Monday, September 30, 2013

He's Alive!

I'm Back!
Today Jerry Jax returns, Brad drops a baby bomb and Dr. Obrecht causes trouble for Britt!

Quick Recap - 

Jerry discusses a cure and Dr. Obrecht with Luke on Cassadine Island.

Dr. Obrecht pops in at Windermere to see baby Ben and gets disappointing news from Britt.

Sabrina worries about Felix's feelings for Brad at the hospital and he gives her advice on Patrick.

Brad goes to the christening and reveals that Maxie is baby Connie's bio mom, but no one believes him.

Patrick and Anna talk about Fiason, Sabrina, Carlos and Robin at Kelly's.

At the End - 

Patrick reveals to Anna that he still can't imagine a life without Robin.

Lulu and Dante realize Brad was telling the truth.

Brad shares his "good deed" with Felix.

Nikolas returns to Windermere to find Britt passed out and baby Ben missing.

Jerry's doctor is revealed to be Robin!

Have a great night!

Friday, September 27, 2013

I Need Spanx

The Red Devil!
In today's show Dr. Obrecht surprises Britt, baby Connie gets christened and Brad wants to prove to Felix that he's a good guy!

Here's What Happened - 

A shirtless Nikolas holds Britt's baby at Windermere. Britt sees him and smiles at Nik's kindness. She enters the room and thanks him. Nikolas gives her the baby and says he's got to get ready for baby Connie's christening. Britt mentions that it's sad for Maxie. Nikolas asks Britt what she means. She answers that Maxie was her patient and she cares about her. Then Nik inquires about Brad's lack of interest in his son, but Britt tries to explain that she and Brad had an arrangement and it's fine. Later, Britt talks to baby Ben about her lies regarding Maxie's baby. She remarks that she wishes she didn't have to lie to Nikolas. He hears her and asks what she's talking about. Britt quickly lies and says that she failed to mention that her mother called to check on the baby. Nikolas is okay with it and tells her they are still friends. Britt impulsively hugs him in appreciation. Nik smiles and then takes off for the christening. At the end, Britt comes to check on the baby and finds Dr. Obrecht holding the child. Dr. Obrecht calls the baby her "little stuffed cabbage" and smiles from ear to ear.

Dante thanks Spinelli again outside of Kelly's for agreeing to be Connie's godfather. Spinelli still feels insecure and asks Dante if he's sure they made the right choice. Dante assures him that he's the person they want to look out for their child. Ellie overhears and walks up to them. She notes how cute the baby is and Dante takes off to get ready for the christening. Once in private, Ellie asks Spinelli about being the godfather. He tells her that he accepted the offer for partly selfish reasons, but Ellie doesn't think it's a good idea. Spinelli hears her, but walks off to get ready.

Brad tries to talk to Felix at the hospital. He brings chocolates for Felix, but Felix assumes that Brad has an ulterior motive. Brad reminds Felix about the connection they started to feel. Felix replies that they had a moment, but that Brad is a selfish person. Brad says he's not that bad, so Felix asks him to name one good thing he's done. Brad can't so Felix starts to walk away. Brad stops him and asks, "What if I did something good?" Felix says it doesn't matter and walks away. Then Ellie comes over to Brad and says she was late, because she ran into Dante and Lulu's baby. She mentions the baby's christening and Brad asks where it is. Ellie tells him where it is and Brad takes off saying he's going to do the right thing. Later, Felix walks up Ellie and she mentions that Brad took off to do something good.

Tracy stops by Lulu's apartment with a gift for the baby. Lulu tells Tracy that Dante is out with the baby looking for Spinelli. Then they get to discussing Luke. Lulu tells Tracy that she knows Luke is dying. Lulu says she wants Luke to be around for the baby, so Tracy tries to assure her that she will be there in his place like always. Then Dante comes home with the baby. Tracy notes that she doesn't see Luke in the baby, then makes her exit so they can get ready. Later, Dante and Lulu talk before leaving for the church about Maxie and Spinelli as the godparents. They agree their the right choice as godparents and head off to the church.

Maxie goes to the church to "talk" to god. She asks for help in letting her child go. Olivia walks in and hears some of her conversation. Maxie sees Olivia and asks how much she heard. Olivia says it's okay, but Maxie tries to assure her that she is dealing with her attachment issues anyway. Olivia tells Maxie about her vision of Maxie stabbing Lulu in the back. Then she talks about her visions of Maxie having a dog. Olivia tries to figure out what kind of dog it was and starts rattling off different breeds. Then Tracy walks in and Maxie says that Tracy can help her figure it out. Maxie quickly exits to get some air. Outside she bumps into Spinelli. She tells him that she agreed to be the baby's godmother to be close to her child. They agree that its good to be in this situation together. Then Sonny, Dante, Lulu and the baby come into the church foyer and they all chat in anticipation for the ceremony.

Over on Cassadine Island, Luke punches out a security guard and receives a call from Holly. Holly is with Robert and Luke tells her to stay where she is, while he coughs his lungs out and searches for a cure and/or Jerry Jax. Luke tries to use the unconscious guard's fingerprint to open up Helena's lab door. Once inside, he has a minor shoot out with another guard. Luke ducts for cover and starts calling out for Jerry Jax. Then Helena walks out in a red dress. Luke can't believe it, but Helena tells she is indeed dead. She asks him if he can see her, what does that mean for him. Luke says he not dead yet. Helena tells him, "Maybe not yet, but you will be soon enough!" Then Helena offers him the option of dying now or later. Luke wonders what kind of deal that is. She answers that if he doesn't take her offer, he'll be her slave. He refuses, so Helena toys with him, kisses him and promises that she'll see him again. Helena fades away and later Luke lays coughing on the floor. Then an unseen person arrives. Luke looks up and sneers, "You!"

Back in the church, Olivia has a vision of Luke dead in a coffin. Tracy gets freaked out and asks what she sees. Olivia says it's Luke. Tracy asks her if Luke is really dead. Olivia walks up to her vision of Luke and says that he's awake and trying to talk. Olivia listens to what he is trying to say. Tracy asks what she heard and Olivia responds that he said, "I need Spanx!" Tracy realizes that means her and assumes Luke needs her.

Later, Tracy tells Lulu she has to take off right after the ceremony on important business. Nikolas arrives just in time and Olivia sits with a somber Sonny. Maxie holds the baby with Spinelli by her side. Lulu and Dante watch with joy as the minister baptizes the baby. Then Brad runs in and sees everyone standing with the baby. He waits in the back until it's over. At the end, Tracy takes off. Sonny tells Dante that he needs to leave as well. Spinelli sees Brad and asks what he's doing there. Brad answers that he needs to speak with Dante and Lulu, because there is something they need to know. End of show!

Does Luke see Jerry Jax?

Enjoy the preview for Monday's show below!

Have a great weekend!

Don't forget to watch the Breaking Bad finale on AMC Sunday at 9 pm! Probably the best show on TV and I am going to miss it!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm Hitting the Sheets With Your Mom!

In today's show Kiki and Michael get a big shock, Maxie and Spinelli get a special request, plus Franco kisses Carly!

