Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reach Out & Say Hello

Better to feel nothing or everything?
In this episode Carly is hot on Derek's trail, Silas makes progress with Kiki and Sonny can't stop thinking about Ava.

Today's Show - 

Shawn tells Sonny that Julian Jerome is in charge of the PC gambling ring. Sonny says that's impossible, because Julian is dead. Sonny gets mad at Shawn for letting Vince go and yells at him. Olivia walks in and overhears. Shawn excuses himself and after Sonny fills Olivia in on Shawn's suspicions about the Jerome's. Olivia thinks that there could be something to it, but Sonny doesn't think Ava is connected. He mentions Ava's visit and Ava's idea to throw a party for Kiki and Morgan. Olivia thinks it's a horrible idea and tells Sonny to focus on his granddaughter. Sonny says that he and Ava have a lot in common and the party is a good idea. Olivia isn't happy, but tells him she'll support the party plan if thats what Sonny wants. Then she leaves to get some sleep, because Connie's funeral is in the morning. After Olivia leaves, Sonny flashes to his conversation with Ava about their mutual pain and he tosses his pills in the garbage.

Alexis inquires about Silas and Sam's plans to go out to dinner. Alexis is happy to hear it and Silas remarks that Sam has a great family. They talk about Rafe and then Kiki. The subject closes Silas down so he says he'll see Sam later. After Alexis and Sam talk about Silas's growing list of attributes, but Sam still isn't sure about her feelings. Alexis advises Sam to take a chance, even though she's not totally sold by Silas. Sam mentions Derek and suggests that Alexis give him a chance. Right then, Derek Wells walks in.

Morgan toils with an online gambling game at the boat house when Kiki walks in and tells him that Tracy and Monica are evicting them. He suggests that she ask Silas for help, but Kiki says that she doesn't want to be involved with Silas. She says that she was starting to care about Franco and can't switch gears with Silas. Ironically, Silas knocks on the door right then. He acknowledges how awkward the situation is and tells her that Danny will be okay. Silas tells Kiki that he just wanted to, "Reach out and say hello." Later, Ava shows up and Kiki asks what she is doing there. Ava brings up the party. At first Kiki isn't into it, but Morgan convinces her it's a good idea. Kiki says she'll go along with it, but only if she can invite Silas. Silas agrees to come.

Felix and Carly want to know who is in Franco's room at the Metro Court. Franco claims no one is inside, but we see Heather waiting with a knife. Carly decides to use her master key. Franco implores her not to open the door, because there is a woman in his room. Carly gets upset by the idea and tells him that she needs a credit card for him to stay at her hotel afterall. Then she and Felix walk off in a huff. After Franco enters his room and gives Heather her BLT, despite his having taken a bite out of it. He tells Heather to hurry up and get out, because she is ruining his life. Then he tells her that he cares about Carly and he was hoping she'd return his feelings. Franco says that Carly represented the idea of a "normal" life. At the end Heather finally leaves, but tells Franco he can do better then Carly.

Julian and Ava chat on the docks. Ava warns him that Vince gave him up to Shawn, but he tells her that Vince gave up Julian, not Derek. Ava mentions that she got Sonny to agree to plan a party with her, but he isn't pleased. He thinks her plan could make Sonny suspicious, but Ava tersely tells him that she has everything under control. Later, Carly and Felix walk to the docks together and stumble upon Ava and Derek/Julian. Carly tells Felix to shut up and they eavesdrop on them. Ava and Derek/Julian start talking about their plan to take down Sonny, his bipolar issues and Sonny being off his medication. Then Ava walks off saying she has a party to plan. After, Felix makes an unintentional noise and Derek/Julian asks, "Who's there?" Carly pretends that her and Felix are having a lover's spat, by slapping Felix. Derek introduces himself to her and he makes a mention of meeting his art dealer on the docks. They pretend to have not noticed so Derek/Julian leaves. After, Carly is determined to find out what their secret is. End of show!

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