Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Kiki NOT a Q

It's nice to say I love you!
On today's show Connie and Sonny implode, AJ's blood boils and Morgan desperately tries to hold onto Kiki!

Here's What Happened - 

Silas gets the results of Kiki's DNA test at the hospital. He is about open the results when Monica interrupts him. She tells him that he conducted a test without Kiki's authorization. Silas asks where she got that idea. Ava walks in and tells him it was from her. Monica asks for the envelope. Silas hands it over and Monica asks him why he did this. Ava jumps in and rants to Monica about how inappropriate Silas's behavior was. She suggests that Monica should fire him. Monica says she will take it to the board instead and tells Silas to keep up his good work in the meantime. Ava insists that Monica give her the test results. Monica hesitates, but then hands it over and walks away. After, Silas asks Ava why she is working so hard to stop him from seeing the results. Ava asks why would he care if they share a grown daughter. Silas asks why she wants Kiki to believe her father is Franco, the serial killer. Silas claims he going to take this to Kiki. Ava tells him to go see a shrink! Silas doesn't budge and threatens to go to Kiki right now. Desperate to stop him, Ava pulls a pair of scissors out of her purse, presses them against Silas's back and threatens to kill him.

AJ and Liz wake up in his bedroom happy and in the afterglow of their night together. AJ can't believe how lucky he is to have Liz, Michael and ELQ. He decides to ask "Cook 2.0" to make them something special for breakfast, but Liz says they should make breakfast together. He asks her if she has any regrets. Liz answers no way and refers to herself as AJ's girlfriend. He tells her to beware of his family if they walk downstairs together, but Liz says she's fine with the Q's and can't handle it.

Kiki dreams that Michael wakes her up, but when she open her eyes it's Morgan at the boathouse. They flirt and Morgan decides to go to the main house to get them breakfast. After he leaves, she calls Michael. Michael opens his door to get the newspaper at his apartment, but doesn't bother to read the headline. He gets some coffee when his phone rings. He answers and it's Kiki asking if they can talk. She tells him that she know she should stay away, but she has no one else to talk to about Morgan. Michael asks what's going on. Kiki tells him that Morgan gave her a ring and that she told Morgan she loved him. Michael asks if it's true and Kiki responds that she didn't know what else to say. Morgan comes back and Kiki hangs up. Morgan looks upset and tells her they need to talk. He insists that they go get their marriage license immediately. Michael finally reads the paper and realizes he's not related to Kiki. Michael tries to call Kiki back, but Morgan picks up when Kiki goes into the shower. He asks Michael what he wants. Michael claims he was just calling about Franco's recovery. Morgan thinks it's crap and hurries Michael off the phone. Kiki walks out and asks who was on the phone. Morgan claims it was Sonny and asks if she's ready to go to the courthouse. At the end, Michael takes the newspaper and decides to go find Kiki. However when he arrives at the boathouse no one is there.

Tracy is delighted to open her door and see the Port Charles Press newspaper headline that says, "Kiki NOT a Q" She decides to send Connie a thank you card for her help. Diane arrives at Tracy's behest to discuss the ELQ shareholder's vote. Diane says the matter is settled, but Tracy shows her the newspaper and asks, "Is it?" Shortly after, AJ and Liz walk in. Tracy can't wait to play with AJ and begins to taunt him. She shows him the newspaper, while Morgan eavesdrops from outside. AJ reads the article and can't believe it. It states that Silas is really Kiki's father. Tracy also tells him that she secured Lucy's 1 percent, which puts her back in charge. She tells him, "I'm in, you're out!" AJ starts to freak, but Liz tries to assure him they will fight Tracy together. Diane suggests to Tracy that she be gracious, but Tracy isn't interested. AJ starts to steam and yells, "How did this happen?" Tracy tells him that Connie broke the story. He wonders why Connie would do this to him. Diane reminds him that Connie might have done this to please Sonny, since Sonny hates AJ so much. Liz tries to claims him down, but AJ storms out! Diane heads out to, but Liz stays behind to defend AJ to Tracy. Tracy tells her that AJ will disappoint her sooner or later. Liz can't believe how cruel Tracy is being to her own family. Tracy recounts all of AJ failures and says he's not worthy of anyone's love. Liz gets pissed and slaps her!

Connie is terrified to show Sonny the newspaper at his house. Sonny is nice at first and asks what's got her so upset. Connie tells him not to be nice and hands him the newspaper. Sonny asks what's going on. She tells him it was her who broke the story, but she tried to stop it at the last minute. Sonny doesn't care and asks why she lied and printed the story after saying she wouldn't. Connie tells him that it was wrong for Sonny to put Morgan's happiness over Michael's and she had to save Crimson. Sonny defends Morgan and fears that Morgan is slipping away. Connie tells him it's wrong to manipulate Kiki. They fight and Sonny says it wasn't her call to decide how he should handle his children. Sonny can't accept it and storms out of the house.

Carly finds Olivia ranting on the phone at the Metro Court about linens. Carly tells her not to push herself. Olivia says she'll be fine once she finds out who shot her and Carly should be worried about Michael not her. Carly asks what she is talking about. Olivia tells her that Michael is in love with someone he can't have. Carly tells her that she is well aware of Michael's issue. Olivia says that it's hard when you love someone you can't have. Carly wonders if they are talking about Michael or Olivia. Carly tells Olivia that they both know Connie will break Sonny's heart and she should go for it. Olivia says Connie and Sonny are together, end of story. Carly replies that it's only a matter of time before Connie blows it with Sonny and leaves. Later Sonny shows up at the Metro Court to talk to Olivia with a newspaper in his hand.

At the end, Connie tries to leave voice messages for Sonny. AJ storms in and demands that Connie explain the newspaper headline. End of show!

Fun show today! 

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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