Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wet My Beak!

In today's show Ava moves around town cryptically while taunting everyone she encounters. Plus, Sonny almost bails on Connie's funeral.

Here's What Happened - 

Michael waits for Sonny at his house. Sonny comes down the steps in his sweats and Michael asks why he's not dressed for the funeral. Sonny shouts, "I'm not going to any damn funeral!" Michael can tell that something is off and asks if Sonny is taking his medication. Sonny freaks and tells him he doesn't want to talk about his medication. Michael tell him that AJ is backing off and he just wants to concentrate on Sonny's loss. Sonny brings up Michael loosing Kiki to Morgan. Michael says that he has decided to keep his distance from Kiki. He also mentions that he assumed Morgan knew Kiki wasn't a Q when he married her, but it turned out that was wrong. Sonny flashes to his conversation with Morgan about knowing the truth.

Morgan wakes Kiki up with kisses and wants a little morning lovin' before the funeral. He promises her that he will be quick. Dear lord! Shortly after, they talk about where they will live. Morgan thinks Alice can help. Then Alice knocks on the door and tells them that she couldn't convince Monica and Tracy to let them stay. Alice tries to assure Morgan that he'll find a great place to live and offers to arm wrestle him for old times sake. Morgan agrees and wins! Later, at Sonny's house Morgan and Kiki arrive just as Sonny is about to tell Michael about Morgan knowing Kiki wasn't a Q all along. Morgan sees that Sonny looks bad, so Michael says he'll say with Sonny and asks them to tell Olivia why he and Sonny aren't there. Once alone again, Michael advises Sonny that he will probably regret not going to Connie's funeral and asks if Sonny can live with that.

Derek/Julian and Ava meet on the elevator at the Metro Court and discuss their mutual reasons for going to Connie's funeral. He is going as her boss and Ava is as a quasi-relative. She jokes about Sonny not taking his lithium. When they get off the elevator they see Carly so they decide to go their separate ways. Before doing so Derek/Julian mentions that he's going to interview Duke. Ava suggests that he wants to torment Duke since he used to be his boss back in the old days. Then Duke shows up. Ava quickly excuses herself. After, Derek takes Duke aside to start his interview. He asks probing questions about Duke's past working for Julian Jerome. Duke describes Julian as a "dangerous fool" and says the world is better off without the Jerome's. Derek smiles and then offers Duke the job.

Olivia cries at the church before Connie's funeral. Dante joins her and he asks about Sonny's condition. Olivia fills him in on Sonny's plans to throw a party with Ava. Olivia says she doesn't like Ava and mentions that Shawn spoke with a guy who was getting his "beak wet" and said that Julian Jerome was his boss. Later, Olivia is alone in the church again and starts talking out loud to Connie about Ava. She asks Connie to give her a sign of what to do. Then Ava walks in. She starts to talk to Olivia about Connie and how she met her once. Ava claims that Connie made a big impression on her. Olivia isn't buying the act, but stays cordial. Ava says that Connie's death is a tragedy and wouldn't it be great if the police could find Olivia's shooter too. Olivia thinks it's only a matter of time, but Ava claims it gets harder to solve when a case gets cold.

Anna visits with baby Connie at Lulu's. She is babysitting so Lulu can go to the funeral. Anna brings up Maxie and pleads her case to Lulu. Anna asks that Lulu not shut Maxie out. Lulu is hesitate so Anna mentions having to leave Robin when she was a baby. She tells Lulu to give Maxie a chance. Then Dante comes home and holds the baby while Lulu gets ready. He fills Anna in on the information Olivia gave him about Julian Jerome. Anna doesn't know what to think. Later, Lulu makes a fuss about the baby before they leave for the funeral. Anna assures her that she can handle it. Once alone, Duke comes by and tells Anna about his new job. He think it's right up his alley, but Anna has doubts.

Spinelli brings Carly some information about Ava at the Metro Court, Carly tells him she needs info on Derek Well to. Ava sneaks up on them and asks Carly if she wants to help plan the party for Morgan and Kiki. Carly says it's an awful idea and Sonny will hate it. Ava is happy to tell her that Sonny is helping her plan the party and tells Carly she is welcome to bring a +1. Then Ava walks out. Carly digs her heels in and insists that they have to find out what Ava's agenda is. Spinelli gets distracted looking at a baby nearby. Carly asks if he's okay and Spinelli says it's because of Connie's funeral that he's not thinking clearly. Later, Carly is alone at the front desk and Derek approaches her. They make light chat, but ask questions about one another. Derek wonders where her boyfriend Felix is. Carly says he's not her boyfriend anymore. Carly asks if Ava is his girlfriend. Derek responds that she is just his art dealer.

Maxie and Ellie talk at their apartment, while Maxie gets ready for the funeral. Maxie is terse with Ellie, so Ellie brings up her telling Spinelli the truth about the baby. Maxie tells Ellie that Spinelli and her decided to let the baby go. Ellie thinks it's a bad idea and says it will be impossible to live in the same town with her daughter. Maxie says she has to stay away and isn't going to change her mind. Later, Ellie is alone and Spinelli stops by to get his suit for Connie's funeral. Ellie tells him about her talk with Maxie and says that Maxie is having a difficult time. Spinelli doesn't want to hear about Maxie. Later at the church, Dante and Lulu run into Maxie. Spinelli shows up right after and they tell them that they named the baby Connie.

At the end Carly looks through the information that Spinelli gave her on Ava and is more determined then ever to find out what Ava's up to. Over at the church, Sonny, Michael and even Derek/Julian all make it in time for Connie's funeral. Sonny sits next to Olivia, while Ava watches him. End of show!

Although Mr. Wells is growing on me shouldn't he be older? He was supposedly around in the 80's with Duke.

Enjoy Julian's scenes from today's show below!

Have a great night!

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