The Recap - 

Patrick walks in on Carlos with his shirt off and Sabrina examining him at the hospital. Sabrina introduces them and Patrick asks why his shirt is off. Carlos says he had a minor injury at work, so Patrick inquires what kind of work he does. Carlos replies that he does business with Derek Wells. Carlos asks Patrick if he needs stitches, but Patrick says he's a neurosurgeon. Carlos pretends to be impressed, which annoys Sabrina and Patrick. Patrick tells Carlos to knock it off, because he knows Carlos is in town to get Sabrina back. Carlos admits it and calls Patrick out for still wearing his wedding ring. He accuses Patrick of not being over Robin. Sabrina tells Carlos it's none of his business and not his place to judge their relationship. She yells at him to, "put his shirt on and get out!" Carlos agrees, but tells Sabrina that Patrick is living in the past and he wants a future with her. Then he walks out. After, Patrick tells Sabrina she means a lot to him and she agrees not to let Carlos get to them. However, she notices Patrick's ring when they hug and looks concerned.

Maxie goes to see Lulu at her place. She asks why Lulu asked her to come over, because she thought Lulu wanted her to stay away from the baby. Before Lulu can answer, Maxie notices the baby isn't there. She panics and asks where the she is. Lulu tells her that Dante took her for a walk. Maxie is nervous and rambles, but Lulu stays calm and fills Maxie in on some baby stuff. Then she tells Maxie that they are having the baby christened. Lulu invites Maxie to come and asks her to be the godmother. Maxie can't believe it and wonders why. Lulu tells her they couldn't imagine anyone else. Maxie is happy to accept and they hug.

Dante runs into Spinelli with the baby at Kelly's. Spinelli tries to avoid him, but Dante calls him out for it. They make small talk and Dante mentions the baby might be colic. Spinelli gets worried and suggests that he take the baby to the doctor. Dante says he did and she'll be okay. They sit down and chat a little about the joy of parenting. Then Dante asks Spinelli to be the baby's godfather. He tells Spinelli that Lulu loves and trusts him and that he sees Spinelli's value as well. At first Spinelli is very hesitate, but at the end he happily agrees.

Michael and Kiki find Ava and Morgan in bed together in Ava's hotel room. Kiki freaks and asks Morgan what he's doing. Morgan responds, "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm hitting the sheets with your mom!" With that, Michael rolls his eyes and shuts the door. Kiki scolds Morgan and pleads with him to stop this, but Morgan gloats about his sex with Ava. He and Michael start to argue and Morgan tries to punch Michael, but Michael ducks and blocks him. Ava interjects casually and suggests everyone handle this like adults. That enrages Kiki and she slaps her mother across the face. Kiki tells Ava she's the worst mother on the planet. Kiki rants about she used to think Ava was the coolest mother, but now her eyes are open. Ava pretends she wants to explain, but comes off detached. Kiki continues to rip into Ava for her various offenses, but Morgan defends Ava. He says Kiki asked for it when she chose Michael over him. Michael chimes in and tries to make Morgan understand that he rushed into the marriage and it was a mistake. Morgan is very defensive and not interested in hearing anything Michael has to say. Morgan says Ava is the only one who hasn't betrayed him. Michael and Kiki realize it's worthless. Kiki tells Ava and Morgan she is writing them off. Ava asks her not to, but Kiki says, "You did this!" and walks out.

Carly runs into Franco in the hallway of the Metro Court. He can tell she's upset and asks what's wrong. Carly tells him about Ava sleeping with Morgan. Carly fills him in on the debacle at the wedding reception. Carly is enraged by Ava and rants to him. Carly says she wants to kill Ava, but he talks her down by telling Carly that he cares about her. Franco suggests that Carly put her anger into some art. They go into his room. Franco sets up a canvas for her, while Carly continues to spew rage toward Ava. At first Carly says no way to artistic release, but he talks her into it. Carly takes red paint, acts like she is going to try, but decides to throw it all on Franco instead. He's shocked she did that, but Carly says he deserves it. She blames him for bringing Ava to town. Then he takes his shirt off, which puts Carly off. Carly tells Franco she's angry at him, because she started to trust him then he decided sleep with a groupie. He tells her that woman meant nothing to him. Then he kisses her impulsively. Carly pulls away in tears and says she can't make this mistake with him. Franco responds the mistake would be to leave, but Carly decides to walk out anyway. End of show!

Another good episode today! Are you enjoying GH this week?

Funny Clip - Carly Throws Paint on Franco! 

Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

She's a Predator

Rico Suave
I'm very tired today, so forgive me for not doing a full recap!

Quick Recap:

Franco/Todd learns his assets have been frozen from Diane. She suggests he get back to his art to make some money.

Derek/Julian and Alexis flirt at Kelly's over coffee and mobular newspaper headline's until Shawn sees them. Derek mentions the explosion to Shawn, which ticks Shawn off. Later, Shawn and Alexis talk privately. Shawn mentions the name Julian Jerome and Alexis seems to know who he is.

Olivia brings Dante and Lulu a christening dress for the baby and fills them in on Sonny's outburst at Morgan's reception. Then Dante and Lulu tell Olivia they haven't chosen god parents yet, which Olivia isn't happy to hear.

Carlos overhears Sabrina telling Patrick that she's over him at the hospital, so he pretends to need a nurse to get Sabrina to examine him. She tries to be the dutiful nurse, but can't because of his leering creepiness. Then Patrick walks in and sees them.

Michael and Kiki wake up at the Metro Court and realize they spent the night there talking. Michael asks if she wants to move in with him, but Kiki says it's not the right time. Kiki decides that she'll stay with Ava for the time being.

Carly bangs on Ava's hotel room door, demanding to talk to her. Morgan makes his presence known to Carly. The realization that Morgan and Ava had sex, makes Carly attack Ava and call her a predator. Later, Carly says she is kicking Ava out of her hotel and storms out. At the end, Morgan and Ava go at it again, but this time Kiki and Michael walk in and see them in action.

Did you notice Olivia's ombre hair extensions and Carly's ugly ruffle dress...bad fashion day! 

Have a great night!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cougar Town

Naughty Not Nice!
In today's show Carly sets Sonny straight, Maxie tries to explain her thinking to Spinelli and Morgan and Ava find solace in one another!

Here's What Happened - 

Lulu and Dante are kept up at their apartment by the baby crying. Dante manages to calm the baby with a little singing and a bottle. Lulu takes a video of him feeding and talking to little Connie. Later, they talk about how amazing having a daughter is while the baby sleeps. It puts them in the mood and they have a little lovin'. Mid way through their action, the baby starts crying again. They decide to let the baby sleep in between them. At the end, Lulu and Dante drift off while the baby sits quietly awake in the middle.

Spinelli surprises Maxie at her apartment when he walks in the door late. Maxie gets scared and hits him with a baseball bat. He tells her he was trying to avoid her by sneaking in to get his gym bag. Maxie thinks Spinelli hates her. He says he hopes time will heal him, but the pain of missing his baby is constant. Maxie says that she misses the baby to and hates herself for hurting him. Maxie talks about her parents leaving her and how that effected her. She says Mac is great, but since Georgie and Robin are gone all she has is Spinelli. He answers, "What about Lulu?" Maxie says that Lulu and him are her best friends and tries to explain to him that she didn't want to hurt Lulu or him. She just thought she owed it to Lulu after losing her real baby. At the end, Spinelli tells Maxie that he hates what she did, but he doesn't hate her and leaves.

