Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Karaoke Party!

What a lovely singing voice you have!
Fun show today! Kevin and Mac dress in drag, Dr. Obrecht sings karaoke in a blonde wing and Brit makes some headway with Patrick!

Today's Recap -

Maxie, Lulu and Dante arrive at The Floating Rib just in time to surprise Felicia and Mac for their engagement. Felicia and Mac arrive and are delighted to see everyone. Maxie tells them that in place of a bachelor and bachelorette party, they're having a karaoke party. Maxie takes the stage and sings "Going to the Chapel of Love" with Felicia and Mac at her side. Next up Lulu and Dante sing "You're having my baby" to Maxie.

Over at the bar, Duke and Anna discuss how dangerous Dr. Obrecht is. Sabrina tells Spinelli and Felix that she recognizes Brit's mom at a nearby table. Ellie joins them and they discuss what little information they got off the internet. Sabrina wonders what's taking Patrick so long to get there. Felix thinks Brit probably did something to keep Patrick busy. Sabrina agrees, decides to go find him and takes off for the hospital. Later, Ellie confronts Maxie alone and thinks she is manipulating Spinelli. Maxie puts Ellie in her place and walks away. 

Dr. Obrecht arrives in disguise at The Floating Rib. She eavesdrops on Sabrina's conversation with the gang and orders a drink at the bar. She tells the bartender that she's from New Jersey. Then Dr. Obrecht puts something in Anna's champagne, while Anna is distracted by the entertainment. Anna and Duke take their drinks up to the stage and make a nice toast to Felicia and Mac, while Dr. Obrecht grows impatient waiting for Anna to sip her drink.

Lucy gets frustrated with Kevin at the hospital. She feels that his work keeps him from being reliable. Lucy thinks that's why they got "bumped" as best man and woman in place of Anna and Duke for Felicia and Mac's wedding. Kevin wonders if maybe Lucy's previous vampire obsession is the reason. Lucy gets upset and they step into the elevator. They finally arrive at The Floating Rib, but are in the middle of an argument which everyone hears. They interrupt Anna's toast. Duke and Anna step down and Duke takes their drinks to the bar. So Dr. Obrecht decides to sing a little karaoke herself to pass the time. Lucy steps in the hallway and vents about her marriage to Felix. Felix suggests they take a vacation together to get things on track. Lucy notices Dr. Obrecht singing and thinks she recognizes her. Then she remembers meeting her in the park a few months back and feels that something is off about her.

Patrick tells Brit he's falling in love with their baby at birthing class. Brit tells him there is something she needs to tell him. She flashes to her conversation with Dr. Obrecht about Patrick not being the father. She tells him that she hasn't been honest, but gets contractions before she can continue. Patrick takes her for an ultrasound to make sure everything is okay. They find a strong heartbeat and find out it's a boy! Once they realize everything is okay. Patrick asks Brit what she wanted to tell him. She admits that she never intended to have an abortion and that she faked having an illness. She tells him that she really loved him and hoped she could get him back. Patrick asks if there is anything else. Brit says that's all and hopes he can forgive her. Patrick puts his hand on her belly, they agree to co-parent peacefully and they hug just as Sabrina walks in and sees them. Patrick tells Sabrina that they're having a boy. Sabrina gracefully congratulates Brit and then leaves with Patrick. Once alone, Brit thinks maybe things will work out after all.

Later, Duke and Anna finally take a sip of their champagne. Dr. Obrecht watches while singing on stage in delight. However, Duke unintentionally switches the glasses and ends up drinking the poisoned champagne. He starts to feel light heated and tells Anna he needs to step outside for air. Lucy walks up to Anna and asks if she recognizes that strange woman at the bar, but when Anna looks Dr. Obrecht is gone. Outside, Duke bumps into Dr. Obrecht and immediately knows who she is. He calls her Faison's bitch, but passes out before he can do anything. Dr. Obrecht is ticked off that Duke drank the poison instead of Anna and takes off. Back inside, Kevin and Mac come out in their classic drag attire as, Norma & Eve, to sing a little karaoke. Afterward, Kevin walks up to Lucy, tells her he loves her and they kiss! Then Anna steps outside and finds Duke passed out on the ground. END OF SHOW!

If you haven't watched today's show you should! 

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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