Monday, September 30, 2013

He's Alive!

I'm Back!
Today Jerry Jax returns, Brad drops a baby bomb and Dr. Obrecht causes trouble for Britt!

Quick Recap - 

Jerry discusses a cure and Dr. Obrecht with Luke on Cassadine Island.

Dr. Obrecht pops in at Windermere to see baby Ben and gets disappointing news from Britt.

Sabrina worries about Felix's feelings for Brad at the hospital and he gives her advice on Patrick.

Brad goes to the christening and reveals that Maxie is baby Connie's bio mom, but no one believes him.

Patrick and Anna talk about Fiason, Sabrina, Carlos and Robin at Kelly's.

At the End - 

Patrick reveals to Anna that he still can't imagine a life without Robin.

Lulu and Dante realize Brad was telling the truth.

Brad shares his "good deed" with Felix.

Nikolas returns to Windermere to find Britt passed out and baby Ben missing.

Jerry's doctor is revealed to be Robin!

Have a great night!


  1. His name is Jerry Jacks. 'Jax' is Jasper Jack's nickname. Huge pet peeve.


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