Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"AJ" Did It!

Man on Fire!
In today's show Carly gives Franco some advice, Olivia grieves over Connie's death plus Sonny has a showdown with AJ!

Here's What Happened -

Franco goes to the hospital roof and contemplates suicide. Ellie goes up to the roof to think about Spinelli. They get to talking and Ellie informs him that Kiki is looking for him. Then Ellie talks about lying to Spinelli. Franco tells Ellie that only way to atone for her lies is to kill herself. Ellie asks what good will that do. Franco talks about his situation with Kiki and Ava lying to him for years. He tells Ellie that her and Ava are alike. Ellie says she won't be a martyr for redemption and leaves.

Kiki & Morgan make flyers to pass around the hospital asking if people have seen Franco. Carly runs into them and they tell her about Franco being missing. Carly thinks Franco ran away to avoid being charged with his various crimes, but Kiki tells her about Franco's disappointment over not being a donor match or her father. Carly advises them to let the police find Franco. Kiki and Morgan agree and leave. Then Carly overhears Ellie telling one of the nurse's to get someone to the rooftop to help Franco. Carly decides to go up to the roof to chat with Franco. They get to talking about Franco's woes and he reveals that with Kiki not being his daughter he feels like he has no one to be a better man for. Carly asks, "What about me?" Then she reminds him that he promised to make amends for all his past offenses and he needs to focus on that. At the end, Carly gets him to downstairs with her.

Lulu and Spinelli watch the baby from the nursery window. Lulu fills him in on what happened to Maxie after giving birth and about Maxie thinking the baby was hers. Lulu also tells him that Maxie said Spinelli was the baby's father. Lulu asks if Spinelli knows why Maxie would say that, but Spinelli says he can't think of anything. Then he tells Lulu that he and Ellie are over. Later, Ellie runs into Spinelli by the elevator and asks him for a chance to talk. She proceeds to tell him that she loves him and won't give up on their relationship.

Olivia begs Dante to find the person responsible for shooting Connie at Crimson. So Dante heads off to find AJ. Alexis stays with Olivia, who is devastated. Olivia goes into Connie office and sees her body on the floor. Olivia sees the bloody "AJ" and she worries that Sonny will try and kill AJ. Olivia wonders what good her visions are if she can't stop bad things from happening to the people she loves. Olivia wishes AJ dead if he is the person responsible. At the end, Olivia and Alexis watch as the police prepare to take Connie's body away.

Sonny threatens a drunken AJ with a gun in the Quartermaine's living room. Sonny tells AJ that he put a bullet in Connie, so Sonny's going to put a bullet in AJ. AJ begs for his life, but Sonny tells him about the initials "AJ" next to her body. Sonny demands that AJ confess or he'll kill him slow and painful. AJ says he doesn't know what Sonny wants him to say, which only enrages Sonny. Sonny pistol whips him and calls AJ a "bitch" then he tells AJ to get ready to die. 

Out in the Quartermaine foyer, Dante arrives and tells Michael that he's looking for AJ in connection with Connie's murder. Michael doesn't believe that AJ did it, so Dante tells him about Connie writing "AJ" in blood. Michael struggles to accept that AJ is responsible, but he tells Dante that AJ is drunk in the living room. Michael realizes that Sonny will be looking for AJ. He and Dante run into the living room just in time to stop Sonny from killing AJ. Dante tells Sonny to let him arrest AJ, but Sonny says no one can stop him from killing AJ. Michael interjects and says, "Not even me, dad?" Sonny tells Michael to walk away. Michael says no, if you're going to do this he has to do it in front of him. Michael pleads with Sonny not to shoot him, because everyone who loves him will be effected. Michael goes onto tell Sonny that if he shoots AJ, Sonny will mean nothing to him. Sonny backs off and let's Dante arrest AJ. At the end, Sonny returns to Crimson and sees Olivia in tears with Alexis. End of show!

Another well written and acted episode today! 

Have a great night!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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