Saturday, August 3, 2013

Friday's Show: Hello Julian!

Where's the Money!
Friday's Recap - 

Luke returns as Dr. Vanskimmerman at the clinic in Switzerland and asks for help to save his life. He meets a female doctor who he proceeds to try and garnish information from on Jerry Jax and his $88 million dollars. The doctor tells Luke that Jerry Jax is dead, but Luke insists he must find Jerry's money or he'll die. He pleads with her to help a "Dead Man Walking" or else many nefarious people from Port Charles will come to kill him. She tells Luke that many people have come looking for the $88 million, including Anna and she can't tell him anything. Then three masked gunman burst in and hold them at gun point. They shoot out all the video camera's and threaten to kill them if they try anything. Luke tells the doctor not to worry they won't shoot anyone, but unfortunately he is wrong and they shoot him! Luke lays on the floor while the gunman gets the female doctor to pull up Jerry's file on the computer. Then they leave Luke on the floor and one gunman stays behind to look at the files while the other take the doctor out at gun point. The lone gunman goes to look at the computer and we see Luke's eye's open. Luke rolls over, grabs a gun and says, "Thanks for the assist English." Then the last gunman pulls their mask off and it's Holly!

Sam and Alexis discuss how to find Sam's father at the hospital. Nearby, Lucy finds Kevin at the hospital and wants to talk to him about steam room therapy for her spa with Laura. Sam and Alexis see Kevin and decide to approach him to aid in their search. Lucy decides to leave Kevin alone to help them. After, Sam explains how they are looking to find her father and Alexis asks if he can hypnotize her. Sam leaves so Kevin and Alexis can get started. Kevin puts Alexis under and they begin. Alexis recounts the night she met Sam's dad. Kevin asks if Alexis remembers his name. Alexis struggles to recall the details, but it starts to come to her. She remembers making out in a car and someone coming to knock on the window. Then she remembers the person saying the name Julian.

Anna wants to know who Ava Jerome really is outside of Kelly's. She tells Duke she will deal with Ava if she is a Jerome. Duke asks if she can use police resources to investigate Ava, but Anna says with all the cases on her plate right now the Mayor is watching her like a hawk. So Duke suggests they use illegal channels. At first Anna is uncomfortable with the idea, but Duke says they should talk to someone who can help under the radar.

Tracy leaves another message for Luke pleading with him to contact her at the Q's. Connie interrupts her and tells Tracy that Ava is deceiving her. Connie tells Tracy Kiki's not a Quartermaine, because Franco's not Kiki's father. Tracy asks if Connie can prove it. Connie answers no and explains how she overheard Morgan's chat with Sonny. Connie explains how it will be a breach of confidence. Tracy tells her to stand up to Sonny and do what's right. Connie says Crimson is her dream job, but she wrestles with her feelings for Sonny. However, Connie decides to help Tracy anyway. Tracy tells Connie to search Ava's room. Tracy heads out and Connie heads up to Ava's room. She pulls Ava's pillow apart and finds a locked metal box. Connie goes to open it when suddenly the bedroom door slams shut. We don't get to see who it is, but Connie looks terrified.

Lucy heads over to Kelly's and sees Scotty there. Scotty informs Lucy that Laura isn't coming, because she left town to chase Spencer! Lucy isn't pleased to hear that Laura went after Luke until Scott tells her that Luke is dying. He fills her in on Jerry Jax and how Helena poisoned Luke. Lucy is sad to hear about Luke's situation, but Scotty is more concerned with Laura. Lucy tries to comfort him and assures him that Laura will return sooner or later. Lucy gets talking about her business ventures and says she needs a cash infusion soon. Shortly after, Tracy arrives and offers Lucy the cash she needs to relaunch Deception if she gives up her 1 percent of ELQ.

Shawn and Sonny discuss Morgan's gambling at Sonny's place. Shortly after, Anna and Duke arrive at Sonny's to talk to him about the Jerome crime family. Shawn decides to leave them alone and Sonny takes them into his living room. Anna and Duke give Sonny some background on the Jerome's and ask if he knows anything. Sonny says there might be something and he brings up the gambling situation. Sonny tells them he understands that there is a leader in charge of the gambling ring. He tells Anna and Duke they need to shut the Jerome's down if they are in fact back. Anna appreciate's Sonny candor, but warns him to let the police handle it. Sonny says he will do what he needs to protect what is his.

Ava greets "Julian" at Crimson and tells him to give his baby sister a hug. They discuss how everyone in Port Charles thinks the Jerome's are dead, but Ava tells Julian to look out for Duke Lavery. He tells Ava she should have changed her name like he did. Julian asks how Ava's attempt to takeover ELQ is going. Ava tells him things are falling apart. Julian scolds her for letting Kiki run wild. Ava lashes back at him for never helping her. Then she tells him to play nice so they can take down Sonny Corinthos. Ava says that Sonny's territory will be theirs again. Julian says they need ELQ to make it happen. Ava tells Julian about Kiki marrying Morgan and Julian thinks it might be useful. At the end, Julian tells Ava to go because its important they're not scene together. Ava goes to walk out of the office when Sam walks in and sees them. End of show!

I'm getting a little interested in the Jerome family, how about you?

Have a great weekend!

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