Friday, August 9, 2013

Stop or Sonny Will Shoot!

You Got Me!
In today's episode Silas wanders around the Quartermaine's, Julian offers to be a donor for Danny and Sean Donely makes his official return!

The Recap - 

Luke and Holly arrive in County Kerry, Ireland. They knock on the door of a house where they believe Sean Donely is. They are greeted by Sean's daughter, Anna Donely. Luke introduces himself. Anna remembers that Luke shot Sean leaving him paralyzed. Luke insists it was an accident. Anna tells them that Sean's not home. They ask if they can wait and she reluctantly says yes. Luke excuses himself to use the bathroom. Once alone with Holly, Anna says she knows they're running a scam and asks what they really want. They get interrupted by Luke being dragged into the room by a guard who says he caught Luke snooping. Anna demands to know what they want and Luke again insists on seeing Sean. Anna still claims he's not there, but right then Sean comes in on his wheel chair. Luke asks him where Jerry Jax is. Anna answers that Jerry is dead. Luke pulls out the picture of Sean withdrawing Jerry's money. Luke asks if Jerry came to him sick and offered a deal. Sean replies, "You got me!" Anna says Sean needed the money for something else. Luke asks what for. Sean pulls a vile out of his pocket and snarls, "Because of this!"

Ava barges into Julian's office at Crimson and tosses the newspaper on his desk. She tells him it may have ruined everything for her. He claims that her anger doesn't make sense. Ava says that she didn't want Silas to know that Kiki was his daughter. Julian asks why, but she won't tell him. Instead she tells him to "go to hell" and storms out.

Alexis and Sam run into each other at the hospital. Alexis asks how the blood drive for Danny is going. Sam replies that it would have been great if Derek Wells put it on the front page. Sam also fills Alexis in on Silas being Kiki's father. Then they run into Mac who is there to get tested for Danny. He tells them about getting his marriage license and preparing for the wedding. Later, Sam and Alexis speak privately about Sam's fears about not finding a donor. Alexis assures her someone will be a match. Right then Julian steps off the elevator. He comes up to them and offers to get tested for Danny.

Michael goes to the Q's looking for AJ. Silas knocks on the door looking for Kiki. He and Michael chat about Ava's lies. In the living room, Liz pleads with Tracy to make peace with AJ. Tracy acknowledges Liz's devotion for AJ, but refuses to play ball and work with him. Liz gives up, steps out into the foyer and sees Michael. Silas says he's going to look around. Once alone, Liz tells Michael about how upset AJ was. Michael wonders if AJ would have gone to Sonny's and they take off looking for him. Later, Silas joins Tracy in the living room. Silas asks where he can find Kiki so Tracy directs him to the boathouse. Silas leaves and shortly after Ava arrives, steals Tracy drink and asks why Tracy sabotaged her. Tracy laughs and says Ava betrayed her. Ava suggests that Tracy hire her or else she will use her control over Franco's shares to side with AJ. Tracy agrees and walks out disgusted. Ava stays behind and shortly after, Silas strolls back in.

Sonny storms into his living room with his gun pointed at AJ, who has his hand around Connie's neck. Sonny tells AJ he will kill him if he doesn't let her go. Sonny moves closer and AJ let's go. Connie says that she is okay, which infuriates AJ. He accuses Sonny of inspiring Connie to print the story. Connie tells him it was all her idea. Sonny tells AJ he had no business yelling at Connie. AJ continues to scream at Connie and then throws her bad parenting with Trey in her face. Sonny gets enraged and pistol whips AJ. AJ drops down to the floor and Sonny jumps on him ready to strangle him. Then Liz and Michael run in and stop them. Sonny demands that Michael take AJ out. Before they leave, AJ swears revenge on Connie. Later, Connie thanks Sonny for coming to her rescue. Sonny tells her that Olivia convinced him to listen to his message, which lead to his knowing Connie needed help. Connie gets annoyed and accuses him of running to Olivia to cry about their problems. Sonny reminds her that she betrayed him. Connie defends herself saying that it's not fair to Michael or Kiki to keep the secret. Sonny says it wasn't her call to make any decisions about his family. Connie stands by her decision to print the story and walks out.

Liz and Michael take AJ to the hospital where Liz patches him up. She steps out of the room for a moment and Michael takes the time to tell AJ how badly he handled things with Connie. AJ says that it wasn't just about ELQ, it was about bonding with him. AJ also says that he wanted Monica to be proud of him. Then they start talking about Kiki. AJ says Michael can be with her now. Michael doesn't think it will work, because of Morgan. AJ tells Michael that he should go talk to Kiki and tell her the truth. Michael thanks AJ and takes off to find her. Michael goes to the elevator, where he sees Mac. Mac tells him about seeing Morgan and Kiki at the courthouse. Back in the exam room, Liz tells AJ that he needs put this behind him. AJ says if he had a gun he would have killed Connie.

Morgan pushes Kiki for an answer at the courthouse. She replies that they shouldn't get married because of Michael. Kiki explains that Michael was supposed to be the best man. Morgan says it doesn't matter that much to him, because of all the potential issues with them having a traditional wedding. Morgan talks Kiki into it and Kiki agrees to marry him. They go into the courtroom to take their vows. The clerk swears she knows Kiki from somewhere. Morgan spots the newspaper under a pile papers on her desk. He tries to hurry things along before she connects Kiki to the article. At the end, Michael bursts into the room and yells, "STOP!"  End of show!

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Enjoy this classic clip  - GH 1988 - Sean & Tiffany's Wedding

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  1. Great scenes! Tiffany's 80's wedding get up is horrendous!


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