Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Hitting the Sheets With Your Mom!

In today's show Kiki and Michael get a big shock, Maxie and Spinelli get a special request, plus Franco kisses Carly!

The Recap - 

Patrick walks in on Carlos with his shirt off and Sabrina examining him at the hospital. Sabrina introduces them and Patrick asks why his shirt is off. Carlos says he had a minor injury at work, so Patrick inquires what kind of work he does. Carlos replies that he does business with Derek Wells. Carlos asks Patrick if he needs stitches, but Patrick says he's a neurosurgeon. Carlos pretends to be impressed, which annoys Sabrina and Patrick. Patrick tells Carlos to knock it off, because he knows Carlos is in town to get Sabrina back. Carlos admits it and calls Patrick out for still wearing his wedding ring. He accuses Patrick of not being over Robin. Sabrina tells Carlos it's none of his business and not his place to judge their relationship. She yells at him to, "put his shirt on and get out!" Carlos agrees, but tells Sabrina that Patrick is living in the past and he wants a future with her. Then he walks out. After, Patrick tells Sabrina she means a lot to him and she agrees not to let Carlos get to them. However, she notices Patrick's ring when they hug and looks concerned.

Maxie goes to see Lulu at her place. She asks why Lulu asked her to come over, because she thought Lulu wanted her to stay away from the baby. Before Lulu can answer, Maxie notices the baby isn't there. She panics and asks where the she is. Lulu tells her that Dante took her for a walk. Maxie is nervous and rambles, but Lulu stays calm and fills Maxie in on some baby stuff. Then she tells Maxie that they are having the baby christened. Lulu invites Maxie to come and asks her to be the godmother. Maxie can't believe it and wonders why. Lulu tells her they couldn't imagine anyone else. Maxie is happy to accept and they hug.

Dante runs into Spinelli with the baby at Kelly's. Spinelli tries to avoid him, but Dante calls him out for it. They make small talk and Dante mentions the baby might be colic. Spinelli gets worried and suggests that he take the baby to the doctor. Dante says he did and she'll be okay. They sit down and chat a little about the joy of parenting. Then Dante asks Spinelli to be the baby's godfather. He tells Spinelli that Lulu loves and trusts him and that he sees Spinelli's value as well. At first Spinelli is very hesitate, but at the end he happily agrees.

Michael and Kiki find Ava and Morgan in bed together in Ava's hotel room. Kiki freaks and asks Morgan what he's doing. Morgan responds, "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm hitting the sheets with your mom!" With that, Michael rolls his eyes and shuts the door. Kiki scolds Morgan and pleads with him to stop this, but Morgan gloats about his sex with Ava. He and Michael start to argue and Morgan tries to punch Michael, but Michael ducks and blocks him. Ava interjects casually and suggests everyone handle this like adults. That enrages Kiki and she slaps her mother across the face. Kiki tells Ava she's the worst mother on the planet. Kiki rants about she used to think Ava was the coolest mother, but now her eyes are open. Ava pretends she wants to explain, but comes off detached. Kiki continues to rip into Ava for her various offenses, but Morgan defends Ava. He says Kiki asked for it when she chose Michael over him. Michael chimes in and tries to make Morgan understand that he rushed into the marriage and it was a mistake. Morgan is very defensive and not interested in hearing anything Michael has to say. Morgan says Ava is the only one who hasn't betrayed him. Michael and Kiki realize it's worthless. Kiki tells Ava and Morgan she is writing them off. Ava asks her not to, but Kiki says, "You did this!" and walks out.

Carly runs into Franco in the hallway of the Metro Court. He can tell she's upset and asks what's wrong. Carly tells him about Ava sleeping with Morgan. Carly fills him in on the debacle at the wedding reception. Carly is enraged by Ava and rants to him. Carly says she wants to kill Ava, but he talks her down by telling Carly that he cares about her. Franco suggests that Carly put her anger into some art. They go into his room. Franco sets up a canvas for her, while Carly continues to spew rage toward Ava. At first Carly says no way to artistic release, but he talks her into it. Carly takes red paint, acts like she is going to try, but decides to throw it all on Franco instead. He's shocked she did that, but Carly says he deserves it. She blames him for bringing Ava to town. Then he takes his shirt off, which puts Carly off. Carly tells Franco she's angry at him, because she started to trust him then he decided sleep with a groupie. He tells her that woman meant nothing to him. Then he kisses her impulsively. Carly pulls away in tears and says she can't make this mistake with him. Franco responds the mistake would be to leave, but Carly decides to walk out anyway. End of show!

Another good episode today! Are you enjoying GH this week?

Funny Clip - Carly Throws Paint on Franco! 

Have a great night!

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