Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Force to Be Reckoned With

Blast from the Past!
What a terrific show today! Anna is onto Dr. Obrecht, a mysterious someone crashes Mac and Felicia's wedding, plus Luke and Holly stumble upon an old mystery!

Today's Show - 

Lulu tells Dante about Maxie calling the baby Georgie at The Floating Rib. Lulu fears Maxie won't be able to let go when the baby comes. Dante gets called to work, but before he takes off he assures Lulu everything will be okay. Nearby Maxie wants Felicia and Mac to tie the knot asap. Mac and Felicia aren't sure with Duke being ill, but she talks them into it. Lucy and Kevin arrive and Maxie takes off to put the final touches on the wedding ceremony. Then Lulu asks to speak with Felicia in private, while Mac talks wedding details with Lucy and Kevin. Mac thinks of Robin and Lucy assures him that Robin will always be with them. Once alone, Lulu expresses her worries about Maxie and the baby to Felicia. Felicia says she will talk to Maxie.

Sabrina tells Patrick about Brit's mommy issues at his place. She shows him the picture Spinelli found online with the young Dr. Obrecht featured. Patrick recognizes her from the airport a few months earlier and remembers the odd comments she made about Robin. Sabrina wonders if her mother put Brit up to the scene she made at the Nurse's Ball. Then the phone rings and it's Lucy telling Patrick that the wedding is back on.

Spinelli finds out that Dr. Obrecht is Brit's mom and shares it with Felix at the hospital. In his room, Duke insists Dr. Obrecht is behind his poisoning to Anna. Anna wants to bring her to justice and leaves to find her. Duke warns her to be careful, because Obrecht is a "Force to be Reckoned with!" Anna steps outside to call Dante with the details about Dr. Obrecht and Spinelli overhears. He and Felix offer to help Anna find her. They show her the information they found online and have connected her as Brit's mom. So Anna takes off to find Brit.

At her apartment, Brit confronts Dr. Obrecht about the vile in her purse. She claims it's just medicine, but Brit doesn't believe it and connects it to Duke. Dr. Obrecht admits it and sits Brit down to explain. Brit wonders if she killed someone, but Dr. Obrecht says no she did everything to save a life. Brit asks for the all the details. Dr. Obrecht says okay, but warns her it's an ugly story. Obrecht claims she had loose ends to tie up. Outside, Anna arrives with Dante. They overhear Brit and Dr. Obrecht talking through the door and try to burst in the apartment, but can't because of the chain lock. Brit and Dr. Obrecht panic and shortly after Dante kicks the door open!

Maxie heads to Duke's hospital room and asks if he's still up for being Mac's best man. Duke says he has to stay in the hospital for 24 hours, but doesn't want that to stop Felicia and Mac. Duke suggests that Maxie be the maid of honor and Kevin should be the best man. Maxie agrees and returns to The Floating Rib with Spinelli in tow. However, when they get there Kevin is gone. So Maxie asks Spinelli's to fill in as best man. Mac and Felicia agree as long as Spinelli keeps the babbling to a minimum. Felicia and Maxie go to get ready and once in private Felicia probes Maxie about her attachment to the baby. Maxie says it's nothing and Felicia shouldn't worry. Felicia thinks of Georgie and thanks Maxie for letting her back in her life. Back at the hospital, Felix tells Duke that Dr. Obrecht is Brit's mom. Duke wonders if Brit had something to do with what happened to him.

Holly and Luke find Jerry's hideout in PA. Luke suffers from the effects of his illness and they discuss Jerry's motivation for coming to Pennsylvania. Apparently the house was the scene of a famous murder called, "The Loving Murders" Turns out this was a plot from the old soap "Loving". Read here to understand --> The Loving Murders

Luke pulls the cover off the furniture and sees pictures of some of the character's from the show. Holly finds a wheelchair and they think the person who used the chair might still be in the house. They search the house, but find nothing. However, Luke notices that a bookcase has been moved. They push the entertainment center back and find a hidden door.

Everyone starts to gather for the ceremony at The Floating Rib. Mac and Patrick have a bonding moment. Lulu and Lucy talk about Kevin. Emma starts the show by coming out as flower girl. Then Maxie walks out followed by Felicia. Felicia makes her way to Mac and they whisper "I love you" to each other. They take hands and Lucy starts the ceremony. Just then an unseen person walks in and interrupts. Everyone looks shocked, but we don't get to see who it is! End of show!

I'm really enjoying this week on GH and I just loved today. I actually feel excited for tomorrow's show! How about you?

Check out this scene from Loving. It's part 1 of the Murders! How will it connect to GH? I don't know, but I'm intrigued!

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  1. Could it be Frisco who crashed the wedding? Plus where the hell is Laura and Nikolas?!?


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