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Friday's Show + Scoops & Ratings Update!

Friday's Recap - 

Patrick leaves a message for Sabrina while he's at the hospital, asking if she connected with her friend yet. Nearby, Sam gets a call from Derek/Julian telling her that he is about to take his business in PC to the next level. After, Sam and Patrick run into each other and start chatting about Silas. Sam tells Patrick that Silas asked her to Kiki's party. They share a bag of Cheetos and Patrick asks why Sam said no to Silas. Sam says the closer she gets to someone new, the further it makes her feel from Jason. She admits that she used Danny as an excuse. They compare their situations and Patrick says Sabrina made it easier for him to move forward and he's glad he fell in love with her. Patrick tells Sam that Jason would want her to be happy.

Carlos surprises Sabrina with a kiss. She isn't pleased, reminds him that he is her ex-boyfriend and asks what he's doing there. Carlos tells her that he jumped at the opportunity to work in Port Charles so he could see her. Sabrina tells him she's not letting him in and asks how he found her. He answers Felix and mentions all of her attributes. Carlos says she is still the girl he fell in love with. He tells Sabrina that he wants to marry her and walks inside the room. Sabrina tells him that she's not interested and in love with Patrick. She thinks Carlos wants her barefoot and pregnant and says he never supported her nursing career. Carlos notices all the pictures of Patrick with Robin. Sabrina tells him that Patrick is a widower so Carlos says she is just consoling him. Sabrina tells him to leave and not to come back. Carlos replies that they're soul mates and he says he still loves her. He vows not to give up. Then he finally leaves. Later, Patrick comes home and asks if Sabrina ever connected with her friend.

Kiki wants to know what Morgan and Ava are talking about at the Metro Court. Ava lies to Kiki and claims Morgan is planning a surprise for her. Ava tells her that she'll to wait to find out what it is. Kiki buys it and then leaves to get ready for the party. After, Ava tells Morgan to use her credit card and plan something for Kiki. He takes off to do so and she calls Derek/Julian. Mr. Wells tells her that everything is ready and she need not worry. Then Ava notices that Silas walked in. Silas quickly gets on the elevator and Ava gets off the phone to follow him. Ava finds Silas in the Metro Court restaurant and they talk about Kiki. Ava tells him that she thought telling him about Kiki would have created problems years ago. Silas gets angry and tells her that the secret is out now and there's nothing she can do about it.

Michael and Carly talk outside of Sonny's house. He tells her that he's going to the party with Penny. Carly doesn't think it's a good idea, but wishes him well. Then Michael leaves and Carly goes to talk with Sonny. Inside, Sonny wants to dance with Olivia before the party starts at his house. Olivia is confused by his mood change, but Sonny says he just wants to focus on something good and celebrate life. He says Ava told him the same. Shawn and Max walk in and want to talk to Sonny. Olivia goes to the foyer to give them privacy and runs into Carly as she walks in. They talk about Sonny's happy mood and Ava's influence.

Back in the living room, Sonny pretends to be angry with Shawn and Max. He starts yelling at them for not doing their jobs right, then tells them he's just joking and pulling their leg. He walks out to the foyer and sees Carly. He tells her she looks like a million bucks and they all leave together. Later, they arrive at the party and Sonny wants to get everyone a drink. Sonny goes to the bar and Ava remarks to Carly and Olivia that Sonny seems better. Carly takes Olivia aside and asks if Sonny's taking his medicine.

Shortly after, Michael and Penny arrive. Then Ava introduces Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Corinthos. Morgan and Kiki come out for a dance. Michael looks on sadly and Kiki notices. Sonny walks up to Michael and says you're a good man and brother. Penny realizes that Kiki must be the girl that Michael is struggling to get over. Penny says she isn't interested in this and leaves. Nearby, Ava and Silas remark on how beautiful Kiki is and Morgan tells Kiki she's the best thing that ever happened to him. After their dance is done, Sonny drags Carly on the floor to dance as the parents of the groom. Ava asks Silas to dance with her for Kiki's sake and he agrees. Ava tries to reminisce with Silas about their past, but Silas isn't so happy to look back. Later, Silas and Kiki talk privately. She tells him she is glad he came, but she is scared. Silas tells her they can take it slow and get to know one another. At the end, Ava tries to remind Silas again about their connection and how Kiki is proof of that. Silas says no way it's gone, but Ava pulls him into a kiss anyway. Right then Sam arrives at the party afterall and sees them. Silas sees Sam and Sam runs off.

Sonny tells Carly that Ava is nice and the party is great. Carly says it's sad for Michael and asks Sonny if he's taking his medicine. Sonny says, "Why is everyone asking me that?" He goes to walk away from her, but Carly grabs him by the collar and quietly sneers, "Don't walk away from me!" She tells him that he's got to take care of himself and suggests that he go home to get his pills. Sonny says he's want to party and grabs Olivia for back up. Later, Morgan takes Sonny aside and thanks him for being on his side and keeping his secret. Sonny tells him that he loves him and they notice that Michael and Kiki are talking to each other. Morgan interrupts them and asks Michael to give a toast.

Later on the docks, Shawn and Max talk about Sonny's weird mood. Then they start talking about Vince and Julian Jerome. Unbeknownst to them, Derek/Julian is nearby listening. Then a boat arrives that Shawn and Max are waiting for and all of sudden BOOM! It blows up and Derek/Julian remarks to himself that it was just as he planned. Shawn and Max run to investigate. Then we see Derek/Julian tell someone, "Nice work!" and a man steps out from the shadows and says, "Thanks boss!" Then we see it's Carlos!

At the end, Michael feels obligated and gives a nice toast. He tells Morgan he loves him and that he's a lucky man. Sonny watches with a strange look on his face. After, Carly and Olivia try to take Sonny home, but he insists he needs to make a toast too. Sonny starts talking to the room about Connie and he bashes AJ in front of Michael. Then Sonny tells Michael that he hurt him and confesses that he knew Kiki and Michael weren't related. Michael asks why and Sonny answers, "Because I promised Morgan I would!:" End of show!

Good show! Sonny's losing it, but I think it's a good portrayal of someone in the throws of bipolar mania!

Scoops - According to the ABC GH Blog: This week on General Hospital: Lives are turned upside down this week in PC; will anyone escape unscathed? After his father blow’s apart his world, Morgan feels betrayed but that’s the least of his problems. Will Kiki be able to forgive his lies or will they be what finally pushes her in the arms of his brother?

Good News - According to Daytime Confidential: Fifty never looked quite as good as it does on ABC Daytime's General Hospital. The serial hit a 5-month high in total viewers the week of Sept. 9. Roughly 2.78 million viewers tuned in the week in question. The sudser also hit a 1.0 in women 18-49 and a 1.5 among W25-54. For the season, GH is averaging 2.97 million and is on track to have its most successful year in total viewers in five years. The Frank Valentini helmed and Ron Carlivati scripted sudser additionally boasts the biggest year-to-year increases of any broadcast daytime drama.

Enjoy some Scenes from Friday's Show below!

Have a great weekend!

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