Monday, September 9, 2013

We're Baking a Cake

Baby Cake!
In this episode Britt's baby arrives dramatically, Maxie and Spinelli pretend they can stay away from their child and Sonny's family pleads with him to stick things out!

Today's Show - 

The court bailiff returns Franco's tumor to the hospital lab. Ellie suspects that Brad is behind it being missing in the first place. Shortly after, Spinelli comes to talk to Ellie about the baby situation. He tells her that he and Maxie are in agreement that Dante and Lulu will be good parents. He tells Ellie that they've decided to leave things as they are. Ellie advises him not to do this, but Spinelli insists that she and Maxie left him no choice. Then Ellie asks if their relationship is truly over. They agree that they still love each other, but Spinelli tells Ellie that he is still to angry to make any decisions. He asks Ellie to give him time to think and suggests a break instead. Spinelli tells her he will see her around and leaves.

Morgan, Kiki and Michael talk about Olivia's visions at Sonny's house. Kiki tells them about Olivia seeing her in Connie's wedding dress. Michael thinks he knows where Sonny is and he and Morgan agree to go find Sonny together. Meanwhile at the hospital, Brad spots Dante and asks to talk to him. Dante is in a hurry to see Lulu and the baby, but Brad says it's important. Brad tell him that he wants to press charges against Patrick for assaulting him when he found out that he wasn't the father of Britt's baby. Dante gets a call from Michael and tells Brad to file a report at the police station. Michael asks Dante to meet him at the Haunted Star to help Sonny and Dante takes off.

Nikolas returns to Windermere to find Britt in labor with Sabrina at her side. He asks what's happening and Sabrina snaps, "We're baking a cake!" Nikolas panics and says they need to get Britt to the hospital asap. However, the launch won't be ready for an hour. Sabrina says the baby won't wait that long and informs Nik and Britt that they will have to deliver at Windermere. Britt tries to get up and make it to the hospital. Sabrina and her start to argue and finally Nikolas interjects and tells Britt he will get her through this. Sabrina collects supplies to prepare for the birth, while Nikolas gives Britt more pep talking. At the end, Nikolas puts on Britt's favorite song while Sabrina helps her deliver. At the end, the baby arrives and Britt thanks Sabrina for her help. Britt also thanks Nikolas for his help and tells him she couldn't do it with him. Then Britt looks the baby over and blurts out, "Something is wrong with him!"

Spinelli finds Maxie outside of the nursery. They have a brief terse chat about whether or not to talk to Lulu. Inside, Lulu talks to "her" baby about how wonderful everything will be when they get her home. Maxie enters and Lulu tells her not to come any closer. Maxie asks Lulu to come outside instead to talk. Once in the hallway, Maxie tries to assure Lulu that she can stay away from the baby. Lulu doesn't believe Maxie can keep her distance, so Maxie explains that she wasn't herself after the baby was born. Maxie tells Lulu that she is going to see Kevin Collins about her issues at Mac's behest. Lulu softens and they both agree they don't want this to ruin their friendship. At the end, Lulu gives Maxie a thank you gift. The baby starts crying, so Maxie tells Lulu to go and she'll open the gift later. Then Spinelli returns to talk to Maxie. She tells him that she promised Lulu she will stay away. They agree to keep the secret of their parenthood and discuss the details out loud. Meanwhile, Brad overhears their conversation nearby.

At The Haunted Star, Olivia finds Sonny with a gun pointed at his chest. He tells her to go, but she says he will have to shoot her to get her to leave. Olivia insists that Sonny put the gun down and that he give her a good reason for him to end his life. Sonny rants about how Michael talked him out of killing AJ, so he needs to end his own life. Then he goes on to say he's tired and can't say goodbye to Connie. Olivia tells him it's the most selfish thing she's ever heard. Then she reminds him of all the people that depend on him. Sonny thinks his absence might be the best thing for his family, because of how dangerous his business is. Olivia tells him that she needs him and Connie wouldn't want this.

Sonny won't listen, but then Michael, Dante and Morgan arrive. Sonny tells them to get out, but they refuse to leave. Michael tries to straighten the place up, but Sonny screams at Michael to not clean up after him. Michael tells Sonny that he is the center of their family. Dante asks Sonny not to leave for his granddaughter. Morgan pleads with Sonny to put the gun down. Dante calls Sonny Dad and asks him to trust his sons and let them help him. Sonny finally decides to listen and puts the gun down. At the end, all of them take Sonny home and promise him things will get better.

Maurice was fabulous today!

Enjoy Britt's scenes from today's show!

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  1. So glad Nikolas is finally getting some quality air time. Fans just hope that Britt changes her evil ways and comes clean to Nik and he is able to help her and all is forgiven by everyone when they realize who and what her rotten parents have done to her. The Prince's fans want him happy, with a good storyline, and on screen. Not too much to ask for?????


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