Silas and Sam chat outside of Danny's room at the hospital. They agree to get dinner together at some point, but Sam doesn't want to leave Danny tonight. Silas gets creative and brings dinner from Kelly's to her at the hospital. They set up a picnic on the hospital floor and talk about Silas's childhood. Silas says he couldn't wait to get away from his family growing up. He brings up his brother Steven, but says they weren't close. Then Sam talks about her brother. Later, Sam asks if there is something in his past that she should know. Silas assumes Sam is asking because of what Ava said to her. He tells Sam that Ava is vindictive and he didn't know that about her when they first met. Then Danny starts crying so Sam runs to check on him, saving Silas from saying anymore about his past.

Michael and Kiki continue their conversation at the Metro Court about Morgan. Michael can't believe that Morgan lied the whole time. Kiki says she lied to Morgan by telling him she loved him, when she loved Michael more. Michael tells her he loves her back and says their free to be together now. Kiki answers that he's wrong, they're not free and can't be together. She tells Michael that it would be to painful for Morgan and destroy Michael's relationship with his brother. Michael says he can't lose her and implores Kiki to give them a chance. Kiki says, "yes" and kisses him in response. Then they laugh about how they will do this. Michael says they'll figure it out in time, but tonight is just about them.

Carly gives Sonny a piece of her mind at his house. She scolds him for hurting Morgan and tells Sonny that he destroyed Morgan in front of everyone at the party. Sonny doesn't want to hear it and yells at Carly to get out. She refuses and calls him out for going off his medication. Carly tells Sonny she thinks he was rambling and all over the place at the party, because he wasn't taking his pills. He admits that he's not taking his medication and says he needs to learn to like the darkness. Carly fights him and reminds Sonny about how he nearly killed Jax and shot a gun off in Robin's house when he was off his pills before. Sonny is still resistant and brings up Connie and then Ava. Carly tells him that Ava doesn't know him and Connie wouldn't want this for him. She tells him he has to set a good example for his kids, pulls his pills out of the garbage and pleads with Sonny to take them. Sonny starts crying about Connie and Carly says he should honor Connie not hurt himself in her name. At the end, Sonny finally takes his pills.

Ava drinks alone in her hotel room and thinks of Silas. She gets a knock on the door and it's Morgan. He asks to come in and makes himself a drink. Morgan tells Ava that Kiki wants a divorce and never loved him as much as Michael. Morgan rants about how unfair everything is and says his family is a bunch of hypocrites, especially Sonny. Morgan says that Michael's not even Sonny's biological son, yet he's the favorite. Then he says Sonny is dead to him. Ava tells Morgan not to write his father off and says that Sonny's loves him. Morgan brings up losing Kiki and how painful it is. Ava relates and tells Morgan she understands, because Silas blew her off for Sam. Then Ava puts her hand on Morgan's leg. Morgan says that Ava is the only person he trusts and they agree that no one else really understands them. Then Morgan kisses Ava. At first Ava responds to his kiss, then backs away and slaps him. Morgan doesn't give up and kisses her again. Ava lets go and they start ripping each other's clothes off. Morgan pushes Ava against the door and lifts her up in the throws of passion. End of show!

Fun show today! Ava and Morgan make an interesting yet gross match! 

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Have a great night!

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Perfect Son

Say What?
In this episode Morgan's life implodes, Patrick gets jealous of Carlos and Ava tries to put a wrench is Sam and Silas's relationship.

Today's Show - 

Sabrina and Patrick enjoy some wine and discuss Carlos at Patrick's house. Patrick puts it together that Carlos is her ex-boyfriend. Sabrina tells Patrick that Carlos wants her back. She explains how Carlos showed up and kissed her. Patrick gets a little jealous and asks if he has to challenge this guy to a duel. Sabrina says there's no need; she told Carlos that she only loves him and Carlos has no chance.

Derek/Julian and Carlos pat themselves on the back for an explosion well done at the docks, but decide to head back to the office. Over at Crimson, Anna brings Duke dinner. They discuss "Derek Wells" and flirt with each other. Anna gets called away to the dock's explosion, just as Derek and Carlos arrive at Crimson. Later, Duke and Carlos chat about Anna. Carlos brings up Sabrina and the challenge of having relationships while working for Derek. At the end, Carlos and Derek/Julian talk alone again and Carlos's asks why he hired Duke. 

Silas chases Sam down in the Metro Court lobby. Sam is livid about seeing he and Ava kiss, but Silas tells her she misunderstood, Ava kissed him. Sam doesn't believe it, but Silas tells Sam she's the only woman he wants. Nearby, Ava eavesdrops on their conversation. Ava gets jealous and interrupts them. Ava warns Sam that Silas has dark secrets and he'll hurt her. Sam asks Ava why she wants Silas if that's true. Ava tells Sam she'll have to find out for herself and wishes her good luck. Sam and Silas decide to leave. After Ava cries alone.

Sonny confesses to knowing about Kiki being a Q before Morgan and Kiki got married. He outs Morgan in front of everyone at the party and Michael freaks out. Morgan begs Sonny to back him up, but Sonny refuses. Kiki asks Morgan to admit the truth and he finally does. Morgan feels betrayed and claims Carly and Sonny always put Michael first. Sonny says that's not true and it was a bad way for Morgan to start a marriage. Sonny cries about Connie and tries to hug Morgan, but Morgan pushes him away. Morgan calls Michael the "perfect son" and accuses Sonny of having a split personality like Connie. That makes Sonny freak and attack him. Michael, Olivia and Carly stop Sonny from hitting Morgan. Then Olivia and Carly take Sonny home. After, Michael and Morgan argue about Michael and Kiki's feelings for each other.

Anna arrives on the scene at the docks and her detectives tell her they found Shawn nearby. Anna questions Shawn, who says he was on "coffee" business when the explosion happened. Shawn tells her about the name Julian Jerome coming up. Anna wants to talk to Shawn's contact, Vince, but Shawn tells her that Vince hasn't been seen in awhile. Later, Duke finds Anna on the docks and she tells him about the explosion.

At the end, Carly tells Olivia to go home and let her handle Sonny at his house. Olivia agrees and walks out of the living room. On her way out Olivia intercepts Shawn in the foyer, who wants to discuss business with Sonny. Olivia tells him that Sonny's not up for anything and they leave together. After, Carly wants to talk to Sonny about what he did to Morgan. Back at the Metro Court, Kiki tells Morgan that he doesn't really love her, because he would have told her the truth if he did. Morgan asks Kiki not to end their marriage, but she tells him she has to. Morgan sarcastically wishes her and Michael well and takes off. Then Kiki and Michael look at each other in shock. End of show! 

Good show today! Have a great night!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday's Show + Scoops & Ratings Update!

Friday's Recap - 

Patrick leaves a message for Sabrina while he's at the hospital, asking if she connected with her friend yet. Nearby, Sam gets a call from Derek/Julian telling her that he is about to take his business in PC to the next level. After, Sam and Patrick run into each other and start chatting about Silas. Sam tells Patrick that Silas asked her to Kiki's party. They share a bag of Cheetos and Patrick asks why Sam said no to Silas. Sam says the closer she gets to someone new, the further it makes her feel from Jason. She admits that she used Danny as an excuse. They compare their situations and Patrick says Sabrina made it easier for him to move forward and he's glad he fell in love with her. Patrick tells Sam that Jason would want her to be happy.

