Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Are You Batman?

I Don't Remember!
In today's show Scott makes a drastic decision about his marriage, Nikolas lends a helping hand to Brit and things continue to go downhill for AJ.

Wednesday's Recap - 

Laura visits her granddaughter at the hospital. She remarks that she hasn't seen Scotty since she got back in town. Then Scott arrives at the nursery. Laura steps outside to talk to him and asks where he has been. He replies that since she ran off with her ex, he did the same. He claims he went to New Mexico with Lucy to check out spa stuff for Deception. Laura sees that Scott is upset, so she promises she is 100% into their marriage now. Scotty replies that he's not and wants a divorce. Laura is taken by surprise and says they just got married. Scotty responses that her taking off with Luke confirmed his fears that Luke will always come first. Laura says that's not true and that her and Luke don't fit anymore. Laura gets teary eyed, so Scotty explains that he can't chase her down trying to make her love him as much as he loves her. Laura says they can do better and they need to try harder. Scotty says no, they're on an endless loop and he needs to break it once and for all.

They say a tearful goodbye and then Luke shows up. Luke and Laura get to talking about Laura's health and then Luke's. Lulu overhears and asks what's going on. Laura says that she needs to go to Paris to get her annual wellness exam. Then Laura says goodbye to Lulu and tells Luke she was happy they were together for the birth of their granddaughter. Luke tells Laura that he wants to thank her for everything and they kiss goodbye. Once Laura leaves, Lulu asks Luke if he was ever going to tell her that he's dying. Luke tells Lulu about Helena's poison and his quest to find Jerry. Lulu asks Luke to keep showing up for her and he tells her he is sure as hell gonna try. At the end, Luke looks in on Lulu and the baby and then takes off again.

Sabrina and Patrick arrive at the hospital all over each other. Felix informs them that the "Britch" is missing. Felix also tells them that Brit's mother is also Dr. Obrecht. They are outraged at all the bad things Dr. Obrecht has done and wonder if Brit knew all about this. Felix remarks that they should be happy if Brit got arrested, but Patrick takes offense. He says Brit is carrying his child so he needs to go and check on her. After he leaves, Sabrina scolds Felix for his lack of tact. Felix says that if Brit is out of the way, then Sabrina gets everything she wants. Sabrina doesn't want anything to hurt Patrick, but agrees it would be nice to have Brit gone.

A very pregnant Brit comes downstairs at Windermere and says good morning to Nikolas. He asks if she slept okay and they make small talk about Windermere. Brit notes the creepiness and asks if Nik is Batman. He replies no, but he does have a butler named Alfred. Nikolas offers her breakfast and Brit thanks him for helping her. He tells her that he chooses to trust her and asks her to honor that trust. Then he directly asks if her mother has her mixed up in something. She says she didn't know about her mother poisoning Duke Lavery. Nik asks why she lied to the police. Brit answers that she didn't want to see her mother behind bars. Nikolas gets a phone call from Lulu telling him they had the baby. Lulu asks him to come see the baby, so he leaves Brit alone. After, Brit looks through old photo's of Nik and Emily. She thinks out loud that she wanted to tell Nikolas that Patrick isn't the baby's father. Shortly after, Patrick arrives at Windermere and tells Brit he knows what her and her mother have been up to.

Michael visits Liz at the nurse's station. He tells her that he needs to talk to her about AJ. Liz doesn't want to hear it, but Michael tells her that AJ is at the police station on suspicion of murder. Michael explains that Connie was murdered and how AJ has been implicated. Liz asks if Michael thinks AJ really would have killed her. Michael says he doesn't want to believe it, but he saw anger in AJ eyes. Liz remembers AJ telling her he wanted to kill Connie. Later, Nikolas arrives at the hospital and sees Liz crying. She hugs him and tells him that Connie was murdered and AJ is being questioned. They get to talking and Liz finds it hard to believe that AJ would do this. Nik asks if it's really so shocking given AJ's history.

AJ throws up in the garbage can in the police station interrogation room. Then Anna and Dante come in and Anna asks AJ if he murdered Connie. Dante grows angry and shows AJ the pictures of Connie dead and the bloody "AJ" note. It only makes AJ sicker and he throws up again. They review AJ's extensive list of past crimes and Dante baits him by calling AJ a screw up. Then they run through the past evenings events. AJ says he can't remember anything. Anna asks if anyone at the Quartermaine's has a gun. AJ answers that Tracy does. Dante steps out to call Lulu and Anna continues to question AJ. She tells him to cooperate and it triggers his memory. AJ says he can't speak until Diane gets there. Anna steps out and sees Patrick. Patrick asks Anna if Brit is in jail. Anna tells him that Nikolas bailed her out. At the end, AJ remembers taking the gun from the wall safe. Then Michael comes to visit AJ and AJ tells him that he thinks he killed Connie.

Tracy leaves a voice message for Luke and assumes he's dead, but to her surprise he shows up at the Q's. Tracy slaps him, because she thinks he was ignoring her calls. Luke explains that he was too busy looking for Jerry and the cure to get back to her. Then he gives her the details about his temporary illness reprieve and says he has to get back to his search. Luke tells Tracy he needed to see her and asks for a kiss for the road. Tracy gives in, they share a tender kiss and Luke heads out. At the end, Dante comes to the Quartermaine's and asks Tracy if she has a gun. She says yes and Dante asks to see it. Tracy goes to the safe and finds the gun missing. Tracy asks what AJ did and Dante tells her that they think AJ used her gun to kill Connie. End of show!

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