Friday, August 16, 2013

You Can't Arrest a Pregnant Woman

This was too hilarious not to share!
Another fun episode today! Luke confronts Dr. Obrecht, Brit gets arrested, plus Mac and Felicia have a ton of wedding drama!

Friday's Recap - 

Dante and Anna bust in Brit's door to find her reading a book on her couch. They keep their guns pointed at her and Anna tells Brit they are looking for her mother. Anna tells her Dr. Obrecht is wanted for the attempted murder of Duke. Brit says her mother doesn't live in the country and claims that her mother doesn't know Duke. Anna vehemently disagrees and tells her that Lisa Westbourne is also Dr. Obrecht and she knows Duke very well. Anna says that Dr. Obrecht runs a clinic in Switzerland that is funded by Caesar Fiason. Brit claims she knows nothing about it. Anna threatens to take Brit to the station if she doesn't talk. Brit flashes to her last words with her mother and then admits she saw her yesterday. However, Dante finds the vile of poison on the floor and asks Brit how it got there if she hasn't seen her mother since yesterday. Anna doesn't believe anything Brit says and tells Dante to read Brit her rights. Dante does so and puts Brit in handcuffs. Brit can't believe they're going to arrest a pregnant woman and says her mother won't stand for this. Anna replies, "I'm counting on it!

Connie goes to see Kevin at the hospital. She asks him to help her make some decisions about Sonny. She tells him about what happened between her and Sonny. Kevin senses that Connie knew Sonny wouldn't like the story and asks her why she took the chance publishing it. Connie answers that she loves Sonny, but thinks he was happier with Olivia after they broke up over her DID. She tells Kevin about purposely stopping Sonny from getting closer to Olivia. Kevin keeps it simple and advises Connie to trust her love and work it out. Connie agrees and leaves to find Sonny.

Olivia goes to visit Sonny at his restaurant to make sure he is okay. She asks Sonny what happened between him and Connie. Sonny tells her about what went down with AJ, but says their relationship isn't out of trouble. Olivia says they need to learn how to communicate and stop breaking up all the time. Sonny gets worked up and feels Connie stabbed him in the back. Sonny says he doesn't need this in his life. Olivia gets angry, because she backed off and now he's not going to make it work. Olivia tells him that she wishes she fought for him and that he fought for her in return. Then Olivia realizes what she just said and goes to leave. Sonny stops her and just then Connie walks up to the door. She stays out of eyesight, but hears Olivia tell Sonny that she should have fought for him.

Luke and Holly try to open the secret door in the "Loving" house. They hear singing and in walks Dr. Obrecht. Luke introduces her to Holly as the "Mad Doctor" who put Robert into a coma. Dr. Obrecht makes lite of it and Holly wants to kill her. Luke stops Holly and they connect the dots that Dr. Obrecht must know Jerry Jax. Dr. Obrecht says Jerry Jax is dead, but Luke says it's not true. Luke says Jerry was going to buy the cure from her with the help of Caesar Fiason. Luke calls Fiason "mangy" and "euro trash". It sets Dr. Obrecht off and she let's it slip that she might have discovered a cure. She also refers to Fiason a "visionary". Dr. Obrecht asks why Luke cares and taunts him about being sick. Dr. Obrecht says she wasn't able to cure Jerry Jax and insists he is dead. She admits to developing the research, but says after Fiason was captured she had to abandon her work. Dr. Obrecht says she was able to slow Jerry's symptoms, but he ultimately died and claims she cremated him. Luke doesn't believe it and says Jerry is behind the secret door. Dr. Obrecht says some doors aren't meant to be opened, but Luke ignores her. He goes inside, leaving Holly to look after Dr. Obrecht. Once alone, Holly promises to get Dr. Obrecht back for what happened to Robert. Dr. Obrecht says that she had no choice; Robert knew too much. Luke travels into the hidden doorway and finds a secret basement. He goes inside, but we don't get to see what's down there. Will Luke find Robin?

Richard Simmons returns today to interrupt Mac and Felicia's wedding. In a creepy manner he tells Lucy, "I'm back!" Lucy and Maxie both scream at him for trying to ruin the wedding. Lucy is certain he is out for revenge because of the Nurse's Ball. He tells Mac and Spinelli that they're sour pusses and pulls a sparkle gun out of his pocket. Richard shoots a few bursts of sparkles around and Emma says, "This Wedding is Bananas!" (I think we all get that Richard Simmons is gay; thanks for the blatant innuendo Carltini) Patrick and Spinelli pick him up and go to carry him out of The Floating Rib. Felicia interjects and asks them to put him down. Richard starts crying and claims he came to apologize for his behavior at the Nurse's Ball. He claims he was on a juice fast at the request of Demi Moore and not himself. Richard claims he thought the wedding would be the best place to apologize to everyone at once, especially Lucy. He gets down on one knee and begs for her forgiveness. Lucy is moved, hugs him and offers her forgiveness. Then Lucy gets everyone else to forgive Richard as well, Felicia says, "I'm over it!" and then they all get back to wedding business. Mac and Felicia finally say their vows, exchange rings and Lucy pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss while everyone claps. Maxie is especially pleased. At the end, Patrick and Sabrina take Emma home and everyone else stays to enjoy the reception. Felicia and Mac feed each other wedding cake and at the end, Maxie realizes her water broke! End of show!

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Enjoy Mac & Felicia's scenes from today's show!


  1. I did not watch this wedding. I don't mind Mac but I am furious with what this show did to Frisco and Felicia has said MANY times Frisco is her one true love. Frisco and Felicia were an amazing couple and I was totally disgusted with the writers total disregard and dismissal of this couple. I read on a website that this wedding was a total joke, so I had to take a look. Never have I watched on television a more ridiculous circus of a wedding than this one. Really? So let me get this straight, whoever is writing this show now totally destroyed the funny, ever likable Frisco Jones, disrespected and dismissed the legendary Frisco and Felicia romance and writes a wedding like this for one of the most boring no-chemistry couples in daytime?? This is the same General Hospital right? The one that genius Gloria Monty had youngsters skipping school so they wouldn't miss episodes (pre-dvr) right? Such a crying shame. At least there is youtube to watch GH when it was golden!!!

  2. Wow!! Um GH writers, did you watch this wedding before you actually put it on the air? And you were ok with it? Let me ask you this, have you ever watched older episodes with Frisco and Felicia? Had you any clue of their enormous fan base? Are you feeling just a little embarrassed right now? Were you drinking when you wrote this episode? Oh how I miss my Frisco and Felicia and GH back in the 80's and 90's.

  3. I agree they missed the boat with Frisco's return. I do like Mac just not with Flea.


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