Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday's Show - Full Episode

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Are You Batman?

I Don't Remember!
In today's show Scott makes a drastic decision about his marriage, Nikolas lends a helping hand to Brit and things continue to go downhill for AJ.

Wednesday's Recap - 

Laura visits her granddaughter at the hospital. She remarks that she hasn't seen Scotty since she got back in town. Then Scott arrives at the nursery. Laura steps outside to talk to him and asks where he has been. He replies that since she ran off with her ex, he did the same. He claims he went to New Mexico with Lucy to check out spa stuff for Deception. Laura sees that Scott is upset, so she promises she is 100% into their marriage now. Scotty replies that he's not and wants a divorce. Laura is taken by surprise and says they just got married. Scotty responses that her taking off with Luke confirmed his fears that Luke will always come first. Laura says that's not true and that her and Luke don't fit anymore. Laura gets teary eyed, so Scotty explains that he can't chase her down trying to make her love him as much as he loves her. Laura says they can do better and they need to try harder. Scotty says no, they're on an endless loop and he needs to break it once and for all.

They say a tearful goodbye and then Luke shows up. Luke and Laura get to talking about Laura's health and then Luke's. Lulu overhears and asks what's going on. Laura says that she needs to go to Paris to get her annual wellness exam. Then Laura says goodbye to Lulu and tells Luke she was happy they were together for the birth of their granddaughter. Luke tells Laura that he wants to thank her for everything and they kiss goodbye. Once Laura leaves, Lulu asks Luke if he was ever going to tell her that he's dying. Luke tells Lulu about Helena's poison and his quest to find Jerry. Lulu asks Luke to keep showing up for her and he tells her he is sure as hell gonna try. At the end, Luke looks in on Lulu and the baby and then takes off again.

Sabrina and Patrick arrive at the hospital all over each other. Felix informs them that the "Britch" is missing. Felix also tells them that Brit's mother is also Dr. Obrecht. They are outraged at all the bad things Dr. Obrecht has done and wonder if Brit knew all about this. Felix remarks that they should be happy if Brit got arrested, but Patrick takes offense. He says Brit is carrying his child so he needs to go and check on her. After he leaves, Sabrina scolds Felix for his lack of tact. Felix says that if Brit is out of the way, then Sabrina gets everything she wants. Sabrina doesn't want anything to hurt Patrick, but agrees it would be nice to have Brit gone.

A very pregnant Brit comes downstairs at Windermere and says good morning to Nikolas. He asks if she slept okay and they make small talk about Windermere. Brit notes the creepiness and asks if Nik is Batman. He replies no, but he does have a butler named Alfred. Nikolas offers her breakfast and Brit thanks him for helping her. He tells her that he chooses to trust her and asks her to honor that trust. Then he directly asks if her mother has her mixed up in something. She says she didn't know about her mother poisoning Duke Lavery. Nik asks why she lied to the police. Brit answers that she didn't want to see her mother behind bars. Nikolas gets a phone call from Lulu telling him they had the baby. Lulu asks him to come see the baby, so he leaves Brit alone. After, Brit looks through old photo's of Nik and Emily. She thinks out loud that she wanted to tell Nikolas that Patrick isn't the baby's father. Shortly after, Patrick arrives at Windermere and tells Brit he knows what her and her mother have been up to.

Michael visits Liz at the nurse's station. He tells her that he needs to talk to her about AJ. Liz doesn't want to hear it, but Michael tells her that AJ is at the police station on suspicion of murder. Michael explains that Connie was murdered and how AJ has been implicated. Liz asks if Michael thinks AJ really would have killed her. Michael says he doesn't want to believe it, but he saw anger in AJ eyes. Liz remembers AJ telling her he wanted to kill Connie. Later, Nikolas arrives at the hospital and sees Liz crying. She hugs him and tells him that Connie was murdered and AJ is being questioned. They get to talking and Liz finds it hard to believe that AJ would do this. Nik asks if it's really so shocking given AJ's history.

AJ throws up in the garbage can in the police station interrogation room. Then Anna and Dante come in and Anna asks AJ if he murdered Connie. Dante grows angry and shows AJ the pictures of Connie dead and the bloody "AJ" note. It only makes AJ sicker and he throws up again. They review AJ's extensive list of past crimes and Dante baits him by calling AJ a screw up. Then they run through the past evenings events. AJ says he can't remember anything. Anna asks if anyone at the Quartermaine's has a gun. AJ answers that Tracy does. Dante steps out to call Lulu and Anna continues to question AJ. She tells him to cooperate and it triggers his memory. AJ says he can't speak until Diane gets there. Anna steps out and sees Patrick. Patrick asks Anna if Brit is in jail. Anna tells him that Nikolas bailed her out. At the end, AJ remembers taking the gun from the wall safe. Then Michael comes to visit AJ and AJ tells him that he thinks he killed Connie.

Tracy leaves a voice message for Luke and assumes he's dead, but to her surprise he shows up at the Q's. Tracy slaps him, because she thinks he was ignoring her calls. Luke explains that he was too busy looking for Jerry and the cure to get back to her. Then he gives her the details about his temporary illness reprieve and says he has to get back to his search. Luke tells Tracy he needed to see her and asks for a kiss for the road. Tracy gives in, they share a tender kiss and Luke heads out. At the end, Dante comes to the Quartermaine's and asks Tracy if she has a gun. She says yes and Dante asks to see it. Tracy goes to the safe and finds the gun missing. Tracy asks what AJ did and Dante tells her that they think AJ used her gun to kill Connie. End of show!

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Enjoy Nik & Brit's Scenes from today's show!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"AJ" Did It!

Man on Fire!
In today's show Carly gives Franco some advice, Olivia grieves over Connie's death plus Sonny has a showdown with AJ!

Here's What Happened -

Franco goes to the hospital roof and contemplates suicide. Ellie goes up to the roof to think about Spinelli. They get to talking and Ellie informs him that Kiki is looking for him. Then Ellie talks about lying to Spinelli. Franco tells Ellie that only way to atone for her lies is to kill herself. Ellie asks what good will that do. Franco talks about his situation with Kiki and Ava lying to him for years. He tells Ellie that her and Ava are alike. Ellie says she won't be a martyr for redemption and leaves.

Kiki & Morgan make flyers to pass around the hospital asking if people have seen Franco. Carly runs into them and they tell her about Franco being missing. Carly thinks Franco ran away to avoid being charged with his various crimes, but Kiki tells her about Franco's disappointment over not being a donor match or her father. Carly advises them to let the police find Franco. Kiki and Morgan agree and leave. Then Carly overhears Ellie telling one of the nurse's to get someone to the rooftop to help Franco. Carly decides to go up to the roof to chat with Franco. They get to talking about Franco's woes and he reveals that with Kiki not being his daughter he feels like he has no one to be a better man for. Carly asks, "What about me?" Then she reminds him that he promised to make amends for all his past offenses and he needs to focus on that. At the end, Carly gets him to downstairs with her.

Lulu and Spinelli watch the baby from the nursery window. Lulu fills him in on what happened to Maxie after giving birth and about Maxie thinking the baby was hers. Lulu also tells him that Maxie said Spinelli was the baby's father. Lulu asks if Spinelli knows why Maxie would say that, but Spinelli says he can't think of anything. Then he tells Lulu that he and Ellie are over. Later, Ellie runs into Spinelli by the elevator and asks him for a chance to talk. She proceeds to tell him that she loves him and won't give up on their relationship.

