Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It was Obrecht!

Call him Caesar!
In today's episode everyone worries about Duke, Maxie makes Lulu suspicious and Brit finds a ugly blonde wig!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Anna cries at Duke's bedside in the hospital where he lays unconscious. Patrick comes in the room and tells her that Duke was poisoned with a very powerful sedative. Anna can't believe it and asks how it happened. Patrick doesn't know, but says the levels in his body are off the charts. Anna panics and asks Patrick if Duke will make it. Patrick replies that if he were going to bet on anyone, it would be Duke. He says all they can do is wait. They start talking about how this could have happened and Anna realizes that someone must have drugged his drink at the party.

Felicia, Mac, Spinelli, Maxie, Lulu and Dante anxiously wait for news on Duke's condition at The Floating Rib. Dante and Spinelli decide to go to the hospital to see if they can find out anything. Felicia expresses to Mac how unfair she thinks it is that this happened. Maxie wants to call Lucy and Kevin as stands ins for the wedding, but Felicia says they can't get married with Duke in the hospital. Maxie says it has to happen today, because of Georgie. Maxie clarifies and says she wasn't talking about her sister. Lulu's perks up and asks if Maxie meant the baby. Lulu asks Maxie if she understands that the baby isn't hers. Maxie says of course, it's just that she has Georgie as the name in her mind for her future child.

Dante and Spinelli arrive at the hospital and Felix tells them about Duke being poisoned. Dante goes into Duke's room to talk to Anna. Dante gives Anna some encouragement and they run down some ideas of who would want to hurt Duke. Anna first thinks of Ava and explains some of the Jerome history to Dante. Then Anna remembers that Lucy had thought there was a suspicious blonde woman at the party. Dante says he will investigate it and takes off. After Patrick comes back into Duke's room and tells Anna that Duke's vitals are looking better and he thinks he will wake up soon. Anna is delighted and thanks Patrick. Later, Anna sits alone at Duke's bedside and tells him she loves him. Then Duke opens his eyes and says her name.

Felix and Spinelli continued to talk in the hospital hallway about the possible list of suspects in Duke's poisoning. Felix also asks if Spinelli has any new information on Brit's mother. Spinelli says not yet, but he will uncover something soon. Felix goes into Duke's room at Anna's behest after Duke opens his eyes. Felix checks out his vitals and tells Duke that he's in good shape. Felix leaves and then Duke asks Anna what happened. She tells him that someone drugged him, but they don't know who. Duke responds, "I do." Anna asks if it was Ava. Duke says no, it was Obrecht! He tells her Dr. Obrecht was wearing a wig.

Julian drops in on Ava at the Quartermaine's. He claims to want to talk to her about some art work, but Ava asks what he really wants. Julian says he wants to talk about Duke Lavery. Julian thinks that Ava poisoned Duke. Ava thinks Julian poisoned him. They both deny it and then wonder who would have wanted Duke dead. Julian asks if Ava has any idea who it might be. Then Dante walks in. He tells Ava that he came to talk to her about Duke being poisoned. Ava says she barely knows him. Dante asks if she is a member of the Jerome crime family. Ava says she is not related. Julian introduces himself as Derek Wells and Ava tells Dante if he doesn't have a warrant he needs to get out. Dante says okay, but promises to find out more about who she is. After, Ava tells Julian that Dante is Sonny's son. Julian says Dante might be an issue they need to address. Later Dante returns to The Floating Rib. Maxie gets call from Spinelli telling her that Duke will be okay and Lulu tells Dante they might have a problem.

Sabrina and Emma talk about Mac and Felicia's wedding at Patrick's house. Emma can't wait to be the flower girl, but Sabrina explains to her that they won't be getting married today. She tells her that, "Uncle Duke got sick." She tells her Patrick is trying to save Duke and Emma believes her daddy will succeed. Then someone knocks on the door. It'a a delivery man bringing baby furniture. Sabrina says she can sign for it, but the reality of the baby makes her a little sad. Later, Patrick arrives home and tells them that Duke opened his eyes. Emma shows him all the stuff that came for the baby. Emma wants to decorate the baby's room pink, but Patrick tells her that she is going to have brother. Emma isn't pleased with the news, but Patrick tries to sell the virtues of having a brother. At the end, Emma comes around and Sabrina tells Patrick that Spinelli dug up something about Brit's mother.

Dr. Obrecht gets irked from the newspaper headline about Duke getting ill at Brit's place. Brit walks in and asks what she is doing there. Dr. Obrecht says not to worry, because her roommates are off dealing with Duke's sudden illness. She shows Brit the newspaper and Brit asks if she had something to do with it. Dr. Obrecht says she has no issue with Duke, but she does with Anna. Later, she makes Brit some food and makes a crack about how fat Brit is. Dr. Obrecht asks about how birthing class with Patrick went. Brit says she told Patrick the truth and things went well. Dr. Obrecht drops the milk she was holding. Then she starts to scold Brit for telling Patrick that he's not the father. Brit explains the truth she told was about the fake abortion and illness. She tells Dr. Obrecht how Patrick appreciated the honesty and hands her the ultrasound picture. Dr. Obrecht is thrilled that she is having a boy and tells her to name the baby Caesar. Brit says no way and tells Dr. Obrecht to get out. She takes her purse and throws it at her. The blonde wig falls out. Dr. Obrecht claims that she was trying out a new look, since blondes have more fun. Brit doesn't believe her and searches her purse. Then Brit finds the vile of poison! End of show!

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Enjoy Brit & Dr. Obrecht's scenes from today's show!

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