Monday, August 5, 2013

They Came from the 80's

I love you English!
Good show today! Lots of vets on the canvas, plots are heating up plus we got a glimpse of an old favorite!

Monday's Recap - 

Sam walks in on Ava and Julian at Crimson. Julian asks who she is and Sam replies, "I could ask you the same question." Sam asks where Connie is and "Derek" is informs her about Connie not being around. Sam says hi to Ava and remembers that Kiki is her daughter. Sam introduces herself to Derek and asks to speak with him. Ava steps out to let them talk. Once alone Sam tells him about Danny and her idea to start a blood drive. He asks about her efforts thus far and Sam runs down the list of people she's gone to for donations. Then she mentions her missing in action father. He remarks that it might not sell papers and Sam freaks out. She yells at Derek and tells him that if he had a child, he would understand. He takes pity on her and agrees to run Danny's blood drive on the front page.

Alexis remembers that Sam's dad is named Julian. She tells Kevin that she remembers clearly now and notes that Molly and her Ouija board were right about J. Kevin teases her that she didn't think hypnosis would work. Alexis wonders why now and he says it's because she never needed to remember before. Then Alexis wonders how they are going to find him based on just a first name. Kevin tells her that she might start to remember more now and suggests that she take it one step at a time. Later, Alexis runs into Sam by the elevators in the hospital. Sam tells Alexis about Derek Wells saving the day and Alexis tells Sam that her father's first name is Julian!

Tracy wants Lucy's one percent of ELQ at Kelly's. Lucy tells Tracy she is fond of her one percent, but Tracy says she can keep her percent she just needs to vote with her. Lucy is willing to accept, but Scott interjects and suggests that Tracy is being cheap. Tracy offers to add another zero and both Lucy and Scott reply in unison, "Sold!" Later, Lucy and Scott sit alone and she gives him a piece of pie with a candle on it. Lucy says it's for helping her with Tracy. She tells him to close his eyes and make a wish. He does, then says, "Laura's still not here." Lucy tells him all he can do is wait, while she devours his pie. Scott decides to get himself another piece and listens to Lucy complain about Kevin always being out of town. Scott feeds Lucy a piece of pie just as Kevin arrives and sees them. Kevin sits down and isn't pleased to learn they were alone there all afternoon.

Kiki sits by Franco's bedside and asks if he is awake. He opens his eyes and she asks if he knows who she is. Franco replies, "Daughter." Kiki is thrilled that he remembers her. Meanwhile, Silas inquires about the DNA results he ran on Kiki's blood outside of Franco's room. He overhears Kiki telling Franco that she is happy they will have chance to bond now. Silas interrupts and asks to talk to Kiki alone. She steps outside and Silas tells her about Franco no longer being an option for Danny. Then Ava arrives and wonders what they were talking about. Kiki tells her about Franco's condition and Ava quickly hustles her back into Franco's room. Once out of Kiki's earshot, Ava scolds Silas for approaching Kiki and warns him again to stay away. Silas replies that he'll decide once he gets the DNA test. Ava is livid and Silas leaves to let her anguish over it. Back in Franco's room, Kiki and Franco talk more and grow a little closer.

Monica finds Connie ransacking Ava's bedroom at the Q's. Monica immediately thinks it has something to do with Tracy, but Connie claims she came on a hot tip for Crimson. Monica wants to call the police, but Tracy arrives just in time to stop her. Monica tells Tracy to give her one good reason not to call the police. Tracy answers because Connie didn't ransack the room, she did. Tracy claims that she lost her temper after the vote came down. Monica says she is very happy for AJ and warns them to stay away from her room. Then she leaves and Connie shows Tracy the metal box. They break it open and find Kiki's birth certificate. They see Silas listed as the father and Tracy is thrilled. Connie has doubts about breaking her confidence to Sonny, but Tracy strongly advises her to save her company. At the end, Connie takes her hot story to Derek and Ava finds Tracy in her room.

Luke thanks Holly for having his back. She smiles then asks what they're doing at the clinic in Switzerland. Holly talks about her life these days. She tells Luke that she visits Robert all the time and claims it's very sad, but peaceful. Holly wants more information before proceeding with hacking the computer. She mentions all the reasons why she agreed to help Luke without question, including Ethan. Luke looses his energy, sits down and tells her that he doesn't have a lot of time. Then he fills her in on Helena poisoning him. Holly is heartbroken to hear the news. Luke tells her that he loves her and he is so happy they met. Later, he fills Holly in on Jerry Jacks and the missing $88 million. Holly jumps back on the computer just as the bank alarm goes off. Took long enough! Luke asks if she still works well under pressure. Holly quickly toils at the keyboard and finds a picture of the person who the money was transferred to. When the picture loads it's Sean Donely! End of show!

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Enjoy Luke & Holly scenes from today's show!

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