Olivia begs Dante to find the person responsible for shooting Connie at Crimson. So Dante heads off to find AJ. Alexis stays with Olivia, who is devastated. Olivia goes into Connie office and sees her body on the floor. Olivia sees the bloody "AJ" and she worries that Sonny will try and kill AJ. Olivia wonders what good her visions are if she can't stop bad things from happening to the people she loves. Olivia wishes AJ dead if he is the person responsible. At the end, Olivia and Alexis watch as the police prepare to take Connie's body away.

Sonny threatens a drunken AJ with a gun in the Quartermaine's living room. Sonny tells AJ that he put a bullet in Connie, so Sonny's going to put a bullet in AJ. AJ begs for his life, but Sonny tells him about the initials "AJ" next to her body. Sonny demands that AJ confess or he'll kill him slow and painful. AJ says he doesn't know what Sonny wants him to say, which only enrages Sonny. Sonny pistol whips him and calls AJ a "bitch" then he tells AJ to get ready to die. 

Out in the Quartermaine foyer, Dante arrives and tells Michael that he's looking for AJ in connection with Connie's murder. Michael doesn't believe that AJ did it, so Dante tells him about Connie writing "AJ" in blood. Michael struggles to accept that AJ is responsible, but he tells Dante that AJ is drunk in the living room. Michael realizes that Sonny will be looking for AJ. He and Dante run into the living room just in time to stop Sonny from killing AJ. Dante tells Sonny to let him arrest AJ, but Sonny says no one can stop him from killing AJ. Michael interjects and says, "Not even me, dad?" Sonny tells Michael to walk away. Michael says no, if you're going to do this he has to do it in front of him. Michael pleads with Sonny not to shoot him, because everyone who loves him will be effected. Michael goes onto tell Sonny that if he shoots AJ, Sonny will mean nothing to him. Sonny backs off and let's Dante arrest AJ. At the end, Sonny returns to Crimson and sees Olivia in tears with Alexis. End of show!

Another well written and acted episode today! 

Have a great night!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Monday, August 26, 2013

I Knew You'd Come + Full Episode

How could you do this to me?
In today's show Connie makes a dramatic exit, Ava warns Julian to stay away from Sam and AJ's troubles are far from over!

Monday's Recap - 

Spinelli tells Dante and Lulu that he and Ellie are fighting over "his" baby in the hospital hallway. He pretends he and Ellie are fighting about Ellie not wanting a child instead of telling them the truth. Dante says he is sorry that they're having problems, but they need to take it somewhere else so they don't upset the baby. Spinelli promises they'll keep their voices down. Lulu tells Ellie that she should consider having a child, because it's such an amazing experience. Then they go back in the nursery. Once in private, Ellie asks Spinelli why he didn't tell them the truth. He replies that he can't tell them now, because it will hurt them too much. Ellie pleads with him to tell the truth and not make the mistake that she did by keeping the secret. Then she begs for his forgiveness. Spinelli says he loved Ellie, but she needs to go. Ellie says she loves him and that she is very sorry. Then she walks off. Spinelli walks over to the nursery looks at the baby through the window in tears. 

Later, Lulu and Dante go to check on Maxie. They run into Mac and he tells them about Maxie's trouble after giving birth. He also tells them about Maxie thinking the baby was hers. Lulu gets upset and worries that her fears of Maxie getting attached have come true. Then Dante gets called to work about a shooting. After, Mac and Lulu talk about Maxie in private. Lulu tells him how much she appreciates what Maxie has done for her, but she has some doubts about Maxie's attachment to the baby. Mac informs Lulu that when Maxie woke up she thought that Spinelli was the father of the baby. Lulu gets even more nervous, but Mac tells her that he will talk to Maxie and she should just go be with her daughter. Lulu returns to the nursery and sees Spinelli there looking at the baby. 

After seeing blood seep through the elevator, Olivia "sees" Connie shot on the floor of the hospital when the elevator door opens. Nearby, Derek/Julian tells Alexis that he remembered something from her story about Sam's dad. He is about tell her what when they hear Olivia cry out from the other side of the Nurse's station. Alexis runs over to help Olivia. Olivia tells Alexis that something is wrong with Connie so Alexis offers to call Sonny to check on Connie for her. When Alexis dials it goes to voice mail, so they decide to go look for them to make sure that Connie is okay.

Michael tries to help AJ at the Quartermaine's. He tells AJ that he spoke to Liz, then found an empty vodka bottle and the open safe. AJ is so drunk that he babbles about how Sonny stole Michael as a baby and why doesn't Michael ever call him dad. Then AJ falls down and takes a vase full of flowers down with him. Ava walks in and tells Michael she saw AJ drunk at The Floating Rib. They help AJ up and get him over the couch. Ava says that AJ will have a massive headache in the morning and Michael says he'll have plenty of other regrets to. Then Derek/Julian calls Ava and tells her to meet him at the hospital asap. Ava tells Michael she has to go, but advises him to put on a pot of coffee and be glad AJ got home safely. Later, Michael tries to talk to AJ alone. He tells AJ that he is with him and it's not too late to fix things. AJ mumbles that it is too late. Michael assures him they can start a new company, but first AJ has to get sober. Michael leaves for moment to get AJ some aspirin. While alone AJ notices the open safe.

Sam runs to tell Silas that they found a donor match at the hospital. She finds him in the hallway, tells him the news and hugs him. Silas asks who the donor is and Sam explains that it was Derek Wells. Silas thinks they should find Derek and runs some tests to get the transplant in order faster. Nearby, Ava arrives at the hospital to talk to Julian. He tells her about being a match for Danny. Ava says that's a coincidence since he's not related to Danny. He replies that as it turns out, he is the child's grandfather. Ava thinks he is joking, but he informs her that he had a one night stand with Alexis many moons ago. He says he remembers the night with Alexis and that Sam is daughter. Then Sam and Silas walk over to them. Sam introduces Silas to Derek. Silas asks what Ava is doing there and she answers that Derek is her client. Sam asks Derek/Julian if he has any doubts about the transplant. He assures her that he is okay with everything and Sam hugs him in thanks. Then Sam leaves with Silas to check on Danny. Seeing his reaction to Sam, Ava warns Julian not to get close to her or it will ruin all their plans.

Sonny finds Connie shot on the floor at Crimson. Clinging to life Connie calmly says, "I knew you'd come" when Sonny tries to help her. She tells him that she loves him and says she is sorry for betraying him. Sonny tears up and tries to assure her he will get her help and they'll be together forever. He tells her to hang on while he dials 911. Connie starts bleeding out faster and goes into shock. Sonny asks who did this to her, but Connie can't speak. Sonny tries to help her, but then Connie dies in his arms. He sees that she wrote "AJ" in blood next to her body. Sonny immediately thinks of when he saw AJ strangling Connie at his house. Sonny vows on his love for Connie that he will get AJ Quartermaine for this. At the end, Olivia, Alexis and Dante arrive at Crimson. Sonny isn't there, but all the police are. The police tell a devastated Olivia that Connie is gone. Alexis tells Dante to look out for Sonny, because he won't handle this well. Olivia freaks and screams, "Why should anyone handle this well?" Dante talks the police and they show him the bloody "AJ" writing next to Connie's body. Meanwhile, Sonny makes his way to the Quartermaine's and sees AJ passed out on the couch. He kicks AJ to wake him up. AJ makes it his feet and Sonny tells him that he is going to kill him for shooting Connie! End of show!

