Friday, August 2, 2013

August News & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings here what's coming up...

Some News:

Looks like John Reilly (Sean Donely) will be airing for a few days on August 15th, 19th, 20th (approximate dates).

Emma Samms (Holly) has already been taping according to Exec.Producer Frank Valentini.

General Hospital is casting for an African American female, aged 25-37, beautiful, dynamic and charismatic. She changes a room just by entering it. It is said to be a contract role.

A Few Spoilers:

Dr Obrecht wants to get rid of Anna (this is related to Faison).

Expect the situation between Sonny, Connie and a furious AJ - who is looking for someone to blame when things go south - to explode in ways nobody saw coming. 

As Connie lies dying in Sonny's arms, he asks who did this to her. Don't expect him to get an answer.

Jerry Jacks is on his way back.

Alexis hires a private investigator to find Sam's father.

Dr. Obrecht assures Britt she has everything under control.

Maxie suffers a seizure and comes close to dying when she gives birth.

Sonny gets comfort from a familiar face.

Look for lots of surprises at Mac and Felicia's wedding, very little goes as planned.

The fight for ELQ still isn't over, as Tracy uses a situation to her advantage.

Rafe and Taylor make a pact.

Luke and Laura may encounter some familiar faces while out of town.


  1. Where is Nikolas????????? He's one of the reasons I put up with half of the nonsense on this show. The Fans want NIKOLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Anonymous, I saw him today, Monday, 8-19. I had asked a question on one of the sites and never got an answer, maybe u could help me out. I was wondering if Tyler wears a hairpiece? I remember him years ago balding on top and now he has a full head of hair. Do u know what is going on with his hair which looks much better pulled back then parted on the side.


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