Wednesday, July 31, 2013

You're Fired!

I'm a Jerk!
In today's show Olivia tells Derek off, Silas attempts to bond with Rafe and Connie gets bad news about her position at Crimson. 

Wednesday's Recap - 

Morgan dreams that Sonny told Michael about Kiki not being his cousin at the boathouse. He wakes in a sweat and Kiki asks him what's wrong. He lies and claims he dreamt that Kiki called off the wedding. Kiki asks, "Why would I call it off?" They get to talking about Sonny and Morgan informs her that Sonny gave his blessing. Kiki is surprised by that, but Morgan insists that he convinced Sonny how much he loves her.

Michael overhears Carly leaving a message for Patrick about Franco's condition at Kelly's. He wonders why she cares and she tells him about Franco being a match for Danny. Then Carly tells Michael she wants him to talk to Morgan about not marrying Kiki. Michael doesn't want to get involved, but Carly insists. Michael gets backed into a corner and Carly pushes him into admitting his attraction to Kiki. Michael fills her in on the details of what happened. Then he goes on to say the marriage might be a good way to halt their feelings. Carly thinks it's only going to make their attraction grow and Morgan deserves a woman who really loves him. Carly says she hopes Sonny puts a stop to this, just as Morgan and Kiki walk in. Carly walks out and Kiki and Morgan sit down with Michael. Morgan tries to bait Michael into an argument, but Michael plays it cool and doesn't react.

Sonny makes breakfast for Connie on his terrace. She doesn't eat and tells him she is worried about her magazine. Sonny tells her that he knows she will find a good story in time to save Crimson. She responds that she already has a story. Connie tells Sonny about hearing Morgan tell him that Kiki's not a Quartermaine. Connie is elated because Kiki's vote would be invalid, thus constituting fraud at ELQ. Sonny tells her she can't use the story, because he promised Morgan he wouldn't tell. Connie asks why and Sonny tells her about Morgan's fears regarding Michael stealing Kiki. Connie tells Sonny that if Kiki loves Michael, Morgan is only going to be living a lie. She thinks the best thing to do is to tell Kiki the truth. Sonny doesn't want disappoint Morgan, because he believes Morgan needs to know how much Sonny loves him. Connie says she understands, but is clearly disappointed. She tells Sonny she will find another story and leaves to look for a new lead. At the end, Carly shows up at Sonny's house to give him an earful about giving Morgan his blessing to get married.

Maxie hears Derek on the phone at Crimson saying that no one knows what he's really doing in Port Charles. He hears Maxie at the door and accuses her of listening to his phone call. Maxie gets nervous and starts blabbing. Derek gets impatient, grabs her arm and sneers, "Don't lie to me Missy!" Just then Olivia steps off the elevator to take Maxie to the doctor and sees Derek grab her. Olivia yells at him to get his hands off and launches into her Bensonhurst mode. Olivia tells him that she's the grandmother of Maxie's baby and he needs to back off. Derek says that Maxie needs to mind her business or else. Then he storms back into his office. Olivia turns to Maxie and asks her what happened. Maxie tells Olivia about Derek's threat's and how Connie is trying to get a story to save their jobs. Olivia thinks Derek's a jerk, but knows Connie will figure something out. Maxie also apologizes to Olivia for talking Connie into getting Sonny back. Olivia claims to be over it, but Maxie can tell she is still hurt. Olivia quickly changes the subject and hurries Maxie off to her doctor's appointment. At the end, Connie shows up at Crimson to tell Derek she doesn't have a story after all. He responds that he's sorry, but she's out of a job!

TJ comes to work at Kelly's on his day off. Shawn asks why and TJ says he needed to get his mind off Molly. TJ tells Shawn he wants to give Molly space and support her during Danny's ordeal. Shawn tells him it a good idea, but looks a little forlorn. TJ suggests that he goes to check on Alexis. Shawn says he can't because Alexis and him are over for good.

Alexis and Molly try to comfort Sam at the hospital. Sam is losing patients waiting to find out Franco's cancer status. Molly tries to assure Sam that Silas took all night looking for cancer cells and still didn't find any. Sam can't sit still and claims she is going to check on Danny to distract herself. After she leaves Molly breaks into tears. Alexis hugs her and Molly says she has to get it out before Sam sees how upset she is. Alexis asks if anything else is bothering Molly. Molly tells her about seeing TJ and them possibly getting back together. They get around to talking about Shawn. Alexis explains to Molly that Shawn and her wanted different things. Rafe interrupts them and Alexis leaves to go check on Sam. Rafe tells Molly that he overheard her tell Alexis that she wants to get back with TJ. He says it would be a mistake, because TJ isn't the right guy for her...he is.

Rafe checks on Silas in the hospital lab to see if he has any news about Franco's cancer tests. Silas is terse at first, but when he sees that he hurt Rafe's feelings he asks him to assist him with his tests. While Rafe helps, Silas asks him about his relationship with Molly. Rafe tells Silas about the drama with TJ & Taylor and Molly thinking about getting back together with TJ. Silas asks how Rafe feels about that. Rafe says Molly just wants to be friends. Silas goes to give him some advice, when Sam interrupts dying for news about Franco. Silas tells her he's got nothing yet and tries to send her away, but Sam pushes her way into the lab and insists on waiting. Rafe goes to leave to see Molly, but before he walks out Silas tells him to fight for what he wants. After Rafe leaves, Sam grows increasingly more impatient waiting for Silas's lab results. Shortly after, Alexis shows up. She decides to wait with Sam for Silas to tell them the result of Franco's last test. End of Show!

Kind of a filler day today plus the editing seemed really off or am I being picky?

Have a great night!

Here's the preview for tomorrow's show!

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