could help find him if they want. Later, Kiki asks if Silas can help her get a job at the hospital and he agrees. At the end, Silas leaves Sam hanging when she asks about their next date.

Alexis talks to Carly again at the Metro Court about Lucas. Carly thinks Alexis wants to know about her date with Derek Wells. Alexis denies it and says there is nothing going on between her and Derek Wells. Carly says Derek is hot and asks if Alexis has seen him without his shirt on. Alexis answers yes and says, "Derek is very fit!" Then they get to talking about Morgan having sex with Ava and Carly explains that she wanted Derek to help her find Ava. Then a delivery arrives for Carly and she gives it to Alexis. She says its Lucas's DNA sample. Alexis thanks Carly and leaves. Later, Alexis goes to the hospital and Sam overhears her trying to get the DNA tested.

Derek/Julian boxes at the gym shirtless, when Franco walks up to him. Franco wants to discuss Carly and warns him not to see her again. Derek/Julian taunts him and asks if Franco will kill him if he does go out with Carly again. Franco says not if he stays away from Carly. Then they have some witty banter about their mutual make out sessions at the Metro Court the night before with Diane and Carly. Franco asks if kissing Diane made Carly jealous. Derek/Julian answers no, because Carly was to busy kissing him. He tells Franco that Carly is super attractive and he plans to see her again. Franco asks what it will take to get him to give up. Derek/Julian suggests that they fight and Franco reluctantly agrees. Shawn creeps up and watches them from a distance. Later, they get in the boxing ring and do more talking then boxing. Franco takes a couple cheat shots, Shawn runs to tell Sonny about them boxing and Carly arrives at the gym in time to see Derek knock Franco out. At the end, Kiki goes to Sonny's office and spills the beans to Sonny and Michael that Ava has a mysterious brother. End of show!

Where the hell are AJ & Liz? That story was dropped like a hot potato!

Enjoy Sam's scenes below!

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day Break

Are you there Patrick?

Taking the day off and will watch GH tomorrow!

Update 10/15/13: Fabulous episode! 

 - Tracy gives Luke the "supposed" cure for his poisoning

 - Robin gets a calls through to Patrick

 - Britt & Nikolas grow closer

 - Anna gets the truth out of Faison & kicks Dr. Obrecht's butt!

 - At the end Dr. Obrecht knocks Anna out & escapes with Faison. Nik figures out that Dr. Obrecht is on Cassadine Island. Sabrina convinces Patrick that he probably misunderstood the call he received and Jerry tells Robin she's not leaving yet!

Enjoy today's GH below!

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Friday's Show: You're a Force of Nature!

Just taking a page from your book!
In Friday's show Dr. Obrecht intrigues Faison with baby Ben, Robin believes she can cure Jerry and Patrick gets a mysterious phone call!

Friday's Recap:

Olivia tells Duke about her vision of Faison kissing Anna at the Metro Court. It concerns Duke, so he calls Anna on her cell phone. He shares Olivia's vision with Anna. Anna tells him that she had to go visit Faison, but definitely won't be kissing him. Later, Duke tells Olivia that Anna is at the prison with Faison afterall.

"Anna" reveals herself to be Dr. Obrecht to Faison in prison. He is disgusted and scolds her for tricking him. Dr. Obrecht tells him she just took a page from his book. Faison screams at her to get out, but then Dr. Obrecht tells him about his grandchild. Faison is interested and wants to see the child. They discuss her plans to bring the baby to him. Later, Dr. Obrecht puts the Anna mask back on and walks out to put her plan into action.

Britt thinks about her missing baby at Windermere. Nikolas walks in and tells her that Anna is out of the country. Britt assumes this means that nobody is looking for Ben, but Nikolas tries to assure her that the best people are on it. Britt rants about her mother's awfulness, then gets an email from Dr. Obrecht. The email contains a video of Dr. Obrecht and Ben together. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt not to worry, because the baby will have a great future. Britt realizes that her mother probably took the baby to see Faison. Nik doesn't understand why she thinks that, so Britt admits that Faison is her father.

The real Anna wants to see Faison, but the prison guard tells her she's already visiting him. Anna says that's impossible and tries to go see who Faison is really with. The guard stops her and says he will go check instead. When the guard returns he tells Anna that the other guard escorted her personally to see Faison. Anna replies, "There is only one Anna Devane!" Then Dr. Obrecht walks with her Anna mask on and they come face to face.
Robin tells Jerry she's found a cure at the lab on Cassadine Island. Robin hands him a vile of yellow liquid and says she wants to go home. Jerry says he is going to test it on someone else first. Robin offers to take it, but Jerry tells her about his test patient. Robin takes blood from Jerry and gives him the cure to go test on his X patient. Jerry leaves and after Robin holds little Ben and wonders if Jerry will really let her go home. Then she finds a cell phone in baby Ben's diaper bag. Robin desperately searches for a cell bar and at the end is finally able to place a call.

Luke struggles with his illness in bed at the Cassadine compound. Tracy sits next to him and tries to comfort him. He is convinced that he is about to die, but Tracy doesn't want to hear it. Luke tells Tracy she is a force of nature and he loves her. He tells her that if he lives, he wants to be her soul mate and give her all she wants. At the end, Jerry arrives and tries to inject Luke, but Tracy puts a gun to Jerry's head before he can.

Patrick sits in his office at GH and thinks of Robin. He looks at the plane tickets he bought for Robin, but then Sabrina walks in. He drops the tickets, she goes to help pick them up and gets the impression that the tickets are for her. Patrick breaks it to her that the tickets were for he and Robin. Sabrina feels embarrassed, but is gracious and understanding as usual. Patrick rips up the tickets up and tells Sabrina he wants to travel with her instead. Sabrina is flattered and then leaves to get back to work. At the end, Patrick's cell phone rings and it's Robin! End of show!


Enjoy Friday's GH below!

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