Carlos surprises Sabrina with a kiss. She isn't pleased, reminds him that he is her ex-boyfriend and asks what he's doing there. Carlos tells her that he jumped at the opportunity to work in Port Charles so he could see her. Sabrina tells him she's not letting him in and asks how he found her. He answers Felix and mentions all of her attributes. Carlos says she is still the girl he fell in love with. He tells Sabrina that he wants to marry her and walks inside the room. Sabrina tells him that she's not interested and in love with Patrick. She thinks Carlos wants her barefoot and pregnant and says he never supported her nursing career. Carlos notices all the pictures of Patrick with Robin. Sabrina tells him that Patrick is a widower so Carlos says she is just consoling him. Sabrina tells him to leave and not to come back. Carlos replies that they're soul mates and he says he still loves her. He vows not to give up. Then he finally leaves. Later, Patrick comes home and asks if Sabrina ever connected with her friend.

Kiki wants to know what Morgan and Ava are talking about at the Metro Court. Ava lies to Kiki and claims Morgan is planning a surprise for her. Ava tells her that she'll to wait to find out what it is. Kiki buys it and then leaves to get ready for the party. After, Ava tells Morgan to use her credit card and plan something for Kiki. He takes off to do so and she calls Derek/Julian. Mr. Wells tells her that everything is ready and she need not worry. Then Ava notices that Silas walked in. Silas quickly gets on the elevator and Ava gets off the phone to follow him. Ava finds Silas in the Metro Court restaurant and they talk about Kiki. Ava tells him that she thought telling him about Kiki would have created problems years ago. Silas gets angry and tells her that the secret is out now and there's nothing she can do about it.

Michael and Carly talk outside of Sonny's house. He tells her that he's going to the party with Penny. Carly doesn't think it's a good idea, but wishes him well. Then Michael leaves and Carly goes to talk with Sonny. Inside, Sonny wants to dance with Olivia before the party starts at his house. Olivia is confused by his mood change, but Sonny says he just wants to focus on something good and celebrate life. He says Ava told him the same. Shawn and Max walk in and want to talk to Sonny. Olivia goes to the foyer to give them privacy and runs into Carly as she walks in. They talk about Sonny's happy mood and Ava's influence.

Back in the living room, Sonny pretends to be angry with Shawn and Max. He starts yelling at them for not doing their jobs right, then tells them he's just joking and pulling their leg. He walks out to the foyer and sees Carly. He tells her she looks like a million bucks and they all leave together. Later, they arrive at the party and Sonny wants to get everyone a drink. Sonny goes to the bar and Ava remarks to Carly and Olivia that Sonny seems better. Carly takes Olivia aside and asks if Sonny's taking his medicine.

Shortly after, Michael and Penny arrive. Then Ava introduces Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Corinthos. Morgan and Kiki come out for a dance. Michael looks on sadly and Kiki notices. Sonny walks up to Michael and says you're a good man and brother. Penny realizes that Kiki must be the girl that Michael is struggling to get over. Penny says she isn't interested in this and leaves. Nearby, Ava and Silas remark on how beautiful Kiki is and Morgan tells Kiki she's the best thing that ever happened to him. After their dance is done, Sonny drags Carly on the floor to dance as the parents of the groom. Ava asks Silas to dance with her for Kiki's sake and he agrees. Ava tries to reminisce with Silas about their past, but Silas isn't so happy to look back. Later, Silas and Kiki talk privately. She tells him she is glad he came, but she is scared. Silas tells her they can take it slow and get to know one another. At the end, Ava tries to remind Silas again about their connection and how Kiki is proof of that. Silas says no way it's gone, but Ava pulls him into a kiss anyway. Right then Sam arrives at the party afterall and sees them. Silas sees Sam and Sam runs off.

Sonny tells Carly that Ava is nice and the party is great. Carly says it's sad for Michael and asks Sonny if he's taking his medicine. Sonny says, "Why is everyone asking me that?" He goes to walk away from her, but Carly grabs him by the collar and quietly sneers, "Don't walk away from me!" She tells him that he's got to take care of himself and suggests that he go home to get his pills. Sonny says he's want to party and grabs Olivia for back up. Later, Morgan takes Sonny aside and thanks him for being on his side and keeping his secret. Sonny tells him that he loves him and they notice that Michael and Kiki are talking to each other. Morgan interrupts them and asks Michael to give a toast.

Later on the docks, Shawn and Max talk about Sonny's weird mood. Then they start talking about Vince and Julian Jerome. Unbeknownst to them, Derek/Julian is nearby listening. Then a boat arrives that Shawn and Max are waiting for and all of sudden BOOM! It blows up and Derek/Julian remarks to himself that it was just as he planned. Shawn and Max run to investigate. Then we see Derek/Julian tell someone, "Nice work!" and a man steps out from the shadows and says, "Thanks boss!" Then we see it's Carlos!

At the end, Michael feels obligated and gives a nice toast. He tells Morgan he loves him and that he's a lucky man. Sonny watches with a strange look on his face. After, Carly and Olivia try to take Sonny home, but he insists he needs to make a toast too. Sonny starts talking to the room about Connie and he bashes AJ in front of Michael. Then Sonny tells Michael that he hurt him and confesses that he knew Kiki and Michael weren't related. Michael asks why and Sonny answers, "Because I promised Morgan I would!:" End of show!

Good show! Sonny's losing it, but I think it's a good portrayal of someone in the throws of bipolar mania!

Scoops - According to the ABC GH Blog: This week on General Hospital: Lives are turned upside down this week in PC; will anyone escape unscathed? After his father blow’s apart his world, Morgan feels betrayed but that’s the least of his problems. Will Kiki be able to forgive his lies or will they be what finally pushes her in the arms of his brother?

Good News - According to Daytime Confidential: Fifty never looked quite as good as it does on ABC Daytime's General Hospital. The serial hit a 5-month high in total viewers the week of Sept. 9. Roughly 2.78 million viewers tuned in the week in question. The sudser also hit a 1.0 in women 18-49 and a 1.5 among W25-54. For the season, GH is averaging 2.97 million and is on track to have its most successful year in total viewers in five years. The Frank Valentini helmed and Ron Carlivati scripted sudser additionally boasts the biggest year-to-year increases of any broadcast daytime drama.

Enjoy some Scenes from Friday's Show below!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Bring A +1

Meet Carlos - See here Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Today Carlos comes to town looking for Sabrina, Rafe and Taylor conspire together and Penny we care!

Thursday's Recap - 

Sabrina and Patrick want to make romantic plans to be alone together at his house, but Emma gets sick. Patrick gets called to work, so Sabrina offers to baby sit. Later, Emma and Sabrina are alone. Emma is fussy and says she wishes her mommy was there to give her medicine. Sabrina tries to comfort her, but Emma says she's not the same as her mother. The conversation makes Sabrina feel badly. Later, she looks around at all the pictures of Robin woefully.