I think we know the initials "AJ" probably stands for someone else, but awesome show nonetheless!

Have a great night!

Enjoy the full episode of today's show!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Liquid Courage: Quick Recap + Full Episode!

Nobody Puts AJ in the Corner!
Good show today! All the actor's brought their "A" game and many plots came to a head; it's definitely worth watching!

Quick Recap - 

Derek/Julian is surprised to learn he is Danny's donor match at the hospital. He assures Sam & Alexis he will go through with the bone marrow transplant, but he is thrown by the oddness of him being a match. Alexis and Derek/Julian end up having a private conversation. Alexis tells him about all she remembers about Sam's dad including that his name was Julian! 

Michael finds an empty vodka bottle at the Q's and runs into Kiki. He shares AJ's alcoholic history with her and they notice that the wall safe is open. They have a bonding moment and Michael asks Kiki if she really believes that Morgan didn't know they were related. Kiki says she has to make her marriage work and takes off. At the end, AJ returns to the Q's and falls into Michael's arms clearly highly intoxicated.

Olivia sees the puppy again in a vision, while in the hospital elevator with Sonny. She panics that she must get back to the baby, starts frantically pushing buttons and gets the elevator stuck. Sonny starts to freak out from claustrophobia, but Olivia talks him down. Finally the elevator opens and Sonny leaves to go find Connie. Olivia gets back in the elevator alone and starts to see blood pouring through the door.

Ellie tells Spinelli that Maxie lost Dante & Lulu's baby a long time ago and he is the father of Maxie's baby. Spinelli is livid that Ellie lied to him. Ellie explains that she was afraid of loosing him and that's why she lied.

The doctor tells a very relived Mac & Felicia that Maxie is okay at the hospital. They go to see her and when Maxie opens her eyes she asks where Georgie is. Maxie starts to come to and demands to know where "her" baby is. Mac and Felicia try to tell Maxie that she is just the surrogate, but Maxie insists the baby is her and Spinelli's! At the end, the doctor comes into the room and gives Maxie a sedative.

Dante and Lulu think of baby names. Lulu says Georgie won't work and hopes that Maxie didn't grow attached to the baby. They regale in their happiness, but then overhear Spinelli and Ellie arguing out in the hallway. Dante asks what they're fighting about and Spinelli says it's about the baby.

A drunken AJ stumbles into Crimson with a gun and threatens to kill a terrified Connie. She secretly dials Sonny's number for help, but AJ realizes it and breaks her phone. At the end, Sonny makes it to Crimson and finds Connie on the floor with a gun shot wound! 

End of show!

Enjoy today's GH below!

I know a lot of you feel lukewarm about AJ, but I really think Sean Kanan is doing a great job this week! 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Georgie's Back!

I Want My Mommy!
In today's episode Georgie makes a surprising return, Olivia sees Maxie's puppy again and Connie learns something interesting about Derek Wells!

Today's Show - 

Liz looks at Jake's picture and think of AJ's cruel words at her house. A "new" Cameron comes downstairs and sees her crying. Cam asks about AJ coming out to the movies with them, so Liz tells him AJ might not be able to make it. Then Michael knocks on Liz's door looking for AJ. She tells him about seeing AJ drunk at The Floating Rib and AJ's mean comments. Michael calls The Floating Rib and they tell him that AJ took a cab home to the Q's. So Michael decides to go stay with AJ. He also tells Liz that AJ didn't mean the things he said and that he hopes Liz can forgive AJ.

AJ hallucinates that Michael catches him drinking at the Quartermaine's. AJ is holding a gun and a bottle of vodka. Michael tries to take the gun from a very drunk AJ, but AJ refuses. Michael tells AJ to put the gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. Then Michael berates him for being the failure everyone told him that AJ was. Then AJ imagines that Sonny is there as well and Michael tells him Sonny is his real father. Both Sonny and Michael start to mock AJ, while AJ stumbles and rants at them in return. AJ starts to crumble and then sees Connie teasing him about the newspaper. AJ envisions all of them taunting him and laughing at him. AJ tells Connie he will shoot her, but he can't when she calls his bluff. Then they leave and AJ realizes he was all alone in the room. At the end, Michael arrives at the Q's for real, but AJ is gone!

Connie overhears Derek talking about "Julian" at Crimson. Connie tells him she heard him leaving a message for Ava. He claims Julian is an artist he wanted to talk to Ava about and then asks why Connie is eavesdropping on his private conversations. She tells him she wants his help to get Sonny back. He tells her that Sonny is beneath her and advises her to move on. Connie works on him and eventually Derek/Julian agrees to go talk to Sonny. Connie stays behind and sees something odd on Derek/Julian's laptop. She realizes that he's been looking into Sonny's business and wonders why. She realizes that Derek must be connected to Julian Jerome and flashes to a conversation with Sonny about the Jerome's. She decides to call Sonny, but is startled when AJ walks into her office holding a gun!

Luke, Sonny, Olivia & Laura go to meet their granddaughter at this hospital. Dante & Lulu are thrilled parents and wait by the baby's side in the nursery. They notice all the grandparents outside and go to chat with them. Lulu tells them about the birth and they get around to talking about Olivia's vision of Lulu and Dante having a dog. Later, Olivia and Sonny talk privately and Olivia tells him she is glad they are grandparents together. She also advises Sonny to smooth things over with Connie. Nearby, Lulu and Dante chat with Luke and Laura about where Luke was during his absence. Luke tells Lulu he was off with Holly seeing Robert. Later, Laura escorts Luke to the elevator so he can return to his search for a cure. At the end, Spinelli comes by the nursery looking for Maxie and Dante and Lulu ask if he wants to hold the baby.

Derek arrives at the hospital and sees Olivia and Sonny when he steps off the elevator. He introduces himself, but Sonny refuses to shake his hand. Derek tells Sonny that it was his idea to print the story and advises Sonny to hold onto Connie. Sonny just stares at him with contempt. So Derek walks off and Sonny and Olivia step onto the elevator. Sonny says he thinks there is something off about Derek, but Olivia gets distracted by a poster on the elevator wall. It features the same puppy from her vision and it says, "I want my mommy" on it.

Felicia and Mac wait for news on Maxie. Alexis and Sam run into them and Felicia tells them about Maxie giving birth. They ask about Danny and Sam explains they are still waiting for a donor. Alexis mentions that everyone has been kind and even Derek Wells donated. Felicia worries why Maxie isn't out of the operating room yet, so her and Mac go to check on Maxie. Shortly after, Ellie comes to tell Sam that they found a match for Danny. Then Derek walks up to Sam and Alexis to inquire about Danny and to everyone's surprise, they inform him that he is the donor match!

Maxie starts hemorrhaging and then crushes in the operating room. She starts to have an out of body experience and sees herself on the operating table. Georgie shows up dressed as a doctor and says she is there to help Maxie. Georgie tells her that she is close to death and she needs to fight. Maxie says that she's tired of the lies and thinks it might be best for everyone if she dies. Georgie disagrees and takes Maxie to see how bad things will go if she dies.

