Friday, August 23, 2013

Liquid Courage: Quick Recap + Full Episode!

Nobody Puts AJ in the Corner!
Good show today! All the actor's brought their "A" game and many plots came to a head; it's definitely worth watching!

Quick Recap - 

Derek/Julian is surprised to learn he is Danny's donor match at the hospital. He assures Sam & Alexis he will go through with the bone marrow transplant, but he is thrown by the oddness of him being a match. Alexis and Derek/Julian end up having a private conversation. Alexis tells him about all she remembers about Sam's dad including that his name was Julian! 

Michael finds an empty vodka bottle at the Q's and runs into Kiki. He shares AJ's alcoholic history with her and they notice that the wall safe is open. They have a bonding moment and Michael asks Kiki if she really believes that Morgan didn't know they were related. Kiki says she has to make her marriage work and takes off. At the end, AJ returns to the Q's and falls into Michael's arms clearly highly intoxicated.

Olivia sees the puppy again in a vision, while in the hospital elevator with Sonny. She panics that she must get back to the baby, starts frantically pushing buttons and gets the elevator stuck. Sonny starts to freak out from claustrophobia, but Olivia talks him down. Finally the elevator opens and Sonny leaves to go find Connie. Olivia gets back in the elevator alone and starts to see blood pouring through the door.

Ellie tells Spinelli that Maxie lost Dante & Lulu's baby a long time ago and he is the father of Maxie's baby. Spinelli is livid that Ellie lied to him. Ellie explains that she was afraid of loosing him and that's why she lied.

The doctor tells a very relived Mac & Felicia that Maxie is okay at the hospital. They go to see her and when Maxie opens her eyes she asks where Georgie is. Maxie starts to come to and demands to know where "her" baby is. Mac and Felicia try to tell Maxie that she is just the surrogate, but Maxie insists the baby is her and Spinelli's! At the end, the doctor comes into the room and gives Maxie a sedative.

Dante and Lulu think of baby names. Lulu says Georgie won't work and hopes that Maxie didn't grow attached to the baby. They regale in their happiness, but then overhear Spinelli and Ellie arguing out in the hallway. Dante asks what they're fighting about and Spinelli says it's about the baby.

A drunken AJ stumbles into Crimson with a gun and threatens to kill a terrified Connie. She secretly dials Sonny's number for help, but AJ realizes it and breaks her phone. At the end, Sonny makes it to Crimson and finds Connie on the floor with a gun shot wound! 

End of show!

Enjoy today's GH below!

I know a lot of you feel lukewarm about AJ, but I really think Sean Kanan is doing a great job this week! 

Have a great weekend!

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