Sam thanks Molly and Nikolas for helping while Danny was sick by the Nurse's station. Nik sees Britt with her baby and leaves to go talk to her. Britt tells Nikolas that she named the baby Ben. Nikolas asks where Britt is going to live. She says at Sabrina and Felix's place. Nikolas doesn't think it's the best idea, but Britt says it's not his business. She thanks him for his help and leaves. Later, Patrick runs into Nikolas at the hospital and they talk about Britt living with Sabrina. Patrick says he doesn't think that's true, because Sabrina never mentioned it. Then Nikolas sees Felix and asks him if Britt is moving back in. Felix laughs and says no way. Nearby, Britt calls Taylor and asks her to talk to Felix about staying at his place, but Taylor says there isn't anything she can do. At the end, Nikolas finds Britt and insists that she come home to Windermere with him.

Rafe comes to the hospital to talk to Silas and check on Danny. Silas tells Rafe that he's sorry he was a jerk to him at first and that he doesn't mind if Rafe wants to stay with Sam. They talk about Silas's potential feelings for Sam & Rafe's disappointment over Molly getting back with TJ. Later in the hospital hallway, Sam and Silas talk in private about Danny's good health and then Kiki. Silas brings up Kiki's party and asks if Sam will come with him. Sam tells Silas that she's can't go to the party with him, because she's not ready to leave Danny alone in the hospital. He's disappointed, but says he'll just go it alone.

Taylor leaves a message for Rafe at Felix's place about sabotaging Molly and TJ. Then someone knocks on the door. Felix answers and it's Carlos, Sabrina's ex-boyfriend. Felix offers to take him to the hospital to see Sabrina, assuming she is there working. Felix takes him to the nurse's station and Penny is there. (You might remember that she hooked up with Michael over the summer at The Floating Rib) She tells them that Sabrina is at Patrick's house, because Emma is sick.

Michael runs into Kiki at Sonny's house. Kiki tells him that her and Morgan are staying there, because they got kicked out of the Quartermaine's. Kiki brings up the party, but Michael isn't sure Sonny is up for planning it. Then Kiki invites Michael to come to the party. At first he isn't comfortable, but Kiki talks him into it. She suggests that he bring a +1. So Michael decides to call Penny and he asks her to come to the party with him.

TJ stops by the hospital to see Molly. She shares with him that her new book, Maine Squeeze, is selling like hot cakes. They hug and kiss in excitement and Rafe happens to walk by and see them. She tells Rafe the good news. Rafe is happy for her, but politely excuses himself. Then Felix interrupts them and asks to speak with TJ in private. He tells TJ that he's not happy with him for what happened with Taylor and doesn't want his sister hurt. TJ promises he's going to stay far away from Taylor. Over at Felix's place, Rafe goes to see Taylor and asks what she wants to do about TJ and Molly. At the end, Taylor and Rafe pretend to be a couple and offer to double date with Molly and TJ.

Ava leaves a message for Silas asking if he's really coming to Kiki's party at the Metro Court. Morgan walks up to her and thanks her for throwing the party. Ava scolds Morgan, because he apparently charged her credit card to gamble. Ava threatens to out him to Kiki about his lies, but Morgan calls her bluff. He tells Ava that he is the reason Kiki is even talking to her at all. Ava tells Morgan she will back off if he continues to be cooperative with her. Then Kiki walks in and overhears part of their conversation.

At the end, Felix mentions that Carlos is in town looking for Sabrina to Patrick at the hospital. Then Carlos shows up at Patrick's door step. When Sabrina opens up, Carlos rushes in and kisses her. End of show!

What do you think of Carlos? I think he'll pave the way toward Sabrina and Patrick breaking up, then enter Robin!

Enjoy Felix's scenes from today's show below!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wet My Beak!

In today's show Ava moves around town cryptically while taunting everyone she encounters. Plus, Sonny almost bails on Connie's funeral.

Here's What Happened - 

Michael waits for Sonny at his house. Sonny comes down the steps in his sweats and Michael asks why he's not dressed for the funeral. Sonny shouts, "I'm not going to any damn funeral!" Michael can tell that something is off and asks if Sonny is taking his medication. Sonny freaks and tells him he doesn't want to talk about his medication. Michael tell him that AJ is backing off and he just wants to concentrate on Sonny's loss. Sonny brings up Michael loosing Kiki to Morgan. Michael says that he has decided to keep his distance from Kiki. He also mentions that he assumed Morgan knew Kiki wasn't a Q when he married her, but it turned out that was wrong. Sonny flashes to his conversation with Morgan about knowing the truth.

Morgan wakes Kiki up with kisses and wants a little morning lovin' before the funeral. He promises her that he will be quick. Dear lord! Shortly after, they talk about where they will live. Morgan thinks Alice can help. Then Alice knocks on the door and tells them that she couldn't convince Monica and Tracy to let them stay. Alice tries to assure Morgan that he'll find a great place to live and offers to arm wrestle him for old times sake. Morgan agrees and wins! Later, at Sonny's house Morgan and Kiki arrive just as Sonny is about to tell Michael about Morgan knowing Kiki wasn't a Q all along. Morgan sees that Sonny looks bad, so Michael says he'll say with Sonny and asks them to tell Olivia why he and Sonny aren't there. Once alone again, Michael advises Sonny that he will probably regret not going to Connie's funeral and asks if Sonny can live with that.

Derek/Julian and Ava meet on the elevator at the Metro Court and discuss their mutual reasons for going to Connie's funeral. He is going as her boss and Ava is as a quasi-relative. She jokes about Sonny not taking his lithium. When they get off the elevator they see Carly so they decide to go their separate ways. Before doing so Derek/Julian mentions that he's going to interview Duke. Ava suggests that he wants to torment Duke since he used to be his boss back in the old days. Then Duke shows up. Ava quickly excuses herself. After, Derek takes Duke aside to start his interview. He asks probing questions about Duke's past working for Julian Jerome. Duke describes Julian as a "dangerous fool" and says the world is better off without the Jerome's. Derek smiles and then offers Duke the job.

Olivia cries at the church before Connie's funeral. Dante joins her and he asks about Sonny's condition. Olivia fills him in on Sonny's plans to throw a party with Ava. Olivia says she doesn't like Ava and mentions that Shawn spoke with a guy who was getting his "beak wet" and said that Julian Jerome was his boss. Later, Olivia is alone in the church again and starts talking out loud to Connie about Ava. She asks Connie to give her a sign of what to do. Then Ava walks in. She starts to talk to Olivia about Connie and how she met her once. Ava claims that Connie made a big impression on her. Olivia isn't buying the act, but stays cordial. Ava says that Connie's death is a tragedy and wouldn't it be great if the police could find Olivia's shooter too. Olivia thinks it's only a matter of time, but Ava claims it gets harder to solve when a case gets cold.

Anna visits with baby Connie at Lulu's. She is babysitting so Lulu can go to the funeral. Anna brings up Maxie and pleads her case to Lulu. Anna asks that Lulu not shut Maxie out. Lulu is hesitate so Anna mentions having to leave Robin when she was a baby. She tells Lulu to give Maxie a chance. Then Dante comes home and holds the baby while Lulu gets ready. He fills Anna in on the information Olivia gave him about Julian Jerome. Anna doesn't know what to think. Later, Lulu makes a fuss about the baby before they leave for the funeral. Anna assures her that she can handle it. Once alone, Duke comes by and tells Anna about his new job. He think it's right up his alley, but Anna has doubts.

