Thursday, August 1, 2013

Franco's Not an Option

I know about you!
 Today Duke struts his Scottish persuasion, Sam gets even worst news and we meet Julian!

Here's What Happened -

Ava looks at a newspaper headline about ELQ at the Quartermaine's. Ava says, "Thanks a lot Kiki!" and tosses the paper on the floor. Then she pulls Kiki's birth certificate out of her robe pocket and wonders what if Kiki knew she wasn't a Quartermaine. I guess she takes the birth certificate everywhere now? Duke walks in, picks up the newspaper and reads the article out loud. He helps himself to some coffee and engages in conversation with Ava. Duke plays with Ava and accuses her of trying to manipulate things to her advantage at ELQ. She responds by questioning his mafia past and insinuating that he's in no position to judge her. Duke gets defensive, grabs her by the arm and tells Ava that he knows more about her then she realizes. She tells him to remove his hand or he'll find out she's no lady. Duke tells her he already knew that. He questions her gallery and where she got the funds to get it rolling. Ava claims she has a silent investor. Duke wonders if her investor is a criminal. She won't divulge the name, but Duke says it must be a Jerome. Ava tells him she is not one of the Jerome's he is referring to. Duke recounts the terrible things the Jerome's did in the 80's, including killing his and Anna's unborn child. Ava says she is sorry that happened to him, but he needs to leave her alone.

Carly chews Sonny out at his house for approving of Morgan's wedding. Sonny explains his wanting to make Morgan happy and that Morgan loves Kiki. Carly replies that Kiki doesn't love Morgan, because she's hung up on Michael. Sonny sticks to his guns and tells her it's for the best. Carly can't believe it and argues with him. Sonny yells at her that she doesn't know the whole story and tells her about Morgan feeling like Michael is the favorite. Carly feels terrible that Morgan feels that way, but doesn't think that justifies letting Morgan make a giant mistake. Sonny doesn't agree and Carly walks out feeling like she wasted her time.

Silas tells Sam and Alexis that Franco's not an "option" for Danny in the lab. Sam doesn't understand, but Silas explains that Franco has bad cells and it would be to dangerous for Danny. Sam can barely believe it. Alexis asks, "What's next?" Silas says he needs to do whatever it takes and they need to love Danny. Sam and Alexis leave to get some air. Sam can't believe how bad things are getting so Alexis gives her a pep talk. Sam says looking for another donor is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Alexis says it's not impossible and Sam responds, "Not if you tell me who my father is." Alexis and Sam agree that they need to look for her father. Alexis decides to hire a private investigator and thinks they need to start a donor drive. Sam says they need to start with the letter J. Later in the lab, Silas sees Kiki's blood sample and decides to see if she's his child or not. So he runs a DNA test.

Morgan tells Dante that he's getting married to Kiki at Kelly's with Michael and Kiki. Anna arrives to speak with Dante so he goes to sit with her. After Dante steps away, Morgan tries to get Michael to say he's not happy about the wedding. Michael says he wishes them the best. Morgan asks him to prove it by being his best man. After Morgan promises Michael it's in the interest of renewing their brotherly bond, Michael agrees and they hug. Later, Connie comes into Kelly's and sees Michael alone and looking upset. She asks him what's wrong and they briefly talk about his being upset about Kiki. At the same time, Sonny leaves Connie a voice message thanking her for keeping quiet about Kiki not being a Quartermaine.

Anna and Dante talk about Franco's shooting. Dante thinks Sonny was really innocence this time and Carly is responsible. They run through the details they know up to this point and they conclude that Carly must have manipulated Shawn. They also conclude that their looking for a second shooter and speculate on who it could be. Dante says it has the makings of a mob hit. Anna wonders if the second shooter had a personal vendetta against Franco. At the end, Duke meets up with Anna outside of Kelly's. She asks him about how his morning meeting went. Duke sits Anna down and tells he's been delving into Ava Jerome's affairs. He tells her that he uncovered a silent partner at her gallery. Anna gets upset. She wants to know if Ava is connected to the Jerome's who tormented them and if so she will deal with her.

Connie attempts to convince Derek to keep her on at Crimson, but he hands her a box for her things and tells her to save for her HR exit interview. She refuses and digs her heels in. Connie tells Derek it's her office and he needs to find somewhere else to go. Connie tells him that he promised to give her until the end of the week. She threatens that if he doesn't allow her that time she'll introduce him to someone who can make him sorry. Turns out Derek is well aware of her relationship with Sonny, his mafia status and her alter ego Kate! Connie gets humbled, but assures him that she has a hot story about ELQ. Derek thinks it's a bluff and asks for proof. Connie says she knows where she can get it, but that she has a confidence she can't break. Derek tells her it's either Crimson or keeping her promise. He gives her until the paper goes to press to make her choice and Connie walks out. After Derek makes another mysterious call and asks whoever is on the other line to come see him at Crimson. Later, Ava shows up at Derek's office and calls him Julian! End of show!

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Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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