Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Be Thankful for What Is

Hard to let go!
In today's show Patrick comes to terms with his loss, Britt warms up to her baby, plus Sonny unleashes a can of whoop ass on a pesky reporter!

The Recap -

Sabrina and Patrick chat at the Nurse's Station about how Sabrina delivered Britt's baby. She fills him in on everything that went down with the birth and the baby loosing air. Patrick asks where Brad was. Sabrina tells him Brad was no where to be found, but Nikolas was there every step of the way. Sabrina notes that Nik and Britt seem close. Patrick gets a little mournful about the baby not being his. Sabrina is sympathetic, but advises him to let it go. She remarks on how now they can just be a normal couple without all the drama of Britt and the baby. She asks him to be thankful for what is. Then Sabrina leaves to get back to work, but tells him to find her later if he wants.

Britt wakes up from a bad dream at the hospital to Nikolas bringing her baby boy in for her to hold. She thanks Nikolas for helping her through everything. He tells her he was happy to be there for her. Then Nik tries to give her the baby, but Brit doesn't want to hold him. She tells him that she doesn't plan on breast feeding and says that she is going to be a terrible mother. Nikolas talks about how his father wasn't a good parent, but he is good with Spencer. He tells Britt that she isn't her mother and then leaves to take the baby back to the nursery. Nikolas runs into Patrick on the way. Patrick asks about the baby so Nikolas tells him about the baby's condition. Nikolas is compassionate about Patrick's feelings and talks about his similar experience when he found out Aiden wasn't his child. They also remark that the baby doesn't look like Brad or Britt! The conversation helps Patrick to realize that he needs to let go. At the end, Patrick finds Sabrina, hugs her and tells her that he loves her.

Monica comes to visit AJ at the police station. Monica wants AJ to tell her that he didn't kill Connie. AJ tells her that he doesn't know what happened, because he drank and can't remember. Monica is furious and scolds AJ. She tells him she risked everything to give him a second chance and now he's thrown it away. AJ says he is sorry and claims that he isn't as strong as Monica. Then Monica asks what Michael will do now and all of a sudden Michael walks in and replies, "I'm gonna stand by my dad!" Monica says she can't see AJ in jail and walks out. After, AJ and Michael discuss his case. AJ tells Michael that Diane plans on pinning Connie's murder on Sonny. Michael isn't happy to hear that. He asks AJ if he really believes that Sonny is responsible. AJ replies that it's not about getting Sonny arrested, it's only about creating doubt. Michael tells him that Sonny is suffering and tried to kill himself. AJ softens and tells Michael that he is sorry. Michael tells AJ that there is no way that Sonny killed Connie and asks AJ to tell Diane to back off. AJ wonders if this is his only shot at avoiding a life sentence. Later at the hospital, Monica gets called to speak with one of the hospital board members. He tells her that they had an emergency board meeting about AJ's arrest. Then he asks Monica to step down as chief of staff in the interest of the hospital's reputation.

Anna comes to chat with Maxie at the hospital and reminds us that she is Maxie's godmother. Maxie and Anna talk about opening the gift Lulu gave her. Maxie says she can't open it, because it's makes it final and means she has to say goodbye to the baby. Anna talks to Maxie about when Robin was a baby and how she had to leave her for long stretches of time. Anna says it was unbearable and tells Maxie it's natural for her to feel attached. Maxie says she has to do better and wishes she was more like Robin. They talk about Robin's strength and her postpartum depression. Anna tells Maxie that she is more like Robin then she realizes. Later, Anna informs Maxie that Britt's baby turned out not to be Patrick's. Anna leaves to get back to work and Maxie decides to go see Britt. Maxie asks Britt to please keep the truth about her baby a secret. Britt tells Maxie that she won't say anything, because she feels guilty about what she did to Patrick. Maxie asks why Britt isn't with her baby and Britt remarks that she is scared. Then Maxie talks about her choice to give her daughter away. At the end Maxie leaves and Nikolas returns with Britt's baby. Britt is finally ready to hold him. She takes him in her arms and lovingly tells him that she is his mommy.

Dante calls Olivia to check on Sonny. Olivia is at Sonny's house and sees the newspaper with a headline about AJ pleading not guilty. Sonny hears her on the phone and asks what she is talking about. Olivia gets off the phone and encourages Sonny to take his pills and eat. Olivia steps away for a minute and Sonny slips the pills in his pocket. Then Olivia returns with food and they talk about what happened. Sonny takes some food to show her that he is better. So Olivia decides it's a good time to ask what he wants to do about Connie's funeral. Before he answers, Sonny answers a knock at his door. It's the paparazzi there to ask him questions about Connie. One of the reporters asks Sonny if he killed the woman that he claims to love. Sonny freaks and starts punching the reporter viciously. Olivia intervenes and pulls Sonny back into the house, but not before the entire scene was captured on video. Once inside, Sonny tells Olivia he has to get revenge for Connie.

Lulu dotes over her baby in the hospital nursery. Shortly after, Dante joins her and holds the baby. They talk about Sonny's issues and suicide attempt. Then they talk about what to name her and Lulu's conversation with Maxie about staying away. Later, Dante and Lulu prepare to take the baby home and run into Anna in the hallway. Anna and Dante talk about Connie's murder briefly, then Anna leaves so Dante and Lulu can take the baby home. After, they decide what to name her while they wait by the elevators. Maxie sees them getting ready to leave and says goodbye to the baby from a far. At the end, Maxie opens the gift Lulu and Dante gave her and it's a picture of the baby. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante bring the baby to see Sonny. Sonny holds the child and smiles for the first time in days. Olivia asks what they've decided to name her and Dante answers, Connie. Sonny and Olivia get choked up upon hearing it, but seem pleased. End of show!

Enjoy the final scene of today's show, plus tomorrow's preview below!

Have a great night!

P.S. Does anyone else think it's possible that Britt's baby is actually Dante & Lulu's child? Maybe Dr. Obrecht stole their embryo and that's what she implanted in Britt with Brad's help?!?


  1. So glad that Nikolas was on today. He seems like the only one who can control Britt. I think the baby is Lulu and Dante's not Britt and Brad's. I don't think Britt knows this.

    Want to see more of Prince Nikolas.

  2. Would like to see Anna more friendly to Nikolas especially since Robin and Nik were the best of friends. When Robin returns looking forward to seeing some great scenes between Nik and Robin. Always thought they had great chemistry.

  3. I absolutely believe that baby is Dante and Lulu's. "The Britch" got that idea from Maxie when Maxie begged her to be implanted again after she lost the first baby. The Britch saw it as a way to get Patrick. That was what first popped in to my head when she announced it at the nurses ball!! We shall see...


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