Spinelli brings Carly some information about Ava at the Metro Court, Carly tells him she needs info on Derek Well to. Ava sneaks up on them and asks Carly if she wants to help plan the party for Morgan and Kiki. Carly says it's an awful idea and Sonny will hate it. Ava is happy to tell her that Sonny is helping her plan the party and tells Carly she is welcome to bring a +1. Then Ava walks out. Carly digs her heels in and insists that they have to find out what Ava's agenda is. Spinelli gets distracted looking at a baby nearby. Carly asks if he's okay and Spinelli says it's because of Connie's funeral that he's not thinking clearly. Later, Carly is alone at the front desk and Derek approaches her. They make light chat, but ask questions about one another. Derek wonders where her boyfriend Felix is. Carly says he's not her boyfriend anymore. Carly asks if Ava is his girlfriend. Derek responds that she is just his art dealer.

Maxie and Ellie talk at their apartment, while Maxie gets ready for the funeral. Maxie is terse with Ellie, so Ellie brings up her telling Spinelli the truth about the baby. Maxie tells Ellie that Spinelli and her decided to let the baby go. Ellie thinks it's a bad idea and says it will be impossible to live in the same town with her daughter. Maxie says she has to stay away and isn't going to change her mind. Later, Ellie is alone and Spinelli stops by to get his suit for Connie's funeral. Ellie tells him about her talk with Maxie and says that Maxie is having a difficult time. Spinelli doesn't want to hear about Maxie. Later at the church, Dante and Lulu run into Maxie. Spinelli shows up right after and they tell them that they named the baby Connie.

At the end Carly looks through the information that Spinelli gave her on Ava and is more determined then ever to find out what Ava's up to. Over at the church, Sonny, Michael and even Derek/Julian all make it in time for Connie's funeral. Sonny sits next to Olivia, while Ava watches him. End of show!

Although Mr. Wells is growing on me shouldn't he be older? He was supposedly around in the 80's with Duke.

Enjoy Julian's scenes from today's show below!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Reach Out & Say Hello

Better to feel nothing or everything?
In this episode Carly is hot on Derek's trail, Silas makes progress with Kiki and Sonny can't stop thinking about Ava.

Today's Show - 

Shawn tells Sonny that Julian Jerome is in charge of the PC gambling ring. Sonny says that's impossible, because Julian is dead. Sonny gets mad at Shawn for letting Vince go and yells at him. Olivia walks in and overhears. Shawn excuses himself and after Sonny fills Olivia in on Shawn's suspicions about the Jerome's. Olivia thinks that there could be something to it, but Sonny doesn't think Ava is connected. He mentions Ava's visit and Ava's idea to throw a party for Kiki and Morgan. Olivia thinks it's a horrible idea and tells Sonny to focus on his granddaughter. Sonny says that he and Ava have a lot in common and the party is a good idea. Olivia isn't happy, but tells him she'll support the party plan if thats what Sonny wants. Then she leaves to get some sleep, because Connie's funeral is in the morning. After Olivia leaves, Sonny flashes to his conversation with Ava about their mutual pain and he tosses his pills in the garbage.

Alexis inquires about Silas and Sam's plans to go out to dinner. Alexis is happy to hear it and Silas remarks that Sam has a great family. They talk about Rafe and then Kiki. The subject closes Silas down so he says he'll see Sam later. After Alexis and Sam talk about Silas's growing list of attributes, but Sam still isn't sure about her feelings. Alexis advises Sam to take a chance, even though she's not totally sold by Silas. Sam mentions Derek and suggests that Alexis give him a chance. Right then, Derek Wells walks in.

Morgan toils with an online gambling game at the boat house when Kiki walks in and tells him that Tracy and Monica are evicting them. He suggests that she ask Silas for help, but Kiki says that she doesn't want to be involved with Silas. She says that she was starting to care about Franco and can't switch gears with Silas. Ironically, Silas knocks on the door right then. He acknowledges how awkward the situation is and tells her that Danny will be okay. Silas tells Kiki that he just wanted to, "Reach out and say hello." Later, Ava shows up and Kiki asks what she is doing there. Ava brings up the party. At first Kiki isn't into it, but Morgan convinces her it's a good idea. Kiki says she'll go along with it, but only if she can invite Silas. Silas agrees to come.

Felix and Carly want to know who is in Franco's room at the Metro Court. Franco claims no one is inside, but we see Heather waiting with a knife. Carly decides to use her master key. Franco implores her not to open the door, because there is a woman in his room. Carly gets upset by the idea and tells him that she needs a credit card for him to stay at her hotel afterall. Then she and Felix walk off in a huff. After Franco enters his room and gives Heather her BLT, despite his having taken a bite out of it. He tells Heather to hurry up and get out, because she is ruining his life. Then he tells her that he cares about Carly and he was hoping she'd return his feelings. Franco says that Carly represented the idea of a "normal" life. At the end Heather finally leaves, but tells Franco he can do better then Carly.

Julian and Ava chat on the docks. Ava warns him that Vince gave him up to Shawn, but he tells her that Vince gave up Julian, not Derek. Ava mentions that she got Sonny to agree to plan a party with her, but he isn't pleased. He thinks her plan could make Sonny suspicious, but Ava tersely tells him that she has everything under control. Later, Carly and Felix walk to the docks together and stumble upon Ava and Derek/Julian. Carly tells Felix to shut up and they eavesdrop on them. Ava and Derek/Julian start talking about their plan to take down Sonny, his bipolar issues and Sonny being off his medication. Then Ava walks off saying she has a party to plan. After, Felix makes an unintentional noise and Derek/Julian asks, "Who's there?" Carly pretends that her and Felix are having a lover's spat, by slapping Felix. Derek introduces himself to her and he makes a mention of meeting his art dealer on the docks. They pretend to have not noticed so Derek/Julian leaves. After, Carly is determined to find out what their secret is. End of show!

Enjoy the preview for tomorrow's show!

Have a great night!

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's Heather

Bad to the Bone!
So the mysterious person watching everyone in town was Heather? Ugh!

Enjoy some of today's GH below!

Have a great night!

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Dragon and the Phoenix

Meant to be!
In today's show Ava tries to play Sonny, Sam mentions McBain to Silas - how ironic, plus the mysterious watcher continues to stalk Port Charles!

Friday's Recap - 

Anna and Duke talk at the hospital about Dr. Obrecht. Anna says she honestly thought Ava was behind Duke being poisoned. Duke believes Ava is lying about her Jerome connections. Duke wants to look into Ava's contacts to see if anything turns up. Anna tells him to take care of himself first and suggests that he take it easy. Duke says it's worth looking into and can't sit still anymore. He explains to Anna that its personal for him and that Anna needs his help since her plate is full at the police station.

Sonny sees Ava in his living room and calls her Connie. When Sonny realizes it's not he demands to know who she is. Ava claims to be there to offer condolence's for Connie's death. She introduces herself as "family" since she is Morgan's mother in law. Sonny doesn't buy her act and alerts Ava that he has a file on her. He toys with her and says it's nothing personal, it's just something he does with everyone he works with. Ava asks if he was wondering about her being a member of the Jerome crime family. Sonny replies, "Are you?" Ava says that the name Jerome presses a lot of buttons and she knows it. She brings up Duke and his suspicions of her. Ava tells Sonny that she isn't related to the Jerome crime family, but says she does have Connie's blood on her hands. She tells Sonny that she saw AJ at The Floating Rib right before Connie was killed. Ava says that she should have tried to stop AJ, but didn't realize the gravity of the situation. Then she asks Sonny if he can forgive her. Sonny responds that he doesn't blame her for what AJ did. Ava plays with Sonny and says, "If I were you I'd want to put a bullet in AJ's head!" Sonny asks her to tell the police that she was with AJ that night. Ava says okay if Sonny does something for her in return.

