Monday, September 23, 2013

The Perfect Son

Say What?
In this episode Morgan's life implodes, Patrick gets jealous of Carlos and Ava tries to put a wrench is Sam and Silas's relationship.

Today's Show - 

Sabrina and Patrick enjoy some wine and discuss Carlos at Patrick's house. Patrick puts it together that Carlos is her ex-boyfriend. Sabrina tells Patrick that Carlos wants her back. She explains how Carlos showed up and kissed her. Patrick gets a little jealous and asks if he has to challenge this guy to a duel. Sabrina says there's no need; she told Carlos that she only loves him and Carlos has no chance.

Derek/Julian and Carlos pat themselves on the back for an explosion well done at the docks, but decide to head back to the office. Over at Crimson, Anna brings Duke dinner. They discuss "Derek Wells" and flirt with each other. Anna gets called away to the dock's explosion, just as Derek and Carlos arrive at Crimson. Later, Duke and Carlos chat about Anna. Carlos brings up Sabrina and the challenge of having relationships while working for Derek. At the end, Carlos and Derek/Julian talk alone again and Carlos's asks why he hired Duke. 

Silas chases Sam down in the Metro Court lobby. Sam is livid about seeing he and Ava kiss, but Silas tells her she misunderstood, Ava kissed him. Sam doesn't believe it, but Silas tells Sam she's the only woman he wants. Nearby, Ava eavesdrops on their conversation. Ava gets jealous and interrupts them. Ava warns Sam that Silas has dark secrets and he'll hurt her. Sam asks Ava why she wants Silas if that's true. Ava tells Sam she'll have to find out for herself and wishes her good luck. Sam and Silas decide to leave. After Ava cries alone.

Sonny confesses to knowing about Kiki being a Q before Morgan and Kiki got married. He outs Morgan in front of everyone at the party and Michael freaks out. Morgan begs Sonny to back him up, but Sonny refuses. Kiki asks Morgan to admit the truth and he finally does. Morgan feels betrayed and claims Carly and Sonny always put Michael first. Sonny says that's not true and it was a bad way for Morgan to start a marriage. Sonny cries about Connie and tries to hug Morgan, but Morgan pushes him away. Morgan calls Michael the "perfect son" and accuses Sonny of having a split personality like Connie. That makes Sonny freak and attack him. Michael, Olivia and Carly stop Sonny from hitting Morgan. Then Olivia and Carly take Sonny home. After, Michael and Morgan argue about Michael and Kiki's feelings for each other.

Anna arrives on the scene at the docks and her detectives tell her they found Shawn nearby. Anna questions Shawn, who says he was on "coffee" business when the explosion happened. Shawn tells her about the name Julian Jerome coming up. Anna wants to talk to Shawn's contact, Vince, but Shawn tells her that Vince hasn't been seen in awhile. Later, Duke finds Anna on the docks and she tells him about the explosion.

At the end, Carly tells Olivia to go home and let her handle Sonny at his house. Olivia agrees and walks out of the living room. On her way out Olivia intercepts Shawn in the foyer, who wants to discuss business with Sonny. Olivia tells him that Sonny's not up for anything and they leave together. After, Carly wants to talk to Sonny about what he did to Morgan. Back at the Metro Court, Kiki tells Morgan that he doesn't really love her, because he would have told her the truth if he did. Morgan asks Kiki not to end their marriage, but she tells him she has to. Morgan sarcastically wishes her and Michael well and takes off. Then Kiki and Michael look at each other in shock. End of show! 

Good show today! Have a great night!

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