Friday, September 27, 2013

I Need Spanx

The Red Devil!
In today's show Dr. Obrecht surprises Britt, baby Connie gets christened and Brad wants to prove to Felix that he's a good guy!

Here's What Happened - 

A shirtless Nikolas holds Britt's baby at Windermere. Britt sees him and smiles at Nik's kindness. She enters the room and thanks him. Nikolas gives her the baby and says he's got to get ready for baby Connie's christening. Britt mentions that it's sad for Maxie. Nikolas asks Britt what she means. She answers that Maxie was her patient and she cares about her. Then Nik inquires about Brad's lack of interest in his son, but Britt tries to explain that she and Brad had an arrangement and it's fine. Later, Britt talks to baby Ben about her lies regarding Maxie's baby. She remarks that she wishes she didn't have to lie to Nikolas. He hears her and asks what she's talking about. Britt quickly lies and says that she failed to mention that her mother called to check on the baby. Nikolas is okay with it and tells her they are still friends. Britt impulsively hugs him in appreciation. Nik smiles and then takes off for the christening. At the end, Britt comes to check on the baby and finds Dr. Obrecht holding the child. Dr. Obrecht calls the baby her "little stuffed cabbage" and smiles from ear to ear.

Dante thanks Spinelli again outside of Kelly's for agreeing to be Connie's godfather. Spinelli still feels insecure and asks Dante if he's sure they made the right choice. Dante assures him that he's the person they want to look out for their child. Ellie overhears and walks up to them. She notes how cute the baby is and Dante takes off to get ready for the christening. Once in private, Ellie asks Spinelli about being the godfather. He tells her that he accepted the offer for partly selfish reasons, but Ellie doesn't think it's a good idea. Spinelli hears her, but walks off to get ready.

Brad tries to talk to Felix at the hospital. He brings chocolates for Felix, but Felix assumes that Brad has an ulterior motive. Brad reminds Felix about the connection they started to feel. Felix replies that they had a moment, but that Brad is a selfish person. Brad says he's not that bad, so Felix asks him to name one good thing he's done. Brad can't so Felix starts to walk away. Brad stops him and asks, "What if I did something good?" Felix says it doesn't matter and walks away. Then Ellie comes over to Brad and says she was late, because she ran into Dante and Lulu's baby. She mentions the baby's christening and Brad asks where it is. Ellie tells him where it is and Brad takes off saying he's going to do the right thing. Later, Felix walks up Ellie and she mentions that Brad took off to do something good.

Tracy stops by Lulu's apartment with a gift for the baby. Lulu tells Tracy that Dante is out with the baby looking for Spinelli. Then they get to discussing Luke. Lulu tells Tracy that she knows Luke is dying. Lulu says she wants Luke to be around for the baby, so Tracy tries to assure her that she will be there in his place like always. Then Dante comes home with the baby. Tracy notes that she doesn't see Luke in the baby, then makes her exit so they can get ready. Later, Dante and Lulu talk before leaving for the church about Maxie and Spinelli as the godparents. They agree their the right choice as godparents and head off to the church.

Maxie goes to the church to "talk" to god. She asks for help in letting her child go. Olivia walks in and hears some of her conversation. Maxie sees Olivia and asks how much she heard. Olivia says it's okay, but Maxie tries to assure her that she is dealing with her attachment issues anyway. Olivia tells Maxie about her vision of Maxie stabbing Lulu in the back. Then she talks about her visions of Maxie having a dog. Olivia tries to figure out what kind of dog it was and starts rattling off different breeds. Then Tracy walks in and Maxie says that Tracy can help her figure it out. Maxie quickly exits to get some air. Outside she bumps into Spinelli. She tells him that she agreed to be the baby's godmother to be close to her child. They agree that its good to be in this situation together. Then Sonny, Dante, Lulu and the baby come into the church foyer and they all chat in anticipation for the ceremony.

Over on Cassadine Island, Luke punches out a security guard and receives a call from Holly. Holly is with Robert and Luke tells her to stay where she is, while he coughs his lungs out and searches for a cure and/or Jerry Jax. Luke tries to use the unconscious guard's fingerprint to open up Helena's lab door. Once inside, he has a minor shoot out with another guard. Luke ducts for cover and starts calling out for Jerry Jax. Then Helena walks out in a red dress. Luke can't believe it, but Helena tells she is indeed dead. She asks him if he can see her, what does that mean for him. Luke says he not dead yet. Helena tells him, "Maybe not yet, but you will be soon enough!" Then Helena offers him the option of dying now or later. Luke wonders what kind of deal that is. She answers that if he doesn't take her offer, he'll be her slave. He refuses, so Helena toys with him, kisses him and promises that she'll see him again. Helena fades away and later Luke lays coughing on the floor. Then an unseen person arrives. Luke looks up and sneers, "You!"

Back in the church, Olivia has a vision of Luke dead in a coffin. Tracy gets freaked out and asks what she sees. Olivia says it's Luke. Tracy asks her if Luke is really dead. Olivia walks up to her vision of Luke and says that he's awake and trying to talk. Olivia listens to what he is trying to say. Tracy asks what she heard and Olivia responds that he said, "I need Spanx!" Tracy realizes that means her and assumes Luke needs her.

Later, Tracy tells Lulu she has to take off right after the ceremony on important business. Nikolas arrives just in time and Olivia sits with a somber Sonny. Maxie holds the baby with Spinelli by her side. Lulu and Dante watch with joy as the minister baptizes the baby. Then Brad runs in and sees everyone standing with the baby. He waits in the back until it's over. At the end, Tracy takes off. Sonny tells Dante that he needs to leave as well. Spinelli sees Brad and asks what he's doing there. Brad answers that he needs to speak with Dante and Lulu, because there is something they need to know. End of show!

Does Luke see Jerry Jax?

Enjoy the preview for Monday's show below!

Have a great weekend!

Don't forget to watch the Breaking Bad finale on AMC Sunday at 9 pm! Probably the best show on TV and I am going to miss it!

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