Alexis explains to Derek/Julian that Jason was the love of Sam's life in front of Danny's hospital room. Alexis fills him in on Jason and Sam's history as well as Jason's connection to the mob. Alexis also says that Jason was basically a good person, who truly loved her daughter. Then Alexis shares that she is also a "mob lawyer" and mentions that Sonny is her client. She says that Sonny is Kristina's father. Derek/Julian is very intrigued. Alexis compares her one night stands, which resulted in both Sam and Kristina. Derek/Julian says he can relate to Sonny. Then he gets a calls stating that one of his guys was kidnapped. He excuses himself to talk in private and runs into Duke and Anna in the hallway.

Sam hears a noise on the docks and calls out for Jason. It turns out to be Silas. He apologizes for scaring her and she tells him about being there to think about Jason. Then we see that the mysterious watcher is lurking behind them and listening to their conversation. Sam asks about news on Danny's transplant, but Silas says they're still waiting for test results. Sam mentions that it's Jason's birthday. Silas brings up that the murder of Rafe's mother Allison happened where they are standing. Sam says the docks is also where Jason was shot. She tells Silas the story of Jason's murder and how she held onto hope that he was alive for a long time. She even mentioned how McBain helped her through all of it. Silas suggests that Sam should move on to get closure. She gets a little defensive and wonders if he is pushing her to move on because of his feelings for her. Silas takes offense and tells her that he would never do that. Sam feels bad and apologizes. Then Silas gets paged by the hospital about Danny's test results, so he and Sam leave for the hospital together. It appears the mysterious watcher follows them. At the end, Sam catches up with Alexis and they wait with Silas anxiously for news on Danny.

Shawn calls Max to come to Kelly's to talk about Sonny's condition. Max tells Shawn he left Sonny alone with Ava Jerome. Shawn thinks they need to keep an eye on Sonny and mentions that Sonny called him Jason. Shawn thinks Sonny really believed he was Jason, but Max isn't convinced. Shawn brings up the gambling ring and suggests that he and Max look into it, since Sonny isn't up to it right now. At the end, Shawn and Max bring "Vince" the main gambling guy back to Kelly's and tie him up in the kitchen. Shawn asks for the name of his boss or he'll get beaten.

Carly gets Franco a room at the Metro Court, despite his credit card being declined. They talk in his hotel room about his suspicions that someone is out to get him. He thinks Ava is messing with him. Franco talks about Ava's lying about Kiki and his suspicious that Ava put a hold on his credit card. Franco brings up seeing Ava with Derek/Julian in the lobby and that he heard them talking about not wanting anyone to know what they're up to. Carly says it confirms some of her initial feelings about Ava. Later, Franco asks Carly to stay with him and share some birthday cake. He says since it's also Jason's birthday he understands that Carly is probably thinking about him. Later, Carly holds a birthday cake with candles up for Franco to make a wish. He asks if Carly wants to know his wish, but she says then it won't come true. Then she wishes him happy birthday again and leaves. The mysterious watcher sees Carly leave Franco's room. After, someone knocks on Franco's door. He opens it and is shocked by what he sees. However we don't get to see who it is! End of show!

Sonny and Ava have some good chemistry! 

Enjoy a scene from today's show below. Ava - "I have blood on my hands!"

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Friends Now?
In this episode Liz and Sam have a moment, a mysterious person watches half the town and everyone remembers Jason on his birthday! P.S. It's Franco's birthday too!

Today's Show - 

Franco's wishes Jason's picture a Happy Birthday at the Q's, while an unknown someone watches him from the window. Monica walks in and takes the picture from Franco's hand. She calls him a murderer so Franco taunts her about AJ's crimes. Monica slaps him and tells him to get out of her house. Then Monica tells Franco to move out or she'll stick Alice on him. Franco agrees to leave and Monica says, "Goodbye and Good Riddance!" Shortly after, Tracy walks in and tells Monica that she is pleased to see Franco leave. Tracy starts to make jokes about AJ and Monica bursts into tears. Tracy tries to make Monica feel better by saying that AJ will probably get out of jail time. Monica then tells her about it being Jason's birthday and getting fired. Tracy is appalled about Monica being fired. To Monica's surprise, Tracy goes to her defense and makes some calls to get her job back.

Sam watches Danny from the window of his isolation room at the hospital and promises him that she'll take him home soon. Nearby, Alexis and Derek/Julian chat on the phone about Danny's progress. Derek's is at the Metro Court and nearly calls Danny his grandson. He asks Alexis if he can stop the hospital to see him. Alexis says yes and tells him that she is looking forward to it. They get off the phone and Alexis goes to see Sam. They talk about Derek coming by to check on Danny and Sam notices that Alexis seems interested in him. Sam asks Alexis what she has to lose, unless she is still hung up on Shawn. They're conversation is interrupted by Liz. Alexis excuses herself. Liz notices that Sam has her dragon and phoenix figurines in front of Danny's window and they have a nice conversation about Jason.

Sonny anguishes over whether or not to take his pills in his living room. Shawn comes in with condolence flowers for Sonny from Derek Wells. Sonny flashes to his conversation with Derek/Julian at the hospital before Connie's murder. Sonny remembers that Mr. Wells had claimed to be the one responsible for pushing the article about Kiki and told Sonny to hold onto Connie. The memory angers him. Shawn asks what's wrong. Sonny says they don't need flowers from Derek Wells, because he's indirectly responsible for what happened to Connie. Then Shawn tells Sonny that he's been keeping track of the gambling ring that Morgan was involved with. The information confuses Sonny and he calls Shawn, Jason by accident.

Over at the Metro Court, Ava walks up to Julian and accuses him to being distracted and not working on taking Sonny down. He coyly responds that he's already in the process of getting to Sonny. Ava doesn't think that sending flowers to Sonny was the right move. She lectures him on being distracted with his new family. Ava threatens to deal with Sonny herself if Julian doesn't pull it together. He gets annoyed and tells her that he's in charge and she's already been too high profile in town. Then he says that they don't want anyone to find out what they're up to. Right then Franco walks in and overhears. Derek introduces himself to Franco and then makes an excuse to leave. After, Franco wants to talk to Ava alone. She tells him that they have nothing to talk about, but she does remember it's his birthday. She remarks that it's another year that he is alone and walks out.

Liz and Carly run into each other on the docks. They are both there to remember Jason's birthday. They start to talk about how they both miss him and how unfair it is that he died. They both secretly wish that Jason somehow survived. They get to talking about Franco and Liz notices that Carly seems softer towards Franco. Liz asks Carly what's changed. Carly thinks it's possible that he changed for real, but Liz says it could just be more games on Franco's part. Carly gets defensive, so she calls Liz out for going to AJ's arraignment and says that Liz will soon jump back into Nikolas's arms. Liz gets annoyed and walks off. After, Sonny arrives and startles Carly. They talk about Jason as well. Sonny blames himself for Jason's death. Sonny reminisces about how Jason came to work for him. Carly advises him not to rewrite history and accept that Jason made his own choices. Carly also tells Sonny not to get swallowed up in depression. They leave together and it appears they are being watched by someone.

