Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Think of Laura: Quick Recap + Full Episode!

Enough with these two!
Today Lucy was a delight, Milo wants to make some life changes and Liz & AJ live!

Quick Recap - 

Lulu & Laura grill Tracy for info on Luke

Lucy makes Nik an offer he can't refuse regarding Deception and mentions the "Think of Laura" song. Listen to it here --> Christopher Cross - Think of Laura

Liz wants to talk to AJ about their relationship and she decides to start over with him.

Connie isn't pleased to find out Olivia is moving in with Sonny.

Franco confronts Ava for trying to shoot him.

Sonny questions Milo's loyalty and Milo starts to think about getting a new job.

Carly goes to makes peace with Sonny.

I don't think I can watch another day of Franco and Ava's banter in the Q's living room! How about you?

Enjoy today's episode in three parts below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


  1. Absolutely love Nikolas. Glad Tyler has signed back on to GH. Hopefully Lying Game gets picked up and he can do both.

  2. Nikolas is sooo handsome. Liz needs to dump AJ and go back with Nik where she belongs!!!!

  3. I'm also pleased that Nikolas is back full time. Fingers crossed that the Lying Game gets a third season too!


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