Friday, September 13, 2013

The Dragon and the Phoenix

Meant to be!
In today's show Ava tries to play Sonny, Sam mentions McBain to Silas - how ironic, plus the mysterious watcher continues to stalk Port Charles!

Friday's Recap - 

Anna and Duke talk at the hospital about Dr. Obrecht. Anna says she honestly thought Ava was behind Duke being poisoned. Duke believes Ava is lying about her Jerome connections. Duke wants to look into Ava's contacts to see if anything turns up. Anna tells him to take care of himself first and suggests that he take it easy. Duke says it's worth looking into and can't sit still anymore. He explains to Anna that its personal for him and that Anna needs his help since her plate is full at the police station.

Sonny sees Ava in his living room and calls her Connie. When Sonny realizes it's not he demands to know who she is. Ava claims to be there to offer condolence's for Connie's death. She introduces herself as "family" since she is Morgan's mother in law. Sonny doesn't buy her act and alerts Ava that he has a file on her. He toys with her and says it's nothing personal, it's just something he does with everyone he works with. Ava asks if he was wondering about her being a member of the Jerome crime family. Sonny replies, "Are you?" Ava says that the name Jerome presses a lot of buttons and she knows it. She brings up Duke and his suspicions of her. Ava tells Sonny that she isn't related to the Jerome crime family, but says she does have Connie's blood on her hands. She tells Sonny that she saw AJ at The Floating Rib right before Connie was killed. Ava says that she should have tried to stop AJ, but didn't realize the gravity of the situation. Then she asks Sonny if he can forgive her. Sonny responds that he doesn't blame her for what AJ did. Ava plays with Sonny and says, "If I were you I'd want to put a bullet in AJ's head!" Sonny asks her to tell the police that she was with AJ that night. Ava says okay if Sonny does something for her in return.

Alexis explains to Derek/Julian that Jason was the love of Sam's life in front of Danny's hospital room. Alexis fills him in on Jason and Sam's history as well as Jason's connection to the mob. Alexis also says that Jason was basically a good person, who truly loved her daughter. Then Alexis shares that she is also a "mob lawyer" and mentions that Sonny is her client. She says that Sonny is Kristina's father. Derek/Julian is very intrigued. Alexis compares her one night stands, which resulted in both Sam and Kristina. Derek/Julian says he can relate to Sonny. Then he gets a calls stating that one of his guys was kidnapped. He excuses himself to talk in private and runs into Duke and Anna in the hallway.

Sam hears a noise on the docks and calls out for Jason. It turns out to be Silas. He apologizes for scaring her and she tells him about being there to think about Jason. Then we see that the mysterious watcher is lurking behind them and listening to their conversation. Sam asks about news on Danny's transplant, but Silas says they're still waiting for test results. Sam mentions that it's Jason's birthday. Silas brings up that the murder of Rafe's mother Allison happened where they are standing. Sam says the docks is also where Jason was shot. She tells Silas the story of Jason's murder and how she held onto hope that he was alive for a long time. She even mentioned how McBain helped her through all of it. Silas suggests that Sam should move on to get closure. She gets a little defensive and wonders if he is pushing her to move on because of his feelings for her. Silas takes offense and tells her that he would never do that. Sam feels bad and apologizes. Then Silas gets paged by the hospital about Danny's test results, so he and Sam leave for the hospital together. It appears the mysterious watcher follows them. At the end, Sam catches up with Alexis and they wait with Silas anxiously for news on Danny.

Shawn calls Max to come to Kelly's to talk about Sonny's condition. Max tells Shawn he left Sonny alone with Ava Jerome. Shawn thinks they need to keep an eye on Sonny and mentions that Sonny called him Jason. Shawn thinks Sonny really believed he was Jason, but Max isn't convinced. Shawn brings up the gambling ring and suggests that he and Max look into it, since Sonny isn't up to it right now. At the end, Shawn and Max bring "Vince" the main gambling guy back to Kelly's and tie him up in the kitchen. Shawn asks for the name of his boss or he'll get beaten.

Carly gets Franco a room at the Metro Court, despite his credit card being declined. They talk in his hotel room about his suspicions that someone is out to get him. He thinks Ava is messing with him. Franco talks about Ava's lying about Kiki and his suspicious that Ava put a hold on his credit card. Franco brings up seeing Ava with Derek/Julian in the lobby and that he heard them talking about not wanting anyone to know what they're up to. Carly says it confirms some of her initial feelings about Ava. Later, Franco asks Carly to stay with him and share some birthday cake. He says since it's also Jason's birthday he understands that Carly is probably thinking about him. Later, Carly holds a birthday cake with candles up for Franco to make a wish. He asks if Carly wants to know his wish, but she says then it won't come true. Then she wishes him happy birthday again and leaves. The mysterious watcher sees Carly leave Franco's room. After, someone knocks on Franco's door. He opens it and is shocked by what he sees. However we don't get to see who it is! End of show!

Sonny and Ava have some good chemistry! 

Enjoy a scene from today's show below. Ava - "I have blood on my hands!"

Have a great weekend!

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