Georgie shows Maxie Spinelli talking to Ellie about viewing Maxie's birth in the hospital hallway. Maxie fears that Ellie will blow the whistle, but then Ellie gets called to work and steps away. Next, Georgie shows Maxie Felicia and Mac's reaction to Maxie not getting out of surgery. Maxie thinks they will survive without her, but Georgie tells her to listen to Felicia's fears about loosing Maxie. Next, George takes Maxie to see Spinelli holding the baby. Lulu says she wants to name the baby Jaclyn. Spinelli leaves and outside, Ellie tells him she needs to finish their conversation from earlier. Then Georgie takes Maxie back to the operating room and pleads with her to stay and fight for her life! Georgie disappears, but goes to kiss Felicia and Mac goodbye before leaving officially. Nearby, Ellie admits to Spinelli that he is the father of Maxie's baby! End of show!

It was hard not to get a little choked up during Georgie's scenes, watch below!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kimberly McCullough Returning to GH

According to Soap Central Robin will soon be back!

General Hospital's executive producer, Frank Valentini, confirmed the news to Soap Opera Digest -- and assures fans that McCullough's return won't be a one-day stunt. The actress has been signed to a contract.

"Robin is such an important part of the history of General Hospital," Valentini told Digest. "It will be so wonderful to see her come back and what that effect will have on the canvas."

McCullough shared her enthusiasm on Twitter, saying, "The news is out and I'm stoked! I've missed my GH Family something fierce."

In February 2012, McCullough exited GH to "pursue her dream of directing full-time." As part of the actress' farewell, McCullough documented her farewell in taped interviews with her co-stars that were later posted on the Internet.

At the time, Robin was believed to have been killed in an explosion at General Hospital. A month later, in a storyline bombshell, Robin was revealed to be very much alive and held captive.

Last month, McCullough completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for Creve Coeur, MO. (aka Broken Heart, Missouri), described as dark comedy exploring three generations of love stories and the darker side of the white picket fence in Middle America circa 1993.

McCullough originated the role of Robin Scorpio in 1985 when she was just seven years of age. McCullough has earned two Daytime Emmy wins during her time with General Hospital. The actress was named Outstanding Younger Actress in 1989 and 1996.

Are you happy she's coming back?

Quartermaine Dead Beat

I have to tell you something!
In today's show Maxie has multiple complications, Franco goes MIA and AJ continues his downward spiral!

Here's What Happened - 

Michael interrupts Morgan and Carly's chat at the Quartermaine's. Michael tells them he needs to find AJ before he does something very stupid. Carly asks what AJ screwed up this time. Michael explains what happened with ELQ and decides to look around for him. After, Morgan gloats that he's happy his dad isn't a drunk. Carly snaps at him and gets back to the subject of Morgan tricking Kiki into marrying him. Morgan asks how telling the truth will help now. Carly says she has learned that lies always come out in the end. Michael returns saying he couldn't find AJ. Morgan leaves to look for Kiki, but tells Michael he loves him before he leaves. Then Carly offers to help Michael find AJ and they take off looking for him.

Kiki tries to tell Franco that she isn't his daughter in his hospital room. He refuses to believe her, but Ava walks in and confirms it. Kiki is livid with Ava and demands she explain her various lies. Kiki tells Ava that she married Morgan and wants nothing to do with her. Ava flashes to her conversation with Morgan about marrying Kiki. Franco tells Kiki he hopes she is happy with Morgan. Kiki officially disowns Ava, tells Franco she is sorry for what Ava did. Then she runs out of the room. Morgan happens to be in the hallway and Kiki runs into his arms. Back in Franco's room, Ava apologizes to him for lying. She says she hopes they can remain civil. Franco grabs her by the hair and tells her to pray that he woke up a changed man or else he'll take his crazy out on her. At the end, Ava tries to talk to Kiki out in the hallway. She tells Kiki that she loves her and asks Morgan to look after Kiki. Ava leaves and Kiki tells Morgan that she is worried about Franco. Morgan tells her to go talk to him again, but when Kiki does so see finds Franco's room empty.

Liz tries to stop AJ from drinking himself into "oblivion" at The Floating Rib. Liz asks how many he has had. AJ says he's just getting started. Liz asks him why he is doing this. AJ says it's because he's lost everything. She reminds him that he hasn't lost her, but AJ sharply responds that it didn't look that way when he saw her hugging Nikolas at the hospital. Liz tells him Nikolas is just friend, but AJ is too drunk to understand. She tries to explain that she was just upset and AJ misunderstood. She pleads with him to come home with her and stop drinking. AJ asks what Liz wants with a Quartermaine dead beat like him. Liz offers to take care of him. AJ responds by saying, "Like you took care of Jake?" Liz starts to get very upset and asks AJ to stop saying those things. He continues to rub it in, so Liz slaps him hard. Liz says he's right, she did turn her back on her baby which is on her. Then she tells AJ what he does is on him. Liz takes his car keys and walks out! At the end, AJ returns to the Quartermaine's. He finds more vodka and goes into the wall safe for a gun!

Tracy shares with Connie her on and off love saga with Luke at ELQ. Tracy shares her fears about Luke being sick and how Luke went off alone, followed by Laura. She also shares her regrets for ever thinking Luke could make a lasting commitment to her. Tracy says she can't shake Luke, despite her best attempts to. Connie says she feels the same what about Sonny. Tracy tells Connie she is Sonny's Laura, his first love, and to fight for him. She also tells Connie to watch out for AJ!

Luke and Laura come to GH for the arrival of Lulu's baby. Sonny and Olivia inform them about what's happening with the umbilical cord. Lulu and Dante see them and Lulu is thrilled their back. Then Laura leaves a message for Scotty and Luke has a private chat with Sonny. He asks Sonny to protect Lulu and the baby when he's not around. Sonny asks what he means. Luke explains that Helena poisoned him. Sonny promises to protect Luke's family as long as he runs Port Charles. Olivia asks Laura if everything is okay with Luke. Laura tells her Luke is fine, but is secretly scared for him. Later, Mac, Felicia, Sonny, Olivia, Luke and Laura gather to wait for news on the baby. They all discuss the upcoming life, but Luke's happiness if subsided by feeling the symptoms of his illness. 

Maxie gets taken for an emergency c-section at the hospital. Spinelli assures her everything will be okay, but fearing the worst Maxie tells him she needs to admit something to him. However, the doctor tells Maxie there is no time to talk and they take her into the operating room. They allow Lulu to join Maxie and they go into surgery. Spinelli is concerned about whatever Maxie was trying to tell him, so Felicia and Mac try to console him. He sneaks off see Maxie anyway. Maxie sees Spinelli standing next to Dante through the operating room window. She tries to tell Lulu the truth, but Lulu is too excited to absorb Maxie's fears and just assures her not to worry. Outside, Spinelli tells Dante he's worried sick about Maxie and hopes Dante doesn't mind if he keeps him company. Dante appreciates the company and confides in Spinelli that he is scared to be a father. Back inside the operating room the doctor works to deliver the baby and finally a healthy baby girl is born. Dante and Lulu are ecstatic, but Maxie is sad. At the end, Dante tells everyone the baby arrived safely. Lulu and Dante hold their baby in delight. However, Maxie starts hemorrhaging and crashes! End of show!

Do you think AJ will really kill Connie? I certainly hope not!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's All Just Blank + News Update!

News Update: According to The General Hospital Blog - A BIG secret has just been revealed, Kirsten and Brandon have been MARRIED since June of this year, and another surprise is, they are expecting their first child! Kirsten is in her second trimester and is expected to have a baby girl!

