Monday, August 26, 2013

I Knew You'd Come + Full Episode

How could you do this to me?
In today's show Connie makes a dramatic exit, Ava warns Julian to stay away from Sam and AJ's troubles are far from over!

Monday's Recap - 

Spinelli tells Dante and Lulu that he and Ellie are fighting over "his" baby in the hospital hallway. He pretends he and Ellie are fighting about Ellie not wanting a child instead of telling them the truth. Dante says he is sorry that they're having problems, but they need to take it somewhere else so they don't upset the baby. Spinelli promises they'll keep their voices down. Lulu tells Ellie that she should consider having a child, because it's such an amazing experience. Then they go back in the nursery. Once in private, Ellie asks Spinelli why he didn't tell them the truth. He replies that he can't tell them now, because it will hurt them too much. Ellie pleads with him to tell the truth and not make the mistake that she did by keeping the secret. Then she begs for his forgiveness. Spinelli says he loved Ellie, but she needs to go. Ellie says she loves him and that she is very sorry. Then she walks off. Spinelli walks over to the nursery looks at the baby through the window in tears. 

Later, Lulu and Dante go to check on Maxie. They run into Mac and he tells them about Maxie's trouble after giving birth. He also tells them about Maxie thinking the baby was hers. Lulu gets upset and worries that her fears of Maxie getting attached have come true. Then Dante gets called to work about a shooting. After, Mac and Lulu talk about Maxie in private. Lulu tells him how much she appreciates what Maxie has done for her, but she has some doubts about Maxie's attachment to the baby. Mac informs Lulu that when Maxie woke up she thought that Spinelli was the father of the baby. Lulu gets even more nervous, but Mac tells her that he will talk to Maxie and she should just go be with her daughter. Lulu returns to the nursery and sees Spinelli there looking at the baby. 

After seeing blood seep through the elevator, Olivia "sees" Connie shot on the floor of the hospital when the elevator door opens. Nearby, Derek/Julian tells Alexis that he remembered something from her story about Sam's dad. He is about tell her what when they hear Olivia cry out from the other side of the Nurse's station. Alexis runs over to help Olivia. Olivia tells Alexis that something is wrong with Connie so Alexis offers to call Sonny to check on Connie for her. When Alexis dials it goes to voice mail, so they decide to go look for them to make sure that Connie is okay.

Michael tries to help AJ at the Quartermaine's. He tells AJ that he spoke to Liz, then found an empty vodka bottle and the open safe. AJ is so drunk that he babbles about how Sonny stole Michael as a baby and why doesn't Michael ever call him dad. Then AJ falls down and takes a vase full of flowers down with him. Ava walks in and tells Michael she saw AJ drunk at The Floating Rib. They help AJ up and get him over the couch. Ava says that AJ will have a massive headache in the morning and Michael says he'll have plenty of other regrets to. Then Derek/Julian calls Ava and tells her to meet him at the hospital asap. Ava tells Michael she has to go, but advises him to put on a pot of coffee and be glad AJ got home safely. Later, Michael tries to talk to AJ alone. He tells AJ that he is with him and it's not too late to fix things. AJ mumbles that it is too late. Michael assures him they can start a new company, but first AJ has to get sober. Michael leaves for moment to get AJ some aspirin. While alone AJ notices the open safe.

Sam runs to tell Silas that they found a donor match at the hospital. She finds him in the hallway, tells him the news and hugs him. Silas asks who the donor is and Sam explains that it was Derek Wells. Silas thinks they should find Derek and runs some tests to get the transplant in order faster. Nearby, Ava arrives at the hospital to talk to Julian. He tells her about being a match for Danny. Ava says that's a coincidence since he's not related to Danny. He replies that as it turns out, he is the child's grandfather. Ava thinks he is joking, but he informs her that he had a one night stand with Alexis many moons ago. He says he remembers the night with Alexis and that Sam is daughter. Then Sam and Silas walk over to them. Sam introduces Silas to Derek. Silas asks what Ava is doing there and she answers that Derek is her client. Sam asks Derek/Julian if he has any doubts about the transplant. He assures her that he is okay with everything and Sam hugs him in thanks. Then Sam leaves with Silas to check on Danny. Seeing his reaction to Sam, Ava warns Julian not to get close to her or it will ruin all their plans.

Sonny finds Connie shot on the floor at Crimson. Clinging to life Connie calmly says, "I knew you'd come" when Sonny tries to help her. She tells him that she loves him and says she is sorry for betraying him. Sonny tears up and tries to assure her he will get her help and they'll be together forever. He tells her to hang on while he dials 911. Connie starts bleeding out faster and goes into shock. Sonny asks who did this to her, but Connie can't speak. Sonny tries to help her, but then Connie dies in his arms. He sees that she wrote "AJ" in blood next to her body. Sonny immediately thinks of when he saw AJ strangling Connie at his house. Sonny vows on his love for Connie that he will get AJ Quartermaine for this. At the end, Olivia, Alexis and Dante arrive at Crimson. Sonny isn't there, but all the police are. The police tell a devastated Olivia that Connie is gone. Alexis tells Dante to look out for Sonny, because he won't handle this well. Olivia freaks and screams, "Why should anyone handle this well?" Dante talks the police and they show him the bloody "AJ" writing next to Connie's body. Meanwhile, Sonny makes his way to the Quartermaine's and sees AJ passed out on the couch. He kicks AJ to wake him up. AJ makes it his feet and Sonny tells him that he is going to kill him for shooting Connie! End of show!

I think we know the initials "AJ" probably stands for someone else, but awesome show nonetheless!

Have a great night!

Enjoy the full episode of today's show!

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