Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's All Just Blank + News Update!

News Update: According to The General Hospital Blog - A BIG secret has just been revealed, Kirsten and Brandon have been MARRIED since June of this year, and another surprise is, they are expecting their first child! Kirsten is in her second trimester and is expected to have a baby girl!

Today's Recap -

Liz goes to see Tracy at ELQ looking for AJ. Liz notices the broken picture on the floor and asks if AJ is responsible. Tracy tells her that she warned her AJ was no good and says he's probably out drinking his sorrows away. Liz leaves a message for AJ, while Tracy gloats about her success. Liz reminds her that at least AJ has people that love him. Liz asks if Tracy can say the same. Then Liz walks out, while Tracy looks at a picture of Edward. After Connie comes to see Tracy. Connie tells Tracy about Sonny's reaction to the headline and Olivia's feelings for Sonny. She also tells Tracy that she thinks Dante's baby will bring Sonny and Olivia closer.

AJ goes to The Floating Rib orders a double vodka and is about to drink it when Ava walks in, grabs his glass and guzzles it before he can. They commiserate over their woes. Ava tells AJ about her problems with Silas and AJ brings up how Carly kept Michael from him. AJ fills Ava on how Jason and Carly pretended to be Michael's father the 1st year of his life and then how Sonny forced him into signing his rights away. Then AJ switches into ranting about Connie and finally takes a drink. AJ gets angrier and orders another round of drinks for he and Ava. Ava says she agrees that Connie is a bitch who needs to be destroyed. As AJ gets more intoxicated, he grows more irate. He says he is going to take action. Ava says she is going to do the same, but tells him drinking won't fix what's wrong. Then Ava leaves and AJ takes another sip.

Michael tries to box away his Kiki frustrations at his apartment, when Carly knocks on the door. Carly wonders why Michael isn't happier since Kiki isn't a Quartermaine, so Michael informs her that Morgan already married Kiki. Michael tells Carly he thinks Morgan purposely misled Kiki to get her to marry him. Carly isn't pleased and leaves to speak with Morgan. After, Liz stops by to see if Michael knows where AJ is. Liz thinks AJ might be off drinking and asks if Michael will help her find him. At the end, Liz finds AJ at The Floating Rib and stops him from taking another drink.

Morgan prepares a mock Hawaiian "phoneymoon" for Kiki at the Quartermaine's. She won't celebrate with him until he tells whether or not he knew her and Michael weren't cousins before he asked her to marry him. Morgan swears he had no idea. He asks Kiki if she knew would she have married him anyway. Kiki halfheartedly assures him that she is in the marriage to stay. She claims to be overwhelmed by who her father is and whether or not to confront Ava about a lifetime of lies. Kiki tells Morgan she needs to go speak with Franco and break the news to him about them not being father and daughter. Later, Carly finds Morgan alone at the Q's. Carly calls him out for lying to Kiki about not knowing Michael wasn't her cousin. Carly pleads with Morgan to come clean, just then Michael walks in.

Franco demands to see Silas about Danny's transplant at the hospital. Silas explains that he not a donor match, because of the cancer cells they found. Franco is disappointed that he can't help and that he can't show Kiki that he isn't a bad guy. Franco reflects on how everything with Kiki is all just blank; no childhood memories or closeness because of Ava. Silas is about tell Franco about Kiki not being his kid when Kiki walks in. She calls him Franco and he asks why not "Dad". Silas leaves to gives them privacy. Then Kiki tells Franco he's not her father. Out in the hallway, Ava comes up to Silas asking where Kiki is. Silas tells her Kiki is off breaking the news to Franco.

Olivia and Sonny go to the hospital to see if Maxie had the baby yet. They run into Felicia and Mac, who tell them that so far everything is good. They congratulate Mac and Felicia on their wedding and in return Felicia congratulates Sonny about Morgan getting married. Sonny thinks it's a mistake, but Felicia explains how they saw Morgan at the courthouse and how Morgan didn't want them to tell Kiki about the newspaper. Olivia and Sonny step aside to discuss Morgan in private, while Spinelli arrives to talk to Mac and Felicia about Maxie's progress.

In Maxie's hospital room, the doctor tells her, Lulu and Dante that there is a problem. The doctor thinks there is something wrong with the baby's heart. Maxie blurts out that the baby got that from her. Lulu thinks Maxie is just confused because of the medication. The doctor says it's not a heart defect, but the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck. Later, Dante and the doctor come out to tell Sonny, Olivia, Felicia and Mac with Spinelli now in tow about the umbilical cord situation. Everyone is concerned, but the doctor thinks they have some options. At the end, Spinelli, Mac and Felicia go to visit Maxie. Spinelli tries to comfort Maxie and assure her everything will be okay. Then the monitors start going off and the doctor tells Maxie the baby has to come out now! End of show!

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Enjoy AJ's scenes from today's show!

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