Today's Recap -

Liz goes to see Tracy at ELQ looking for AJ. Liz notices the broken picture on the floor and asks if AJ is responsible. Tracy tells her that she warned her AJ was no good and says he's probably out drinking his sorrows away. Liz leaves a message for AJ, while Tracy gloats about her success. Liz reminds her that at least AJ has people that love him. Liz asks if Tracy can say the same. Then Liz walks out, while Tracy looks at a picture of Edward. After Connie comes to see Tracy. Connie tells Tracy about Sonny's reaction to the headline and Olivia's feelings for Sonny. She also tells Tracy that she thinks Dante's baby will bring Sonny and Olivia closer.

AJ goes to The Floating Rib orders a double vodka and is about to drink it when Ava walks in, grabs his glass and guzzles it before he can. They commiserate over their woes. Ava tells AJ about her problems with Silas and AJ brings up how Carly kept Michael from him. AJ fills Ava on how Jason and Carly pretended to be Michael's father the 1st year of his life and then how Sonny forced him into signing his rights away. Then AJ switches into ranting about Connie and finally takes a drink. AJ gets angrier and orders another round of drinks for he and Ava. Ava says she agrees that Connie is a bitch who needs to be destroyed. As AJ gets more intoxicated, he grows more irate. He says he is going to take action. Ava says she is going to do the same, but tells him drinking won't fix what's wrong. Then Ava leaves and AJ takes another sip.

Michael tries to box away his Kiki frustrations at his apartment, when Carly knocks on the door. Carly wonders why Michael isn't happier since Kiki isn't a Quartermaine, so Michael informs her that Morgan already married Kiki. Michael tells Carly he thinks Morgan purposely misled Kiki to get her to marry him. Carly isn't pleased and leaves to speak with Morgan. After, Liz stops by to see if Michael knows where AJ is. Liz thinks AJ might be off drinking and asks if Michael will help her find him. At the end, Liz finds AJ at The Floating Rib and stops him from taking another drink.

Morgan prepares a mock Hawaiian "phoneymoon" for Kiki at the Quartermaine's. She won't celebrate with him until he tells whether or not he knew her and Michael weren't cousins before he asked her to marry him. Morgan swears he had no idea. He asks Kiki if she knew would she have married him anyway. Kiki halfheartedly assures him that she is in the marriage to stay. She claims to be overwhelmed by who her father is and whether or not to confront Ava about a lifetime of lies. Kiki tells Morgan she needs to go speak with Franco and break the news to him about them not being father and daughter. Later, Carly finds Morgan alone at the Q's. Carly calls him out for lying to Kiki about not knowing Michael wasn't her cousin. Carly pleads with Morgan to come clean, just then Michael walks in.

Franco demands to see Silas about Danny's transplant at the hospital. Silas explains that he not a donor match, because of the cancer cells they found. Franco is disappointed that he can't help and that he can't show Kiki that he isn't a bad guy. Franco reflects on how everything with Kiki is all just blank; no childhood memories or closeness because of Ava. Silas is about tell Franco about Kiki not being his kid when Kiki walks in. She calls him Franco and he asks why not "Dad". Silas leaves to gives them privacy. Then Kiki tells Franco he's not her father. Out in the hallway, Ava comes up to Silas asking where Kiki is. Silas tells her Kiki is off breaking the news to Franco.

Olivia and Sonny go to the hospital to see if Maxie had the baby yet. They run into Felicia and Mac, who tell them that so far everything is good. They congratulate Mac and Felicia on their wedding and in return Felicia congratulates Sonny about Morgan getting married. Sonny thinks it's a mistake, but Felicia explains how they saw Morgan at the courthouse and how Morgan didn't want them to tell Kiki about the newspaper. Olivia and Sonny step aside to discuss Morgan in private, while Spinelli arrives to talk to Mac and Felicia about Maxie's progress.

In Maxie's hospital room, the doctor tells her, Lulu and Dante that there is a problem. The doctor thinks there is something wrong with the baby's heart. Maxie blurts out that the baby got that from her. Lulu thinks Maxie is just confused because of the medication. The doctor says it's not a heart defect, but the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's neck. Later, Dante and the doctor come out to tell Sonny, Olivia, Felicia and Mac with Spinelli now in tow about the umbilical cord situation. Everyone is concerned, but the doctor thinks they have some options. At the end, Spinelli, Mac and Felicia go to visit Maxie. Spinelli tries to comfort Maxie and assure her everything will be okay. Then the monitors start going off and the doctor tells Maxie the baby has to come out now! End of show!

Have a great night!

Enjoy AJ's scenes from today's show!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

You Can't Arrest a Pregnant Woman

This was too hilarious not to share!
Another fun episode today! Luke confronts Dr. Obrecht, Brit gets arrested, plus Mac and Felicia have a ton of wedding drama!

Friday's Recap - 

Dante and Anna bust in Brit's door to find her reading a book on her couch. They keep their guns pointed at her and Anna tells Brit they are looking for her mother. Anna tells her Dr. Obrecht is wanted for the attempted murder of Duke. Brit says her mother doesn't live in the country and claims that her mother doesn't know Duke. Anna vehemently disagrees and tells her that Lisa Westbourne is also Dr. Obrecht and she knows Duke very well. Anna says that Dr. Obrecht runs a clinic in Switzerland that is funded by Caesar Fiason. Brit claims she knows nothing about it. Anna threatens to take Brit to the station if she doesn't talk. Brit flashes to her last words with her mother and then admits she saw her yesterday. However, Dante finds the vile of poison on the floor and asks Brit how it got there if she hasn't seen her mother since yesterday. Anna doesn't believe anything Brit says and tells Dante to read Brit her rights. Dante does so and puts Brit in handcuffs. Brit can't believe they're going to arrest a pregnant woman and says her mother won't stand for this. Anna replies, "I'm counting on it!

Connie goes to see Kevin at the hospital. She asks him to help her make some decisions about Sonny. She tells him about what happened between her and Sonny. Kevin senses that Connie knew Sonny wouldn't like the story and asks her why she took the chance publishing it. Connie answers that she loves Sonny, but thinks he was happier with Olivia after they broke up over her DID. She tells Kevin about purposely stopping Sonny from getting closer to Olivia. Kevin keeps it simple and advises Connie to trust her love and work it out. Connie agrees and leaves to find Sonny.

Olivia goes to visit Sonny at his restaurant to make sure he is okay. She asks Sonny what happened between him and Connie. Sonny tells her about what went down with AJ, but says their relationship isn't out of trouble. Olivia says they need to learn how to communicate and stop breaking up all the time. Sonny gets worked up and feels Connie stabbed him in the back. Sonny says he doesn't need this in his life. Olivia gets angry, because she backed off and now he's not going to make it work. Olivia tells him that she wishes she fought for him and that he fought for her in return. Then Olivia realizes what she just said and goes to leave. Sonny stops her and just then Connie walks up to the door. She stays out of eyesight, but hears Olivia tell Sonny that she should have fought for him.

