Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Friends Now?
In this episode Liz and Sam have a moment, a mysterious person watches half the town and everyone remembers Jason on his birthday! P.S. It's Franco's birthday too!

Today's Show - 

Franco's wishes Jason's picture a Happy Birthday at the Q's, while an unknown someone watches him from the window. Monica walks in and takes the picture from Franco's hand. She calls him a murderer so Franco taunts her about AJ's crimes. Monica slaps him and tells him to get out of her house. Then Monica tells Franco to move out or she'll stick Alice on him. Franco agrees to leave and Monica says, "Goodbye and Good Riddance!" Shortly after, Tracy walks in and tells Monica that she is pleased to see Franco leave. Tracy starts to make jokes about AJ and Monica bursts into tears. Tracy tries to make Monica feel better by saying that AJ will probably get out of jail time. Monica then tells her about it being Jason's birthday and getting fired. Tracy is appalled about Monica being fired. To Monica's surprise, Tracy goes to her defense and makes some calls to get her job back.

Sam watches Danny from the window of his isolation room at the hospital and promises him that she'll take him home soon. Nearby, Alexis and Derek/Julian chat on the phone about Danny's progress. Derek's is at the Metro Court and nearly calls Danny his grandson. He asks Alexis if he can stop the hospital to see him. Alexis says yes and tells him that she is looking forward to it. They get off the phone and Alexis goes to see Sam. They talk about Derek coming by to check on Danny and Sam notices that Alexis seems interested in him. Sam asks Alexis what she has to lose, unless she is still hung up on Shawn. They're conversation is interrupted by Liz. Alexis excuses herself. Liz notices that Sam has her dragon and phoenix figurines in front of Danny's window and they have a nice conversation about Jason.

Sonny anguishes over whether or not to take his pills in his living room. Shawn comes in with condolence flowers for Sonny from Derek Wells. Sonny flashes to his conversation with Derek/Julian at the hospital before Connie's murder. Sonny remembers that Mr. Wells had claimed to be the one responsible for pushing the article about Kiki and told Sonny to hold onto Connie. The memory angers him. Shawn asks what's wrong. Sonny says they don't need flowers from Derek Wells, because he's indirectly responsible for what happened to Connie. Then Shawn tells Sonny that he's been keeping track of the gambling ring that Morgan was involved with. The information confuses Sonny and he calls Shawn, Jason by accident.

Over at the Metro Court, Ava walks up to Julian and accuses him to being distracted and not working on taking Sonny down. He coyly responds that he's already in the process of getting to Sonny. Ava doesn't think that sending flowers to Sonny was the right move. She lectures him on being distracted with his new family. Ava threatens to deal with Sonny herself if Julian doesn't pull it together. He gets annoyed and tells her that he's in charge and she's already been too high profile in town. Then he says that they don't want anyone to find out what they're up to. Right then Franco walks in and overhears. Derek introduces himself to Franco and then makes an excuse to leave. After, Franco wants to talk to Ava alone. She tells him that they have nothing to talk about, but she does remember it's his birthday. She remarks that it's another year that he is alone and walks out.

Liz and Carly run into each other on the docks. They are both there to remember Jason's birthday. They start to talk about how they both miss him and how unfair it is that he died. They both secretly wish that Jason somehow survived. They get to talking about Franco and Liz notices that Carly seems softer towards Franco. Liz asks Carly what's changed. Carly thinks it's possible that he changed for real, but Liz says it could just be more games on Franco's part. Carly gets defensive, so she calls Liz out for going to AJ's arraignment and says that Liz will soon jump back into Nikolas's arms. Liz gets annoyed and walks off. After, Sonny arrives and startles Carly. They talk about Jason as well. Sonny blames himself for Jason's death. Sonny reminisces about how Jason came to work for him. Carly advises him not to rewrite history and accept that Jason made his own choices. Carly also tells Sonny not to get swallowed up in depression. They leave together and it appears they are being watched by someone.

Happy Birthday!
At the end, Derek/Julian makes it to the hospital. Alexis runs into him and mentions that it's Sam's dead husband's birthday. They go find Sam and offer to watch Danny so she can get some things done. Sam says that she does have something she wants to do. Alexis and Derek/Julian walk her out and briefly leave Danny alone. Alexis explains the phoenix and the dragon to Mr. Wells. We see that the mysterious someone sneaks up to Danny's window. Over at the Q's, Tracy has a tirade on the phone to the hospital board. When she gets off, Monica gets choked up looking at Alan's picture. Tracy promises her they will fight for her job together. At the Metro Court, Franco's credit card gets declined when he tries to check into the hotel. Over at Sonny's house, Ava waits in his living room and at first Sonny thinks she's Connie. Sam goes to the docks to think of Jason and also gets watched by the mysterious person. She hears a noise and calls out, "Jason?!?" End of show!

Enjoy Liz's Scenes from today's show!

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