Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cougar Town

Naughty Not Nice!
In today's show Carly sets Sonny straight, Maxie tries to explain her thinking to Spinelli and Morgan and Ava find solace in one another!

Here's What Happened - 

Lulu and Dante are kept up at their apartment by the baby crying. Dante manages to calm the baby with a little singing and a bottle. Lulu takes a video of him feeding and talking to little Connie. Later, they talk about how amazing having a daughter is while the baby sleeps. It puts them in the mood and they have a little lovin'. Mid way through their action, the baby starts crying again. They decide to let the baby sleep in between them. At the end, Lulu and Dante drift off while the baby sits quietly awake in the middle.

Spinelli surprises Maxie at her apartment when he walks in the door late. Maxie gets scared and hits him with a baseball bat. He tells her he was trying to avoid her by sneaking in to get his gym bag. Maxie thinks Spinelli hates her. He says he hopes time will heal him, but the pain of missing his baby is constant. Maxie says that she misses the baby to and hates herself for hurting him. Maxie talks about her parents leaving her and how that effected her. She says Mac is great, but since Georgie and Robin are gone all she has is Spinelli. He answers, "What about Lulu?" Maxie says that Lulu and him are her best friends and tries to explain to him that she didn't want to hurt Lulu or him. She just thought she owed it to Lulu after losing her real baby. At the end, Spinelli tells Maxie that he hates what she did, but he doesn't hate her and leaves.

Silas and Sam chat outside of Danny's room at the hospital. They agree to get dinner together at some point, but Sam doesn't want to leave Danny tonight. Silas gets creative and brings dinner from Kelly's to her at the hospital. They set up a picnic on the hospital floor and talk about Silas's childhood. Silas says he couldn't wait to get away from his family growing up. He brings up his brother Steven, but says they weren't close. Then Sam talks about her brother. Later, Sam asks if there is something in his past that she should know. Silas assumes Sam is asking because of what Ava said to her. He tells Sam that Ava is vindictive and he didn't know that about her when they first met. Then Danny starts crying so Sam runs to check on him, saving Silas from saying anymore about his past.

Michael and Kiki continue their conversation at the Metro Court about Morgan. Michael can't believe that Morgan lied the whole time. Kiki says she lied to Morgan by telling him she loved him, when she loved Michael more. Michael tells her he loves her back and says their free to be together now. Kiki answers that he's wrong, they're not free and can't be together. She tells Michael that it would be to painful for Morgan and destroy Michael's relationship with his brother. Michael says he can't lose her and implores Kiki to give them a chance. Kiki says, "yes" and kisses him in response. Then they laugh about how they will do this. Michael says they'll figure it out in time, but tonight is just about them.

Carly gives Sonny a piece of her mind at his house. She scolds him for hurting Morgan and tells Sonny that he destroyed Morgan in front of everyone at the party. Sonny doesn't want to hear it and yells at Carly to get out. She refuses and calls him out for going off his medication. Carly tells Sonny she thinks he was rambling and all over the place at the party, because he wasn't taking his pills. He admits that he's not taking his medication and says he needs to learn to like the darkness. Carly fights him and reminds Sonny about how he nearly killed Jax and shot a gun off in Robin's house when he was off his pills before. Sonny is still resistant and brings up Connie and then Ava. Carly tells him that Ava doesn't know him and Connie wouldn't want this for him. She tells him he has to set a good example for his kids, pulls his pills out of the garbage and pleads with Sonny to take them. Sonny starts crying about Connie and Carly says he should honor Connie not hurt himself in her name. At the end, Sonny finally takes his pills.

Ava drinks alone in her hotel room and thinks of Silas. She gets a knock on the door and it's Morgan. He asks to come in and makes himself a drink. Morgan tells Ava that Kiki wants a divorce and never loved him as much as Michael. Morgan rants about how unfair everything is and says his family is a bunch of hypocrites, especially Sonny. Morgan says that Michael's not even Sonny's biological son, yet he's the favorite. Then he says Sonny is dead to him. Ava tells Morgan not to write his father off and says that Sonny's loves him. Morgan brings up losing Kiki and how painful it is. Ava relates and tells Morgan she understands, because Silas blew her off for Sam. Then Ava puts her hand on Morgan's leg. Morgan says that Ava is the only person he trusts and they agree that no one else really understands them. Then Morgan kisses Ava. At first Ava responds to his kiss, then backs away and slaps him. Morgan doesn't give up and kisses her again. Ava lets go and they start ripping each other's clothes off. Morgan pushes Ava against the door and lifts her up in the throws of passion. End of show!

Fun show today! Ava and Morgan make an interesting yet gross match! 

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Have a great night!


  1. I was really getting into the Silas & Sam dynamic, but the stagnation of it is wearing thin. It was an action packed hour with the wedding reception fiasco.

  2. Agreed! Who knows, now that OLTL is gone, maybe McBain will reappear! lol


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