Luke and Holly try to open the secret door in the "Loving" house. They hear singing and in walks Dr. Obrecht. Luke introduces her to Holly as the "Mad Doctor" who put Robert into a coma. Dr. Obrecht makes lite of it and Holly wants to kill her. Luke stops Holly and they connect the dots that Dr. Obrecht must know Jerry Jax. Dr. Obrecht says Jerry Jax is dead, but Luke says it's not true. Luke says Jerry was going to buy the cure from her with the help of Caesar Fiason. Luke calls Fiason "mangy" and "euro trash". It sets Dr. Obrecht off and she let's it slip that she might have discovered a cure. She also refers to Fiason a "visionary". Dr. Obrecht asks why Luke cares and taunts him about being sick. Dr. Obrecht says she wasn't able to cure Jerry Jax and insists he is dead. She admits to developing the research, but says after Fiason was captured she had to abandon her work. Dr. Obrecht says she was able to slow Jerry's symptoms, but he ultimately died and claims she cremated him. Luke doesn't believe it and says Jerry is behind the secret door. Dr. Obrecht says some doors aren't meant to be opened, but Luke ignores her. He goes inside, leaving Holly to look after Dr. Obrecht. Once alone, Holly promises to get Dr. Obrecht back for what happened to Robert. Dr. Obrecht says that she had no choice; Robert knew too much. Luke travels into the hidden doorway and finds a secret basement. He goes inside, but we don't get to see what's down there. Will Luke find Robin?

Richard Simmons returns today to interrupt Mac and Felicia's wedding. In a creepy manner he tells Lucy, "I'm back!" Lucy and Maxie both scream at him for trying to ruin the wedding. Lucy is certain he is out for revenge because of the Nurse's Ball. He tells Mac and Spinelli that they're sour pusses and pulls a sparkle gun out of his pocket. Richard shoots a few bursts of sparkles around and Emma says, "This Wedding is Bananas!" (I think we all get that Richard Simmons is gay; thanks for the blatant innuendo Carltini) Patrick and Spinelli pick him up and go to carry him out of The Floating Rib. Felicia interjects and asks them to put him down. Richard starts crying and claims he came to apologize for his behavior at the Nurse's Ball. He claims he was on a juice fast at the request of Demi Moore and not himself. Richard claims he thought the wedding would be the best place to apologize to everyone at once, especially Lucy. He gets down on one knee and begs for her forgiveness. Lucy is moved, hugs him and offers her forgiveness. Then Lucy gets everyone else to forgive Richard as well, Felicia says, "I'm over it!" and then they all get back to wedding business. Mac and Felicia finally say their vows, exchange rings and Lucy pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss while everyone claps. Maxie is especially pleased. At the end, Patrick and Sabrina take Emma home and everyone else stays to enjoy the reception. Felicia and Mac feed each other wedding cake and at the end, Maxie realizes her water broke! End of show!

Have a great weekend!

Enjoy Mac & Felicia's scenes from today's show!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Force to Be Reckoned With

Blast from the Past!
What a terrific show today! Anna is onto Dr. Obrecht, a mysterious someone crashes Mac and Felicia's wedding, plus Luke and Holly stumble upon an old mystery!

Today's Show - 

Lulu tells Dante about Maxie calling the baby Georgie at The Floating Rib. Lulu fears Maxie won't be able to let go when the baby comes. Dante gets called to work, but before he takes off he assures Lulu everything will be okay. Nearby Maxie wants Felicia and Mac to tie the knot asap. Mac and Felicia aren't sure with Duke being ill, but she talks them into it. Lucy and Kevin arrive and Maxie takes off to put the final touches on the wedding ceremony. Then Lulu asks to speak with Felicia in private, while Mac talks wedding details with Lucy and Kevin. Mac thinks of Robin and Lucy assures him that Robin will always be with them. Once alone, Lulu expresses her worries about Maxie and the baby to Felicia. Felicia says she will talk to Maxie.

Sabrina tells Patrick about Brit's mommy issues at his place. She shows him the picture Spinelli found online with the young Dr. Obrecht featured. Patrick recognizes her from the airport a few months earlier and remembers the odd comments she made about Robin. Sabrina wonders if her mother put Brit up to the scene she made at the Nurse's Ball. Then the phone rings and it's Lucy telling Patrick that the wedding is back on.

Spinelli finds out that Dr. Obrecht is Brit's mom and shares it with Felix at the hospital. In his room, Duke insists Dr. Obrecht is behind his poisoning to Anna. Anna wants to bring her to justice and leaves to find her. Duke warns her to be careful, because Obrecht is a "Force to be Reckoned with!" Anna steps outside to call Dante with the details about Dr. Obrecht and Spinelli overhears. He and Felix offer to help Anna find her. They show her the information they found online and have connected her as Brit's mom. So Anna takes off to find Brit.

At her apartment, Brit confronts Dr. Obrecht about the vile in her purse. She claims it's just medicine, but Brit doesn't believe it and connects it to Duke. Dr. Obrecht admits it and sits Brit down to explain. Brit wonders if she killed someone, but Dr. Obrecht says no she did everything to save a life. Brit asks for the all the details. Dr. Obrecht says okay, but warns her it's an ugly story. Obrecht claims she had loose ends to tie up. Outside, Anna arrives with Dante. They overhear Brit and Dr. Obrecht talking through the door and try to burst in the apartment, but can't because of the chain lock. Brit and Dr. Obrecht panic and shortly after Dante kicks the door open!

Maxie heads to Duke's hospital room and asks if he's still up for being Mac's best man. Duke says he has to stay in the hospital for 24 hours, but doesn't want that to stop Felicia and Mac. Duke suggests that Maxie be the maid of honor and Kevin should be the best man. Maxie agrees and returns to The Floating Rib with Spinelli in tow. However, when they get there Kevin is gone. So Maxie asks Spinelli's to fill in as best man. Mac and Felicia agree as long as Spinelli keeps the babbling to a minimum. Felicia and Maxie go to get ready and once in private Felicia probes Maxie about her attachment to the baby. Maxie says it's nothing and Felicia shouldn't worry. Felicia thinks of Georgie and thanks Maxie for letting her back in her life. Back at the hospital, Felix tells Duke that Dr. Obrecht is Brit's mom. Duke wonders if Brit had something to do with what happened to him.

Holly and Luke find Jerry's hideout in PA. Luke suffers from the effects of his illness and they discuss Jerry's motivation for coming to Pennsylvania. Apparently the house was the scene of a famous murder called, "The Loving Murders" Turns out this was a plot from the old soap "Loving". Read here to understand --> The Loving Murders

Luke pulls the cover off the furniture and sees pictures of some of the character's from the show. Holly finds a wheelchair and they think the person who used the chair might still be in the house. They search the house, but find nothing. However, Luke notices that a bookcase has been moved. They push the entertainment center back and find a hidden door.

Everyone starts to gather for the ceremony at The Floating Rib. Mac and Patrick have a bonding moment. Lulu and Lucy talk about Kevin. Emma starts the show by coming out as flower girl. Then Maxie walks out followed by Felicia. Felicia makes her way to Mac and they whisper "I love you" to each other. They take hands and Lucy starts the ceremony. Just then an unseen person walks in and interrupts. Everyone looks shocked, but we don't get to see who it is! End of show!

I'm really enjoying this week on GH and I just loved today. I actually feel excited for tomorrow's show! How about you?

Check out this scene from Loving. It's part 1 of the Murders! How will it connect to GH? I don't know, but I'm intrigued!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It was Obrecht!

