Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Quartermaine Dead Beat

I have to tell you something!
In today's show Maxie has multiple complications, Franco goes MIA and AJ continues his downward spiral!

Here's What Happened - 

Michael interrupts Morgan and Carly's chat at the Quartermaine's. Michael tells them he needs to find AJ before he does something very stupid. Carly asks what AJ screwed up this time. Michael explains what happened with ELQ and decides to look around for him. After, Morgan gloats that he's happy his dad isn't a drunk. Carly snaps at him and gets back to the subject of Morgan tricking Kiki into marrying him. Morgan asks how telling the truth will help now. Carly says she has learned that lies always come out in the end. Michael returns saying he couldn't find AJ. Morgan leaves to look for Kiki, but tells Michael he loves him before he leaves. Then Carly offers to help Michael find AJ and they take off looking for him.

Kiki tries to tell Franco that she isn't his daughter in his hospital room. He refuses to believe her, but Ava walks in and confirms it. Kiki is livid with Ava and demands she explain her various lies. Kiki tells Ava that she married Morgan and wants nothing to do with her. Ava flashes to her conversation with Morgan about marrying Kiki. Franco tells Kiki he hopes she is happy with Morgan. Kiki officially disowns Ava, tells Franco she is sorry for what Ava did. Then she runs out of the room. Morgan happens to be in the hallway and Kiki runs into his arms. Back in Franco's room, Ava apologizes to him for lying. She says she hopes they can remain civil. Franco grabs her by the hair and tells her to pray that he woke up a changed man or else he'll take his crazy out on her. At the end, Ava tries to talk to Kiki out in the hallway. She tells Kiki that she loves her and asks Morgan to look after Kiki. Ava leaves and Kiki tells Morgan that she is worried about Franco. Morgan tells her to go talk to him again, but when Kiki does so see finds Franco's room empty.

Liz tries to stop AJ from drinking himself into "oblivion" at The Floating Rib. Liz asks how many he has had. AJ says he's just getting started. Liz asks him why he is doing this. AJ says it's because he's lost everything. She reminds him that he hasn't lost her, but AJ sharply responds that it didn't look that way when he saw her hugging Nikolas at the hospital. Liz tells him Nikolas is just friend, but AJ is too drunk to understand. She tries to explain that she was just upset and AJ misunderstood. She pleads with him to come home with her and stop drinking. AJ asks what Liz wants with a Quartermaine dead beat like him. Liz offers to take care of him. AJ responds by saying, "Like you took care of Jake?" Liz starts to get very upset and asks AJ to stop saying those things. He continues to rub it in, so Liz slaps him hard. Liz says he's right, she did turn her back on her baby which is on her. Then she tells AJ what he does is on him. Liz takes his car keys and walks out! At the end, AJ returns to the Quartermaine's. He finds more vodka and goes into the wall safe for a gun!

Tracy shares with Connie her on and off love saga with Luke at ELQ. Tracy shares her fears about Luke being sick and how Luke went off alone, followed by Laura. She also shares her regrets for ever thinking Luke could make a lasting commitment to her. Tracy says she can't shake Luke, despite her best attempts to. Connie says she feels the same what about Sonny. Tracy tells Connie she is Sonny's Laura, his first love, and to fight for him. She also tells Connie to watch out for AJ!

Luke and Laura come to GH for the arrival of Lulu's baby. Sonny and Olivia inform them about what's happening with the umbilical cord. Lulu and Dante see them and Lulu is thrilled their back. Then Laura leaves a message for Scotty and Luke has a private chat with Sonny. He asks Sonny to protect Lulu and the baby when he's not around. Sonny asks what he means. Luke explains that Helena poisoned him. Sonny promises to protect Luke's family as long as he runs Port Charles. Olivia asks Laura if everything is okay with Luke. Laura tells her Luke is fine, but is secretly scared for him. Later, Mac, Felicia, Sonny, Olivia, Luke and Laura gather to wait for news on the baby. They all discuss the upcoming life, but Luke's happiness if subsided by feeling the symptoms of his illness. 

Maxie gets taken for an emergency c-section at the hospital. Spinelli assures her everything will be okay, but fearing the worst Maxie tells him she needs to admit something to him. However, the doctor tells Maxie there is no time to talk and they take her into the operating room. They allow Lulu to join Maxie and they go into surgery. Spinelli is concerned about whatever Maxie was trying to tell him, so Felicia and Mac try to console him. He sneaks off see Maxie anyway. Maxie sees Spinelli standing next to Dante through the operating room window. She tries to tell Lulu the truth, but Lulu is too excited to absorb Maxie's fears and just assures her not to worry. Outside, Spinelli tells Dante he's worried sick about Maxie and hopes Dante doesn't mind if he keeps him company. Dante appreciates the company and confides in Spinelli that he is scared to be a father. Back inside the operating room the doctor works to deliver the baby and finally a healthy baby girl is born. Dante and Lulu are ecstatic, but Maxie is sad. At the end, Dante tells everyone the baby arrived safely. Lulu and Dante hold their baby in delight. However, Maxie starts hemorrhaging and crashes! End of show!

Do you think AJ will really kill Connie? I certainly hope not!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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