Happy Birthday!
At the end, Derek/Julian makes it to the hospital. Alexis runs into him and mentions that it's Sam's dead husband's birthday. They go find Sam and offer to watch Danny so she can get some things done. Sam says that she does have something she wants to do. Alexis and Derek/Julian walk her out and briefly leave Danny alone. Alexis explains the phoenix and the dragon to Mr. Wells. We see that the mysterious someone sneaks up to Danny's window. Over at the Q's, Tracy has a tirade on the phone to the hospital board. When she gets off, Monica gets choked up looking at Alan's picture. Tracy promises her they will fight for her job together. At the Metro Court, Franco's credit card gets declined when he tries to check into the hotel. Over at Sonny's house, Ava waits in his living room and at first Sonny thinks she's Connie. Sam goes to the docks to think of Jason and also gets watched by the mysterious person. She hears a noise and calls out, "Jason?!?" End of show!

Enjoy Liz's Scenes from today's show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Be Thankful for What Is

Hard to let go!
In today's show Patrick comes to terms with his loss, Britt warms up to her baby, plus Sonny unleashes a can of whoop ass on a pesky reporter!

The Recap -

Sabrina and Patrick chat at the Nurse's Station about how Sabrina delivered Britt's baby. She fills him in on everything that went down with the birth and the baby loosing air. Patrick asks where Brad was. Sabrina tells him Brad was no where to be found, but Nikolas was there every step of the way. Sabrina notes that Nik and Britt seem close. Patrick gets a little mournful about the baby not being his. Sabrina is sympathetic, but advises him to let it go. She remarks on how now they can just be a normal couple without all the drama of Britt and the baby. She asks him to be thankful for what is. Then Sabrina leaves to get back to work, but tells him to find her later if he wants.

Britt wakes up from a bad dream at the hospital to Nikolas bringing her baby boy in for her to hold. She thanks Nikolas for helping her through everything. He tells her he was happy to be there for her. Then Nik tries to give her the baby, but Brit doesn't want to hold him. She tells him that she doesn't plan on breast feeding and says that she is going to be a terrible mother. Nikolas talks about how his father wasn't a good parent, but he is good with Spencer. He tells Britt that she isn't her mother and then leaves to take the baby back to the nursery. Nikolas runs into Patrick on the way. Patrick asks about the baby so Nikolas tells him about the baby's condition. Nikolas is compassionate about Patrick's feelings and talks about his similar experience when he found out Aiden wasn't his child. They also remark that the baby doesn't look like Brad or Britt! The conversation helps Patrick to realize that he needs to let go. At the end, Patrick finds Sabrina, hugs her and tells her that he loves her.

Monica comes to visit AJ at the police station. Monica wants AJ to tell her that he didn't kill Connie. AJ tells her that he doesn't know what happened, because he drank and can't remember. Monica is furious and scolds AJ. She tells him she risked everything to give him a second chance and now he's thrown it away. AJ says he is sorry and claims that he isn't as strong as Monica. Then Monica asks what Michael will do now and all of a sudden Michael walks in and replies, "I'm gonna stand by my dad!" Monica says she can't see AJ in jail and walks out. After, AJ and Michael discuss his case. AJ tells Michael that Diane plans on pinning Connie's murder on Sonny. Michael isn't happy to hear that. He asks AJ if he really believes that Sonny is responsible. AJ replies that it's not about getting Sonny arrested, it's only about creating doubt. Michael tells him that Sonny is suffering and tried to kill himself. AJ softens and tells Michael that he is sorry. Michael tells AJ that there is no way that Sonny killed Connie and asks AJ to tell Diane to back off. AJ wonders if this is his only shot at avoiding a life sentence. Later at the hospital, Monica gets called to speak with one of the hospital board members. He tells her that they had an emergency board meeting about AJ's arrest. Then he asks Monica to step down as chief of staff in the interest of the hospital's reputation.

Anna comes to chat with Maxie at the hospital and reminds us that she is Maxie's godmother. Maxie and Anna talk about opening the gift Lulu gave her. Maxie says she can't open it, because it's makes it final and means she has to say goodbye to the baby. Anna talks to Maxie about when Robin was a baby and how she had to leave her for long stretches of time. Anna says it was unbearable and tells Maxie it's natural for her to feel attached. Maxie says she has to do better and wishes she was more like Robin. They talk about Robin's strength and her postpartum depression. Anna tells Maxie that she is more like Robin then she realizes. Later, Anna informs Maxie that Britt's baby turned out not to be Patrick's. Anna leaves to get back to work and Maxie decides to go see Britt. Maxie asks Britt to please keep the truth about her baby a secret. Britt tells Maxie that she won't say anything, because she feels guilty about what she did to Patrick. Maxie asks why Britt isn't with her baby and Britt remarks that she is scared. Then Maxie talks about her choice to give her daughter away. At the end Maxie leaves and Nikolas returns with Britt's baby. Britt is finally ready to hold him. She takes him in her arms and lovingly tells him that she is his mommy.

Dante calls Olivia to check on Sonny. Olivia is at Sonny's house and sees the newspaper with a headline about AJ pleading not guilty. Sonny hears her on the phone and asks what she is talking about. Olivia gets off the phone and encourages Sonny to take his pills and eat. Olivia steps away for a minute and Sonny slips the pills in his pocket. Then Olivia returns with food and they talk about what happened. Sonny takes some food to show her that he is better. So Olivia decides it's a good time to ask what he wants to do about Connie's funeral. Before he answers, Sonny answers a knock at his door. It's the paparazzi there to ask him questions about Connie. One of the reporters asks Sonny if he killed the woman that he claims to love. Sonny freaks and starts punching the reporter viciously. Olivia intervenes and pulls Sonny back into the house, but not before the entire scene was captured on video. Once inside, Sonny tells Olivia he has to get revenge for Connie.

Lulu dotes over her baby in the hospital nursery. Shortly after, Dante joins her and holds the baby. They talk about Sonny's issues and suicide attempt. Then they talk about what to name her and Lulu's conversation with Maxie about staying away. Later, Dante and Lulu prepare to take the baby home and run into Anna in the hallway. Anna and Dante talk about Connie's murder briefly, then Anna leaves so Dante and Lulu can take the baby home. After, they decide what to name her while they wait by the elevators. Maxie sees them getting ready to leave and says goodbye to the baby from a far. At the end, Maxie opens the gift Lulu and Dante gave her and it's a picture of the baby. Meanwhile, Lulu and Dante bring the baby to see Sonny. Sonny holds the child and smiles for the first time in days. Olivia asks what they've decided to name her and Dante answers, Connie. Sonny and Olivia get choked up upon hearing it, but seem pleased. End of show!

Enjoy the final scene of today's show, plus tomorrow's preview below!

Have a great night!

P.S. Does anyone else think it's possible that Britt's baby is actually Dante & Lulu's child? Maybe Dr. Obrecht stole their embryo and that's what she implanted in Britt with Brad's help?!?