Call him Caesar!
In today's episode everyone worries about Duke, Maxie makes Lulu suspicious and Brit finds a ugly blonde wig!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Anna cries at Duke's bedside in the hospital where he lays unconscious. Patrick comes in the room and tells her that Duke was poisoned with a very powerful sedative. Anna can't believe it and asks how it happened. Patrick doesn't know, but says the levels in his body are off the charts. Anna panics and asks Patrick if Duke will make it. Patrick replies that if he were going to bet on anyone, it would be Duke. He says all they can do is wait. They start talking about how this could have happened and Anna realizes that someone must have drugged his drink at the party.

Felicia, Mac, Spinelli, Maxie, Lulu and Dante anxiously wait for news on Duke's condition at The Floating Rib. Dante and Spinelli decide to go to the hospital to see if they can find out anything. Felicia expresses to Mac how unfair she thinks it is that this happened. Maxie wants to call Lucy and Kevin as stands ins for the wedding, but Felicia says they can't get married with Duke in the hospital. Maxie says it has to happen today, because of Georgie. Maxie clarifies and says she wasn't talking about her sister. Lulu's perks up and asks if Maxie meant the baby. Lulu asks Maxie if she understands that the baby isn't hers. Maxie says of course, it's just that she has Georgie as the name in her mind for her future child.

Dante and Spinelli arrive at the hospital and Felix tells them about Duke being poisoned. Dante goes into Duke's room to talk to Anna. Dante gives Anna some encouragement and they run down some ideas of who would want to hurt Duke. Anna first thinks of Ava and explains some of the Jerome history to Dante. Then Anna remembers that Lucy had thought there was a suspicious blonde woman at the party. Dante says he will investigate it and takes off. After Patrick comes back into Duke's room and tells Anna that Duke's vitals are looking better and he thinks he will wake up soon. Anna is delighted and thanks Patrick. Later, Anna sits alone at Duke's bedside and tells him she loves him. Then Duke opens his eyes and says her name.

Felix and Spinelli continued to talk in the hospital hallway about the possible list of suspects in Duke's poisoning. Felix also asks if Spinelli has any new information on Brit's mother. Spinelli says not yet, but he will uncover something soon. Felix goes into Duke's room at Anna's behest after Duke opens his eyes. Felix checks out his vitals and tells Duke that he's in good shape. Felix leaves and then Duke asks Anna what happened. She tells him that someone drugged him, but they don't know who. Duke responds, "I do." Anna asks if it was Ava. Duke says no, it was Obrecht! He tells her Dr. Obrecht was wearing a wig.

Julian drops in on Ava at the Quartermaine's. He claims to want to talk to her about some art work, but Ava asks what he really wants. Julian says he wants to talk about Duke Lavery. Julian thinks that Ava poisoned Duke. Ava thinks Julian poisoned him. They both deny it and then wonder who would have wanted Duke dead. Julian asks if Ava has any idea who it might be. Then Dante walks in. He tells Ava that he came to talk to her about Duke being poisoned. Ava says she barely knows him. Dante asks if she is a member of the Jerome crime family. Ava says she is not related. Julian introduces himself as Derek Wells and Ava tells Dante if he doesn't have a warrant he needs to get out. Dante says okay, but promises to find out more about who she is. After, Ava tells Julian that Dante is Sonny's son. Julian says Dante might be an issue they need to address. Later Dante returns to The Floating Rib. Maxie gets call from Spinelli telling her that Duke will be okay and Lulu tells Dante they might have a problem.

Sabrina and Emma talk about Mac and Felicia's wedding at Patrick's house. Emma can't wait to be the flower girl, but Sabrina explains to her that they won't be getting married today. She tells her that, "Uncle Duke got sick." She tells her Patrick is trying to save Duke and Emma believes her daddy will succeed. Then someone knocks on the door. It'a a delivery man bringing baby furniture. Sabrina says she can sign for it, but the reality of the baby makes her a little sad. Later, Patrick arrives home and tells them that Duke opened his eyes. Emma shows him all the stuff that came for the baby. Emma wants to decorate the baby's room pink, but Patrick tells her that she is going to have brother. Emma isn't pleased with the news, but Patrick tries to sell the virtues of having a brother. At the end, Emma comes around and Sabrina tells Patrick that Spinelli dug up something about Brit's mother.

Dr. Obrecht gets irked from the newspaper headline about Duke getting ill at Brit's place. Brit walks in and asks what she is doing there. Dr. Obrecht says not to worry, because her roommates are off dealing with Duke's sudden illness. She shows Brit the newspaper and Brit asks if she had something to do with it. Dr. Obrecht says she has no issue with Duke, but she does with Anna. Later, she makes Brit some food and makes a crack about how fat Brit is. Dr. Obrecht asks about how birthing class with Patrick went. Brit says she told Patrick the truth and things went well. Dr. Obrecht drops the milk she was holding. Then she starts to scold Brit for telling Patrick that he's not the father. Brit explains the truth she told was about the fake abortion and illness. She tells Dr. Obrecht how Patrick appreciated the honesty and hands her the ultrasound picture. Dr. Obrecht is thrilled that she is having a boy and tells her to name the baby Caesar. Brit says no way and tells Dr. Obrecht to get out. She takes her purse and throws it at her. The blonde wig falls out. Dr. Obrecht claims that she was trying out a new look, since blondes have more fun. Brit doesn't believe her and searches her purse. Then Brit finds the vile of poison! End of show!

Have a great night!

Enjoy Brit & Dr. Obrecht's scenes from today's show!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Karaoke Party!

What a lovely singing voice you have!
Fun show today! Kevin and Mac dress in drag, Dr. Obrecht sings karaoke in a blonde wing and Brit makes some headway with Patrick!

Today's Recap -

Maxie, Lulu and Dante arrive at The Floating Rib just in time to surprise Felicia and Mac for their engagement. Felicia and Mac arrive and are delighted to see everyone. Maxie tells them that in place of a bachelor and bachelorette party, they're having a karaoke party. Maxie takes the stage and sings "Going to the Chapel of Love" with Felicia and Mac at her side. Next up Lulu and Dante sing "You're having my baby" to Maxie.

Over at the bar, Duke and Anna discuss how dangerous Dr. Obrecht is. Sabrina tells Spinelli and Felix that she recognizes Brit's mom at a nearby table. Ellie joins them and they discuss what little information they got off the internet. Sabrina wonders what's taking Patrick so long to get there. Felix thinks Brit probably did something to keep Patrick busy. Sabrina agrees, decides to go find him and takes off for the hospital. Later, Ellie confronts Maxie alone and thinks she is manipulating Spinelli. Maxie puts Ellie in her place and walks away. 

Dr. Obrecht arrives in disguise at The Floating Rib. She eavesdrops on Sabrina's conversation with the gang and orders a drink at the bar. She tells the bartender that she's from New Jersey. Then Dr. Obrecht puts something in Anna's champagne, while Anna is distracted by the entertainment. Anna and Duke take their drinks up to the stage and make a nice toast to Felicia and Mac, while Dr. Obrecht grows impatient waiting for Anna to sip her drink.

Lucy gets frustrated with Kevin at the hospital. She feels that his work keeps him from being reliable. Lucy thinks that's why they got "bumped" as best man and woman in place of Anna and Duke for Felicia and Mac's wedding. Kevin wonders if maybe Lucy's previous vampire obsession is the reason. Lucy gets upset and they step into the elevator. They finally arrive at The Floating Rib, but are in the middle of an argument which everyone hears. They interrupt Anna's toast. Duke and Anna step down and Duke takes their drinks to the bar. So Dr. Obrecht decides to sing a little karaoke herself to pass the time. Lucy steps in the hallway and vents about her marriage to Felix. Felix suggests they take a vacation together to get things on track. Lucy notices Dr. Obrecht singing and thinks she recognizes her. Then she remembers meeting her in the park a few months back and feels that something is off about her.

