Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let Go of My Guest!

I'll Break Your Hand!
In this episode of GH Sam hugs everyone, Brad makes an uncomfortable confession to Felix and Britt names her baby's real father!

Today's Show - 

Nikolas, Sam, Alexis & Derek/Julian impatiently wait for Silas to confirm Derek/Julian as a definite donor match for Danny at the hospital. Silas finally arrives and Nikolas gets snippy with him for making them wait so long. Then Silas tells them that "Mr. Wells" is cleared to be a donor. Sam hugs him in relief. Silas tells Derek/Julian that it's a simple procedure for the donor. Nik thanks him for donating and leaves to get back to Britt. Shortly after Alexis heads off to check on Molly and Silas leaves to perform more tests. Sam and Derek/Julian talk privately and Sam confides in him that she could never thank him enough. He responds that all she needs to do is let him be her and Danny's friend. Sam agrees and hugs him. Then Alexis returns and sees them hugging. Silas also returns and Derek leaves with Alexis. Out in the hallway, Alexis stares at him oddly and he asks her what's wrong. Back in Danny's room, Silas and Sam flirt while she thanks him and hugs him again. Silas is moved and they finally kiss!

In the interrogation room, Diane grills AJ for details on what he remembers. AJ is more concerned about what Michael will think of him. Diane tells AJ not to worry about Michael, because the police don't have a case without a murder weapon. Out in the station, Michael and Kiki chat briefly, before she leaves to get back to Morgan. Anna walks in and Michael tells her that he doesn't think AJ murdered Connie. Diane interrupts and tells Anna to release AJ, because they have no evidence. Michael excuses himself to go talk to AJ. Then Anna replies to Diane that she plans to keep AJ in lock up. Diane thinks the bloody "AJ" writing is circumstantial. Anna informs her that she has located a potential weapon and says that Morgan found it at the Q's.

Morgan finds the gun of interest on the ground behind the Quartermaine boathouse. Kiki arrives shortly after and they discuss what to do. Morgan calls the police, but Kiki reminds him that it will upset Michael if the gun implicates AJ. Morgan gets upset that she is worried about Michael again. Then Anna and one of her officer's interrupt them to collect the gun. Anna asks Kiki and Morgan to come to the police station to make statement. Anna remarks that she is sorry that she couldn't take Kiki's statement earlier at the station. Anna leaves and asks them to get there as soon as they can. Once alone again, Morgan asks Kiki why she was at the police station earlier. Kiki answers that she went there to see Michael. Morgan gets upset again, reminds her that she is his wife and tells her to start acting like it. Then he walks off in anger.

Back at the station, Michael, Diane and AJ talk about Morgan finding the gun.  Diane tries to assure Michael that she can handle it. Anna returns and informs all of them that she believes the gun is a match as the murder weapon. Diane lobbies for AJ's release, but then Anna gets confirmation that the fingerprints on the gun belong to AJ.

Britt tells Patrick the baby isn't his at Windermere. Patrick tells her to prove it and give him the name of the real father. Britt asks why it matters. Patrick insists that he deserves to know since she made him care about the child. So Britt blurts out that the father is Brad. Patrick questions the story, but Britt tells him that she gave Brad a promotion for his DNA. Patrick starts to yell at her and grabs Britt's arm. Nikolas walks in a tells Patrick if he doesn't let go he will break his hand, thus ruining his career as a surgeon. Patrick tells Nikolas that, "she's all yours," and leaves. Then Nikolas asks Britt what really happened. She responds that Patrick is upset, because she told him the truth.

Felix approaches Brad in the hospital hallway. He asks Brad again if he tampered with Britt's DNA test. Brad says all the bad doing was on the part of Dr. Obrecht. Then Brad tells Felix that he wants him to be his boyfriend and that he loves him. Felix doesn't know how to respond and reminds Brad about all the bad things he's said and done. Felix says he understands unrequited love, because he had a crush on Milo. Brad says it doesn't compare and lists all his attributes. Felix calls Brad a bully and Brad responds that he was a fat Chinese gay tap dancer as a child. He also reveals he got beat up for it and it might be why he's such a jerk. Felix softens toward him and Brad asks him on a date. Before, Felix can answer Patrick walks up and punches Brad.

Spinelli questions Maxie's decision about the baby secret in her hospital room, when Dante and Lulu walk in. Spinelli tells them they need to talk and Lulu and Dante agree. Lulu assumes they want to talk about Maxie trying to breast feed "their" baby. Maxie answers that there was a good reason for that. They tell Maxie that if she doesn't back off the baby they will cut her out of the child's life. Spinelli and Maxie struggle to tell them the truth. Then Lulu unintentionally guilt's them by revealing that Luke is sick. Spinelli wants to tell the truth, but ends of saying that he agrees that Maxie needs to back off. Maxie can't believe it, but Spinelli tells her he will support her in keeping her distance from the baby. He continues by saying, "Maxie this is how it has to be!" Lulu and Dante thank them and leave. After, Maxie asks Spinelli why he didn't tell them. Spinelli responds that he couldn't because it can't be their baby. Then he scolds Maxie for making this choice and tells her she will have to learn to live without their child. End of show!

I enjoyed today although I find Brad very creepy. Plus there is no way AJ is guilty now; it's all falling into place too easily! 

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show below!

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  1. Thought this was a great episode. Don't think AJ Quartermaine is the killer but maybe Ava is? Loved seeing Patrick and Nikolas.


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