Thursday, August 22, 2013

Georgie's Back!

I Want My Mommy!
In today's episode Georgie makes a surprising return, Olivia sees Maxie's puppy again and Connie learns something interesting about Derek Wells!

Today's Show - 

Liz looks at Jake's picture and think of AJ's cruel words at her house. A "new" Cameron comes downstairs and sees her crying. Cam asks about AJ coming out to the movies with them, so Liz tells him AJ might not be able to make it. Then Michael knocks on Liz's door looking for AJ. She tells him about seeing AJ drunk at The Floating Rib and AJ's mean comments. Michael calls The Floating Rib and they tell him that AJ took a cab home to the Q's. So Michael decides to go stay with AJ. He also tells Liz that AJ didn't mean the things he said and that he hopes Liz can forgive AJ.

AJ hallucinates that Michael catches him drinking at the Quartermaine's. AJ is holding a gun and a bottle of vodka. Michael tries to take the gun from a very drunk AJ, but AJ refuses. Michael tells AJ to put the gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. Then Michael berates him for being the failure everyone told him that AJ was. Then AJ imagines that Sonny is there as well and Michael tells him Sonny is his real father. Both Sonny and Michael start to mock AJ, while AJ stumbles and rants at them in return. AJ starts to crumble and then sees Connie teasing him about the newspaper. AJ envisions all of them taunting him and laughing at him. AJ tells Connie he will shoot her, but he can't when she calls his bluff. Then they leave and AJ realizes he was all alone in the room. At the end, Michael arrives at the Q's for real, but AJ is gone!

Connie overhears Derek talking about "Julian" at Crimson. Connie tells him she heard him leaving a message for Ava. He claims Julian is an artist he wanted to talk to Ava about and then asks why Connie is eavesdropping on his private conversations. She tells him she wants his help to get Sonny back. He tells her that Sonny is beneath her and advises her to move on. Connie works on him and eventually Derek/Julian agrees to go talk to Sonny. Connie stays behind and sees something odd on Derek/Julian's laptop. She realizes that he's been looking into Sonny's business and wonders why. She realizes that Derek must be connected to Julian Jerome and flashes to a conversation with Sonny about the Jerome's. She decides to call Sonny, but is startled when AJ walks into her office holding a gun!

Luke, Sonny, Olivia & Laura go to meet their granddaughter at this hospital. Dante & Lulu are thrilled parents and wait by the baby's side in the nursery. They notice all the grandparents outside and go to chat with them. Lulu tells them about the birth and they get around to talking about Olivia's vision of Lulu and Dante having a dog. Later, Olivia and Sonny talk privately and Olivia tells him she is glad they are grandparents together. She also advises Sonny to smooth things over with Connie. Nearby, Lulu and Dante chat with Luke and Laura about where Luke was during his absence. Luke tells Lulu he was off with Holly seeing Robert. Later, Laura escorts Luke to the elevator so he can return to his search for a cure. At the end, Spinelli comes by the nursery looking for Maxie and Dante and Lulu ask if he wants to hold the baby.

Derek arrives at the hospital and sees Olivia and Sonny when he steps off the elevator. He introduces himself, but Sonny refuses to shake his hand. Derek tells Sonny that it was his idea to print the story and advises Sonny to hold onto Connie. Sonny just stares at him with contempt. So Derek walks off and Sonny and Olivia step onto the elevator. Sonny says he thinks there is something off about Derek, but Olivia gets distracted by a poster on the elevator wall. It features the same puppy from her vision and it says, "I want my mommy" on it.

Felicia and Mac wait for news on Maxie. Alexis and Sam run into them and Felicia tells them about Maxie giving birth. They ask about Danny and Sam explains they are still waiting for a donor. Alexis mentions that everyone has been kind and even Derek Wells donated. Felicia worries why Maxie isn't out of the operating room yet, so her and Mac go to check on Maxie. Shortly after, Ellie comes to tell Sam that they found a match for Danny. Then Derek walks up to Sam and Alexis to inquire about Danny and to everyone's surprise, they inform him that he is the donor match!

Maxie starts hemorrhaging and then crushes in the operating room. She starts to have an out of body experience and sees herself on the operating table. Georgie shows up dressed as a doctor and says she is there to help Maxie. Georgie tells her that she is close to death and she needs to fight. Maxie says that she's tired of the lies and thinks it might be best for everyone if she dies. Georgie disagrees and takes Maxie to see how bad things will go if she dies.

Georgie shows Maxie Spinelli talking to Ellie about viewing Maxie's birth in the hospital hallway. Maxie fears that Ellie will blow the whistle, but then Ellie gets called to work and steps away. Next, Georgie shows Maxie Felicia and Mac's reaction to Maxie not getting out of surgery. Maxie thinks they will survive without her, but Georgie tells her to listen to Felicia's fears about loosing Maxie. Next, George takes Maxie to see Spinelli holding the baby. Lulu says she wants to name the baby Jaclyn. Spinelli leaves and outside, Ellie tells him she needs to finish their conversation from earlier. Then Georgie takes Maxie back to the operating room and pleads with her to stay and fight for her life! Georgie disappears, but goes to kiss Felicia and Mac goodbye before leaving officially. Nearby, Ellie admits to Spinelli that he is the father of Maxie's baby! End of show!

It was hard not to get a little choked up during Georgie's scenes, watch below!

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  1. where is Prince Nikolas????????

  2. I wish I knew, but I think he & Brit are heating up soon!


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