Wednesday, September 25, 2013

She's a Predator

Rico Suave
I'm very tired today, so forgive me for not doing a full recap!

Quick Recap:

Franco/Todd learns his assets have been frozen from Diane. She suggests he get back to his art to make some money.

Derek/Julian and Alexis flirt at Kelly's over coffee and mobular newspaper headline's until Shawn sees them. Derek mentions the explosion to Shawn, which ticks Shawn off. Later, Shawn and Alexis talk privately. Shawn mentions the name Julian Jerome and Alexis seems to know who he is.

Olivia brings Dante and Lulu a christening dress for the baby and fills them in on Sonny's outburst at Morgan's reception. Then Dante and Lulu tell Olivia they haven't chosen god parents yet, which Olivia isn't happy to hear.

Carlos overhears Sabrina telling Patrick that she's over him at the hospital, so he pretends to need a nurse to get Sabrina to examine him. She tries to be the dutiful nurse, but can't because of his leering creepiness. Then Patrick walks in and sees them.

Michael and Kiki wake up at the Metro Court and realize they spent the night there talking. Michael asks if she wants to move in with him, but Kiki says it's not the right time. Kiki decides that she'll stay with Ava for the time being.

Carly bangs on Ava's hotel room door, demanding to talk to her. Morgan makes his presence known to Carly. The realization that Morgan and Ava had sex, makes Carly attack Ava and call her a predator. Later, Carly says she is kicking Ava out of her hotel and storms out. At the end, Morgan and Ava go at it again, but this time Kiki and Michael walk in and see them in action.

Did you notice Olivia's ombre hair extensions and Carly's ugly ruffle dress...bad fashion day! 

Have a great night!

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