Monday, July 29, 2013

The Concubine and Her Sassy Gay Friend

Sam I think you need an actual shirt!
Today Dr. Obrecht continues to crack me up, Tracy gets "Dominated" by Alice and Morgan can't keep his mouth shut!

Monday's Recap - 

Patrick tells Carly that Franco will survive at the hospital. Morgan is happy to hear it and thinks Kiki will be pleased. He leaves to tell Kiki and shortly after Sam approaches Carly to ask about Franco's condition. Carly tells Sam he survived and Sam tells Carly he is a match for Danny. Later, Carly asks Patrick if she can visit with Franco. Patrick wonders why she is concerned and warns her that he doesn't know how Franco will be when he wakes up. When Carly goes to see Franco he has tubes in his mouth, but his eyes are open. Carly explains to him about his tumor, his surgery and tells him he can save a life. Carly reminds him of their conversation on the bridge and tells him that he can save Danny's. She's not sure if he understands her and goes to leave, but then Franco puts his hand out for Carly to hold. Out in the hallway, Patrick tells Sam that right now Franco can't donate bone marrow, because there is a chance that he might have cancer. Sam is panicked and hugs Patrick in desperation. She apologizes for her outburst, but Patrick tells her it's okay. Then he tells Sam that he thinks she should keep looking for another donor.

Connie and Sonny discuss her Crimson troubles at Sonny's place. She also expresses concerns about her new boss, Derrick Wells. Connie thinks Crimson will get shut down unless she comes up with a great story asap. She wonders about the trouble brewing at ELQ, but Sonny says he doesn't know anything about it. Connie wants to go fight for Crimson and tells Sonny she wants to make him proud of her. He replies that he is already proud of her, they kiss and she leaves.

Dr. Obrecht comes to warn Brit that there is trouble a foot outside of Kelly's. Sabrina interrupts and asks to be introduced to her friend, but Brit claims not to know her. Sabrina sees Brit drinking coffee and reminds her it should always be decaf for the baby's sake. Then Sabrina goes into Kelly's and Brit and Dr. Obrecht decide to chat elsewhere. Inside Kelly's, Felix joins Sabrina at the counter and tells her about the information he got from Brad regarding Brit's mother. It makes Sabrina think of the woman she saw Brit with earlier. Felix wonders if the woman was just a friend of Brit's, but Sabrina doesn't think Brit has any friends. Felix recalls of the horrible way Brit described her mother to him previously, but he assumed she was just exaggerating. Sabrina suggests that maybe Brit's mother is as bad as she sounded.

At ELQ, Tracy demands a recount at the board meeting. Diane informs her that someone on her side flipped keeping AJ in charge. AJ is thrilled and asks who turned. Tracy is also eager to find out. Tracy runs through all the possibilities who have 5% of the shares and realizes Alice could be the one. Tracy asks Alice if it's true and Alice admits that she voted for AJ. Tracy can't believe that Alice did that, but Alice tells Tracy she thinks she is a bully. Alice also tells Tracy that she can't believe she would have a secret meeting when Franco is in the hospital. Tracy freaks and tries to strangle Alice, but of course the "Dominator" overpowers her. Chaos ensues. Tracy and Alice start wrestling, AJ laughs hysterically with Liz by his side, Michael hugs Kiki for voting with them and Morgan shows up in time to see them embrace. Morgan can't wait to tell Michael about marrying Kiki. He also tells the group that Franco survived. Right then, Sonny calls Morgan and asks him to come talk to him as soon as possible.

After, Ava and Tracy head to Kelly's to blow off steam. Connie comes to ELQ to talk to Michael and AJ wants to take Elizabeth somewhere special to celebrate. AJ first suggests Paris, but ultimately says anywhere is fine, because being with Liz is all that matters. At Kelly's Ava and Tracy think of their options. Tracy thinks Ava needs to convince Kiki to vote with them. Ava says she can't force Kiki to vote with her. Tracy thinks Ava is useless to her if she can't control Kiki's vote. Then Tracy says, "if only Kiki wasn't a Quartermaine." Tracy asks her if anyone else could be Kiki's father, but Ava says nope Kiki's definitely a Quartermaine. Back at ELQ, Connie shows up and asks Michael to comment on the ELQ takeover. Michael says there isn't a story, because AJ's still in control. Connie is disappointed and leaves. Kiki wants to go see Franco and Michael offers to drive her. Kiki doesn't think it's a good idea, but ultimately agrees and they head to the hospital together.

At the park, Dr. Obrecht tells Brit she likes Sabrina's makeover and tells Brit that, "You look fat!" Brit gets offended and asks what kind of mother says that to her pregnant daughter. Dr. Obrecht tells her not to get stressed out. Then Dr. Obrecht tells Brit that "The Concubine and her sassy gay friend" are out to get her. Brit is very aware of Sabrina and Felix's attempts to uncover her secrets and tells her mother not to worry. Later, Brit wants to tell Patrick the truth. Dr. Obrecht is very happy and wonders if Nikolas has something to do with her mind change. This leads into an argument about Brit's bad parenting. Brit yells to Dr. Obrecht that she has a failed life. Then Brit goes to walk away, but Dr. Obrecht grabs her and smacks her across the face. A moment later Dr. Obrecht tells Brit that she may have to failed to win Faison's love, but Brit can win Patrick's because of what they've done to ensure it. Brit says she still loves Patrick, but it's hard that he doesn't love her back. Dr. Obrecht replies that Patrick will love her when his child is born. Brit responds, "We both know this isn't his child."

Morgan goes to Sonny's and Sonny questions why he is in a hurry to get married. Morgan insists that he loves Kiki, but Sonny's not buying it. He asks, "why would you tie yourself down if you don't need to?" Morgan admits to Sonny that he is afraid of loosing Kiki and about Michael being interested in Kiki. Sonny says nothing is going on, because their cousins. Morgan gets upset and tells Sonny that actually Michael and Kiki aren't related. Right then Connie walks into Sonny's house and overhears them talking just as Morgan yells, "Kiki's not a Quartermaine!" End of show!

Today was fun! Have a great night!

Enjoy the ELQ scenes from today's show; it's pretty funny stuff!

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