Thursday, August 8, 2013

Your Eyes are Glittering

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Another good show today! Olivia sets Sonny straight, Silas gets the confirmation he was looking for and Connie meets AJ's dark side.

Today's Show - 

Ava threatens to kill Silas at the hospital with scissors and tells him, "You're a dead man if you tell my daughter you're her father." Silas gently guides her hand to his heart and tells her to use a downward motion, calling her bluff. Ava backs away and recites how she would kill him hypothetically. Silas isn't swayed and tells her he will find out the truth one way or another. Sam walks up and Ava quickly excuses herself. Sam ask Silas what that was about, but he answers that he'd rather not talk about it. They go into Danny's room and start talking about Derek Well's failure to put the blood drive on the front page. Silas asks where in the paper it was placed, so Sam pulls up the newspaper online. Silas sees the headline and the copy of Kiki's birth certificate with his name listed as her father. Sam asks if he's okay and tells him to go find his daughter. Silas is shocked, but heads off to look for Kiki.

Michael finds the boathouse empty. He tries to call Kiki and hears it ringing from under the bed. So he calls Morgan instead. Ava bursts in looking for Kiki, but sees Michael. Michael shows Ava The Port Charles Press headline. Ava remembers finding Tracy in her bedroom and realizes where the story came from. Michael asks if it's true and Ava confirms that it's real. Michael accuses Ava of being unfair to Kiki and wanting to get ELQ money. Ava gets very defensive and says it had nothing to do with ELQ. Michael realizes how this will hurt AJ too. He decides to go look for AJ, but Ava stops him. She tells him she's not the an evil scheming bitch he thinks she is, she's a mother and asks him to tell her where Kiki is. Michael says he doesn't know where Kiki is, but she's probably with Morgan. At the end, Ava looks at the newspaper again and bursts into tears.

Throwback, early 90's!
Morgan and Kiki wait to get their marriage license at the courthouse. Kiki looks for her phone in her purse, while Morgan flashes to hiding her phone at the boathouse. Then Morgan's cell start ringing, but he puts it on vibrate when he sees it's Michael calling. Felicia and Mac show up to get their marriage license. Morgan introduces Kiki to Felicia, but notices that Felicia has a newspaper under her arm. He quickly encourages Kiki to borrow Mac or Felicia's cell phone to make her phone call. Kiki does so and leaves Morgan alone with Felicia and Mac. He tells them that he's trying to keep the headline from Kiki, as not to spoil her day. Mac and Felicia understand his sentiment, but don't think it's a great idea. Morgan asks them to please keep quiet and they reluctantly do so. Then Morgan and Kiki get called to get their license. After, Mac and Felicia agree that something isn't right. At the end, Morgan and Kiki get their license and Morgan asks her to marry him right then and there. Kiki responds that she doesn't think it's a good idea.

Liz slaps Tracy for belittling AJ at the Q's. She scolds Tracy for being so harsh and list AJ's extensive efforts to rebuild his life since returning to Port Charles. Tracy laughs at Liz's defense of him. She tells Liz it's only a matter of time before AJ crumbled anyway. Liz tells Tracy she has destroyed her father's legacy out of pettiness. Liz says that ELQ's stock is lower then ever and Tracy just couldn't handle that AJ bested her. Tracy accuses AJ of stealing her inheritance. Tracy also brings up AJ's attempt to kill Alan back in the day and his kidnapping of Michael when he was little. Tracy refuses to give in and says, "Your boyfriend is a loser and always has been!" Tracy also tells Liz that Nikolas is infinitely better then AJ and warns Liz that AJ is on the verge of imploding. She also reminds Liz that AJ slept with Carly the last time he got upset. Liz compares Tracy to AJ and notes how self destructive Tracy can be. Liz implores Tracy make peace with AJ and give him a chance.

Sonny goes to the Metro Court to talk to Olivia. She immediately notices that something is wrong, because his eyes "glitter" when he's angry. Sonny tells her that Connie betrayed him and he shows her the newspaper. Olivia asks what happened and Sonny gives her the details of what went down. Olivia suggests that maybe it's not as black and white as he thinks, but Sonny says Olivia would never betray a trust like Connie did. Olivia says she put her feelings aside so he could be with Connie, so he should make the best of it. Sonny responds that maybe he made a mistake. Olivia tells him the thing with Connie is just a stupid argument and tells him to go make it right. Sonny decides to listen to the messages Connie left on his phone and hears AJ voice in one of them. He quickly takes off.

AJ storms into Sonny's house to confront Connie on newspaper headline. AJ is fuming and demands that Connie tell him why she did this. She asks him to calm down and tells him it's just business. AJ doesn't buy it and tells her to admit that Sonny put her up to this. AJ starts ranting about all the ways Sonny has messed with his life, but Connie tells him it has nothing to do with Sonny. She tells him about Sonny asking her to kill the story, but she had to save Crimson. AJ shouts and rants about how much pain this has caused. She tells AJ, "I don't have a trust fund, AJ!" He tells her she saved her life, but destroyed his career and dreams for Michael at ELQ. AJ calms down a little and tells Connie the story of his sordid Quartermaine history and alcoholism. He also talks about his desire to change and make up for all the bad things he's done. Connie tells him that she just printed the truth. AJ starts to get worked up again and asks what he is supposed to do. Connie gets upset and somberly answers, "I don't know." She tells him about how she came back from her Kate/Connie debacle. She tells him to start over. AJ freaks and grabs her by the neck. Then Sonny bursts in with a gun pointed at AJ. Sonny yells at him to let her go or he'll shoot! End of Show!

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