Patrick tells Brit he's falling in love with their baby at birthing class. Brit tells him there is something she needs to tell him. She flashes to her conversation with Dr. Obrecht about Patrick not being the father. She tells him that she hasn't been honest, but gets contractions before she can continue. Patrick takes her for an ultrasound to make sure everything is okay. They find a strong heartbeat and find out it's a boy! Once they realize everything is okay. Patrick asks Brit what she wanted to tell him. She admits that she never intended to have an abortion and that she faked having an illness. She tells him that she really loved him and hoped she could get him back. Patrick asks if there is anything else. Brit says that's all and hopes he can forgive her. Patrick puts his hand on her belly, they agree to co-parent peacefully and they hug just as Sabrina walks in and sees them. Patrick tells Sabrina that they're having a boy. Sabrina gracefully congratulates Brit and then leaves with Patrick. Once alone, Brit thinks maybe things will work out after all.

Later, Duke and Anna finally take a sip of their champagne. Dr. Obrecht watches while singing on stage in delight. However, Duke unintentionally switches the glasses and ends up drinking the poisoned champagne. He starts to feel light heated and tells Anna he needs to step outside for air. Lucy walks up to Anna and asks if she recognizes that strange woman at the bar, but when Anna looks Dr. Obrecht is gone. Outside, Duke bumps into Dr. Obrecht and immediately knows who she is. He calls her Faison's bitch, but passes out before he can do anything. Dr. Obrecht is ticked off that Duke drank the poison instead of Anna and takes off. Back inside, Kevin and Mac come out in their classic drag attire as, Norma & Eve, to sing a little karaoke. Afterward, Kevin walks up to Lucy, tells her he loves her and they kiss! Then Anna steps outside and finds Duke passed out on the ground. END OF SHOW!

If you haven't watched today's show you should! 

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday's Show - Full Episode

Throw me a pity party!
Enjoy today's GH below!

Have a great night!

Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) Interview

Here's a great interview with Olivia from GH by ---- > Michael Fairman

She talks about being paired with Sonny, Kelly Sullivan's exit and a distaste for hallucinations!

MICHAEL: What did you think about the fact that they seem to be pairing Olivia and Sonny after all these years? And, you got the new contract with GH, too!

LISA: Of course, as I have said from day one, working with Maurice is a rare treat for any actor. As long as I have been watching him, or working with him, he never ceases to surprise me with what he does. That is a really fun place to work from as an actor. I could not be more thrilled. I think there is a lot of interesting stuff that they could explore with Olivia and Sonny. Certainly, she knows him longer, and understands him probably better in a certain sense, and she forgave him for the most unforgivable thing that you could ever do. I think he trusts her, and I think she has shown that he can trust her. God knows, he needs to have someone comfort him at this point.

MICHAEL: Were you afraid, since you had been on the show for several years, that when it came back around to Olivia/Sonny it wouldn’t play OK? Was there any trepidation?

LISA: I don’t know that we know that it will work out yet. I have no idea what they are going to write at this point. Fans asked me at my fan event recently, “So do you think this is going to be a stop gap measure? Or, are Sonny and Olivia going to be together for ever?” I think the record has shown that no one stays with Sonny forever, and that’s not a spoiler. There is no version of Sonny that is going to settle down with a lady and be happy for the rest of his life. That ain’t going to happen. So it just winds up being: In what manner of horrible suffering is this particular pairing going to endure?

MICHAEL: What about Olivia’s hallucinations? Will that stop? Do you want them to stop?

LISA: I don’t know. For awhile that was the crux of my existence on GH, and it is a really great storytelling device! Some of them I like more than others. Some are more difficult to play, and I go back and forth on this. Sometimes on my Twitter feed it’s mixed reviews on the hallucinations, but whatever they write for me, I have a good time playing. With things like that, that veer from the normal every day experience, I really feel strongly that you just go for it. You really look like a fool if you don’t go for it. You really have to play the “Oh, my God! She is stabbing her” … or, you just really look like a goof!

MICHAEL: We are losing Kelly Sullivan shortly on-air on General Hospital. Do you think there were missed opportunities to really have more of the Kate/Connie and Olivia dynamic? Remember when the characters were first on-screen together? There seemed to be this love/hate thing going on between the women.

LISA: It’s been a weird thing. We always tried to make it a sort of realistic family relationship, like a sister relationship, where you love each other so much, but you do fight, and you will say anything in the fight. And that was to me the saddest part of Kelly’s last day. It was the hardest day I have ever had on General Hospital, and it was saying goodbye to her!

MICHAEL: How is Kelly about it all?

LISA: She is OK. I know for her this is great. I have no doubt she is going to go off and do amazing things. Selfishly for me, I am devastated because it’s not every day you get a co-worker and a cast mate that brings out things in me so effortlessly. It’s not work for me with her.

MICHEL: Are you getting pushback from fans that Kelly Sullivan is a casualty of the show in order to make way for Sonny and Olivia to be paired together?

LISA: It was rather unfortunate that the day Kelly said she was leaving was the day that news of my signing a new contract with GH came out, and I had signed that contract months ago. But for some reason, it all came out at the same time. So it was like: “She’s staying! She’s going!” It wasn’t planned. I certainly did not plan it, and no one said anything directly to me. I am sure if I had gone and looked at the message boards that day, I am sure it would have said, “She should go f**k herself.” It was completely out of my control.

MICHAEL: Why do you think GH decided to write the character of Connie off the canvas instead of keeping the super-talented Kelly Sullivan around?

LISA: I think it was a written-into-the-corner kind of feeling. The character of Connie had gotten so crazy that maybe, short of spending six months in an ashram, she could have come back as a cleaned up version of both Kate and Connie, but then you have to re-integrate that into the storyline. All I know is shooting her final scenes almost killed me. I remember I had to go in the morning and shoot Olivia’s visions and things, then go to my fan event, and then go back to GH to shoot her final scenes all afternoon. I was ready to jump off the cliff by the end of the day! It’s different when you are shooting a movie, or even a TV show where you have your one scene, and your close-up. Here, on General Hospital, you have eleven or twelve scenes where you have to play a sense of loss.

MICHAEL: I was always hoping you would be given your due in a story. And that is the ebb and flow of daytime, and I understand that, but now it would seem GH has an opportunity to move you more front and center. It’s about now, if they will go that direction, and commit to that, or not.

LISA: There is no question, for a long period of time I was supporting for the last five years. Scott Reeves (Ex-Steven) and I were joking about being the maid and the butler and we would walk in and go, “Hey, did you hear what happened to that guy?” And then the curtain would go up and the play would start. (Laughs) We laughed about that a little bit. But you are right; it is the ebb and flow of daytime. I have been watching long enough to know that for most characters, you are not front burner all the time. For some characters, you will always be front and center. But for most people, it’s a rollercoaster ride, and you need that quite frankly. I couldn’t have done what Maurice Bernard has done for the past two decades … that every six months you have to play the worst thing that ever happened to you? I couldn’t do it!

Interesting right? Everyone loves Maurice & Kelly!