Thursday, September 5, 2013

Falling Down Isn't Failing

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In today's show AJ and Franco head to court, Nikolas has something to tell Brad plus Olivia organizes Sonny's sons to track him down.

Here's What Happened - 

At Windermere Nikolas overhears Britt talking on the phone making plans to find a place to live. He tells her to forget it, because she's not going anywhere. Britt says she can tell that Nikolas wants her gone, so he doesn't need to feel guilty. Nikolas tells her that he has done some bad things himself and doesn't want Britt to be alone this close to giving birth. She insists that she is capable of taking her of herself, but Nik insists that Brad (the father) should be supporting her. Britt replies that Brad has nothing to do with the baby. Nik asks what she means and Britt says that Brad was never supposed to be part of the equation. Nik says Brad needs to, "Man-up" and says he wants to talk to Brad. Britt asks him not to, but Nik heads off to the hospital to confront him anyway.

Sabrina and Patrick arrive at the hospital together. They kiss before heading off to work. Felix runs up to Sabrina and asks her if she knows about Brad being Britt's baby daddy. Sabrina tells him yes and they discuss the awfulness that is Brad. Brad overhears some of it and pouts. Meanwhile, Diane approaches Brad at the Nurse's Station. She tells him that he is holding something for her regarding one her clients. Brad says it would be against hospital policy to give her the information she is requesting, but Diane offers him a bribe to change his mind. Later, Brad approaches Felix and Sabrina sees Patrick bonding with a little boy patient. Brad tells Felix that all the things he told him about his feelings were true despite what happened with Britt. Felix tells him that Brad should have thought about that before conspiring with the britch! Meanwhile, Sabrina and Patrick take a moment to talk about Patrick's feelings about not being the father. He tells Sabrina it's tough right now, but thanks her for listening. Then Patrick leaves to pick up Emma. After Sabrina gets an idea and goes to see Britt at Windermere.

AJ arrives at the courthouse for his arraignment. Michael is there and AJ tells him that he understands if Michael doesn't want to stand by a murderer. Michael tells him he will stand by him and Monica is on her way too. They start talking about Elizabeth and the awful things AJ said to her when he was drunk. AJ feels terrible and tells Michael and Diane that he plans to plead guilty. Diane and Michael both think it's a bad idea and Diane insists that he plead not guilty. AJ tells Michael that he is sorry he failed him. Michael responds that, "Falling down isn't failing, failing is refusing to get back up!" AJ says he has lost everything and has nothing left to fight for. Diane scolds him for wallowing in self-pity. Later, Diane and AJ talk about creating reasonable doubt with the evidence against him.

Morgan comes home to a worried Kiki at the boathouse. Morgan is upset and tells her that Sonny is missing. He tells Kiki about the note Sonny left saying, "goodbye" and Sonny's bipolar disorder. Over at Sonny's house, Olivia worries that Sonny will kill himself. Dante comes to comfort her and tells her that he doesn't think Sonny will kill himself. Olivia is convinced that they need to find him before it's too late. Shortly after Kiki and Morgan show up to help locate Sonny. Dante wants to get Michael's help too, but Morgan doesn't want to involve Michael. Olivia advises him to make peace with his brother and help Sonny. So Morgan swallows his pride and calls Michael. Later, Michael arrives and they agree to band together as brothers for Sonny's sake.

Carly talks to Liz about AJ and Connie's murder in the hospital hallway. Carly rants to her about how this is typical AJ behavior and that she is worried about Michael being close to AJ. Carly tells Liz that she cares about her and that she is glad that Liz can see AJ for who he really is now. Carly leaves and shortly after, Michael calls Liz for help. He tells her about AJ pleading guilty against Diane's advice and asks if Liz would come down to the courthouse to help support AJ. Later, AJ's arraignment begins and the judge asks for his plea. Right then Liz walks in and Michael draws AJ's attention to her. Liz and AJ lock eyes, while the judge asks for AJ's answer. AJ decides to plead not guilty afterall. Then they discuss bail, but the judge denies AJ bail because of his previous crimes and court adjourns. Liz and AJ talk briefly. He thanks her for coming and apologizes for the terrible things he said. Liz tells him that she isn't making any promises and not to get the wrong idea.

Carly goes to Franco's room at the hospital. He remarks that he is free to leave the hospital, but will soon be in jail for the rest of his life. Patrick walks in to give Franco some last minute health information, so Carly excuses herself. Patrick tells Franco that he is cleared to leave and wishes him luck. Later, Carly returns and tells Franco try to prove the court wrong about him. Franco asks Carly if she will come with him to court. She gets a little uncomfortable, but he tells her that he is scared and alone since Ava betrayed him and he lost Kiki. Then he tells Carly she owes him a favor after putting a hit on him. Diane calls Franco to tell him it's time to come to the courthouse. After Carly agrees to accompany him. At the end, Franco arrives at court and Diane uses Franco's actual tumor as evidence in his defense. End of show!

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