Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Tumor Made Me Do It

Pepi Sonuga - Read  here - Taylor Recast! 
In today's show a recast pops up for a character no one cares about, Rafe makes his monthly appearance, plus Silas saves the day!

Here's What Happened - 

A NuTaylor arrives at Kelly's to talk to TJ. (That's Felix's sister, in case you forgot) She tells him she has been kept busy all summer with her nosy parents. Then she asks TJ about Molly. TJ tells Taylor that he and Molly are on a break. She asks for glass of water and TJ accidentally spills it on her shirt. He tries to wipe it off just as Molly and Rafe enter. Taylor tells Molly that TJ spilled the drink on her and TJ takes Molly outside to talk privately. He asks her if she wants to get back together and Molly says yes. Taylor and Rafe watch them hug from inside Kelly's. Taylor remarks to Rafe that they have a mutual problem and asks what he wants to do about it.

Carly comes to Sonny's house and sees Kiki. Carly informs her that Franco's charges were dropped. Then Kiki tells Carly about Sonny's troubles. Carly worries about Sonny's mental state, but then he enters with Olivia, Morgan and Michael. Olivia takes Sonny to his room to rest, while Morgan and Michael fill Carly in on Sonny's behavior. Kiki wants to check on Franco, so Morgan asks Michael to drive her to the Q's. Upstairs, Olivia tries to get Sonny to take his medication. He snaps at her, but she tells him she doesn't care if he hates her. Sonny tells her where the pills are and apologizes. Olivia goes to leave and Morgan is at the door. She steps out and Morgan tells Sonny that he scared him. Morgan thinks that him pressuring Sonny to keep Kiki's secret led to Connie's murder. Morgan confides in Sonny that he thinks Kiki would leave him if she knew he knew Franco wasn't her father when he married her. They tell each other they love each other and Morgan implores Sonny not to try to hurt himself again.

Ava watches the news about Franco at the Q's with Tracy. In addition Ava goes to check her Twitter feed for more details. Right then Franco storms in and says, "#Francosafreeman!" Tracy can't believe any court would dismiss Franco for his various crimes. He replies, "The tumor made me do it!" Then they see the tumor on the news, while Franco pops champagne for he and Tracy. He tells Ava to pack her bags and get out. Ava lobbies for why she should stay, but Franco coldly dismisses her. He tells her that he never loved her and his heart belongs to someone else. 

Just then Carly enters and hears the whole thing. Tracy thinks Franco and Carly would make a great couple, but Carly insists there is no way that is going to happen. Franco and Carly step out to the foyer to talk in private, while Ava tries to convince Tracy to let her stay at the Q's. At the end, Franco admits to Carly that he cares about her and asks if Jason is the only reason she cares about him. Carly says that she saw all the hell he caused and she doesn't know what to believe. Franco tells her he will prove to her that he is a changed man. In the living room, Tracy tells Ava to get packing. Ava says she needs ELQ. Tracy responds that ELQ doesn't need her! Ava starts to come unglued so Tracy walks out calling her crazy.

At Windermere, Britt thinks the baby is having trouble breathing. She says there is fluid in his lungs and he needs to get to the hospital or he could die. Britt tries to get up, but Sabrina insists that she will take the baby for her. Britt reluctantly gives her the child while she weeps in fear. Britt is panicked that Sabrina won't make it on time. Nikolas tries to comfort her and asks Britt to explain what treatment she thinks should be done for her child. Later, Britt insists she needs to get to the hospital so Nikolas picks her up and carries her there. Meanwhile over at the hospital, Brad and Felix argue at the Nurse's station about Britt's baby. Felix says he's not a fan of the Britch, but he feels bad for her being alone. Brad blurts out that he has nothing to do with the baby. He goes onto explains he is simply a sperm donor. Right then Sabrina runs up to Felix asking for help with the baby.

Sam and Silas flirt at the Nurse's station, but Sam senses he is thinking about his daughter. Silas closes down a little about the subject, but Sam asks him if he wants a relationship with Kiki. He says if Kiki ever gets back to him, he'll let Sam know. Sam also wonders what Silas ever saw in Ava. Silas explains that he was a different person when he knew Ava. He claims he was a dangerous person back then. It peaks Sam's curiosity and she presses him about what made him dangerous. Silas asks her why she cares and Sam responds because they are friends. Later, Sabrina approaches Silas for help with Britt's baby. He takes the child for an immediate procedure, while Sam watches his skills from the window. At the end, Britt gets to the hospital right after Silas's procedure. He tells her that Sabrina got the baby to the hospital on time and he's fine. Outside, Felix notes the baby looks nothing like Brad.

Outside the Quartermaine's, Michael walks Kiki to the door. He tells her that she is family now since she is married to Morgan. He tells her to love Morgan as much as he lover her. Morgan arrives shortly after and thanks Michael for all his help. Morgan and Michael hug, while Kiki watches with guilt. Back at Sonny's house, Olivia returns to Sonny's room. She gives him his pills and tells him he'll feel better in the morning. Then she leaves again. After, Sonny crumbles up his pills and pouts, "I don't want to feel better!" End of show!

I thought today's show was a little odd. What did you think?

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow show!

Have a great night!

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